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Three hidden OnlyFans features you never heard about

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OnlyFans is full of hidden and secret features that can help you promote your profile – and maintain more customers effectively.

But how many OnlyFans features do you really know?

Let’s start with the basic and most crucial ones you should be using – starting today:

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TLDR: Three Hidden OnlyFans Features

  • Text edits in OnlyFans messages can be enhanced with asterisks for italics, bold, or both.
  • The auto-follower feature helps re-engage with expired fans automatically, increasing the retention rate.
  • Labels help categorize content, making it more searchable and user-friendly.
  • Organize content with labels like “Masturbation,” “Toys,” etc., for efficient content management and fan engagement.
  • The hide function on OnlyFans allows creators to manage the visibility of comments, messages, and purchases.

Top OnlyFans Hidden Features

Feature #1: Text Edits

Add a * directly before and after text to make your texts italics

Add ** directly before and after text to make your texts bold

Add *** directly before and after text to make your texts bold, blue, and italics

Why is this good? Because, as every experienced copywriter says: writing isn’t enough – you also need to highlight the important stuff, and lead your clients through the words – to the desired CTA.

Feature #2: Use Auto-Followers

Auto-Follower enables you to message your expired fans and re-engage with them with no extra effort.

By following your expired fans, OnlyFans enables you to message them – in both private conversations and mass messaging. 

Moreover, Auto-Follower has an intelligent priority system that follows your past high spenders first.

And all of these happen automatically – with zero effort on your side.

This is super helpful in boosting your retention rate – by starting a conversation or offering a gift.

By using Auto-Followers expired fans on OnlyFans, you can bring back about 20% of expired subs.

Don’t leave any fan behind 😊

Feature #3: Use labeling to organize your content

Don’t let your audience get lost in a sea of disorganized content. It’s confusing and annoying, and with people’s current attention span, you’re likely to lose them very quickly.

Organize all of your spicey content using labels:

More => Post Labels => Create New Label

Examples of popular categories on OnlyFans are Masturbation, Toys, Kitty, Anus, Foot Fet, etc.

Using labeling also saves you lots of free time. When a high-paying fan asks you for some content – you know precisely where every spicy video is. No need to conduct profound research for every fan request. It’s all there, organized, and ready to use.

Many OnlyFans creators on Reddit argue that labeling saved their OnlyFans profile from total decline.

One last thingpromoting your Onlyfans account isn’t enough. Once you nurture a loyal audience – it’s time to manage them effectively to maximize your profits.

Supercreator PPV tools help OnlyFans agencies maximize earnings, boost productivity, and reduce operational efforts.

More Hidden Features of OnlyFans

OnlyFans creators have access to many powerful features that can help them effectively manage their accounts and better engage with fans. But some of these capabilities are not obvious at first glance. This guide will explore some of the most useful hidden tools on OnlyFans that creators should be taking advantage of.

What is the hide function on OnlyFans?

One of the most useful hidden features on OnlyFans is the ability to hide comments, messages, and purchases. This allows creators to declutter their pages and inboxes for a more streamlined experience.

For comments, creators can choose to hide any inappropriate or unhelpful comments on their posts. This removes them from public view so they don’t distract from more relevant conversations. It’s a quick and easy way to curate the tone and topics on your page.

Hiding messages works similarly – creators can hide any messages they don’t want cluttering up their inboxes. This is especially handy after sending mass messages. Once the initial blast is sent, creators can hide those outgoing messages. This allows their inbox to showcase only the relevant conversations that need replies.

Finally, creators can also hide specific purchases from their feeds. This prevents any content bought through DMs or tips from automatically posting to the timeline if the creator would rather keep it private.

Overall, the hide function gives creators more control over what appears on their OnlyFans page. They can craft the experience they want for their fans.

What are labels on OnlyFans?

Labels are an organizational feature that allows OnlyFans creators to categorize and tag their content. This makes it easy to search and find specific types of posts.

For example, creators can create labels like “Lingerie,” “Toys,” “Boy/Girl,” etc. They can assign one or more labels to each item when posting new content.

Followers can then filter the feed by specific labels to only view the types of content they are interested in. So someone into lingerie can see just those labeled posts.

For creators, labels make their content library more searchable. If a fan requests something specific from a creator’s past, they can find it quicker by filtering for the appropriate label. This improves productivity and the overall fan experience.

Using Labels to Organize Content on OnlyFans

Here are some best practices for utilizing labels to organize OnlyFans content:

  • Create clear, descriptive labels. Don’t use ambiguous names like “Set 1”. Be specific – “Lingerie Photoshoot in Bedroom.”
  • Use a consistent labeling scheme across all posts. Followers will get used to looking for the same names.
  • Assign multiple labels when appropriate. A post can have both a content label like “Cosplay” as well as a format label like “Video.”
  • Re-use labels for series or batches of content. If you do a 5-part lingerie set, label them all the same.
  • Add labels right when posting content, not after. It’s easy to forget to go back and tag posts.
  • Periodically review and clean up labels. Delete unused labels or consolidate any that are too similar.

Proper labeling takes some work upfront but saves a ton of time in the long run. Creators can instantly find any type of content a fan requests rather than scrolling endlessly through their page. And fans get a better experience with content organized to their tastes.

Can I hide messages on OnlyFans?

Yes, OnlyFans creators have the ability to hide messages in their inboxes. This is an extremely useful tool for managing the high volume of messages many creators receive.

There are a couple of key uses for hiding OnlyFans messages:

  • Hide outgoing mass messages: After sending a mass message to fans, creators can select that message thread and hide it. This declutters the inbox from all the identical mass message threads.
  • Hide irrelevant conversations: If a conversation with a fan veers off into unnecessary or annoying tangents, creators can hide it from their inbox rather than deleting it entirely. This keeps the inbox focused on important conversations.
  • Temporarily hide conversations: Sometimes, creators need to quickly clean up their inbox to find a particular message thread. Bulk-hiding conversations they aren’t immediately working on can help surface the relevant thread.

To hide a message thread:

  1. Open the message thread you want to hide
  2. Select the three-dot menu in the top right
  3. Choose “Hide conversation”
  4. Confirm by selecting “Yes, hide conversation”

This will remove the thread from the inbox. To view hidden conversations:

  1. Open your inbox
  2. Select “Hidden” underneath the search bar
  3. Any hidden conversations will be listed here and can be unhidden

Hiding OnlyFans messages is a simple but powerful tool all creators should be utilizing to stay on top of their communications.


OnlyFans creators have access to many more lesser-known features like labels and hiding that can optimize their Onlyfans account management. Platforms like Supercreator provide even more advanced tools to further enhance the OnlyFans experience.

For example, Supercreator offers AI-powered label suggestions to reduce time spent tagging content. Its integrated CRM organizing fan details and message history is invaluable.

The most successful OnlyFans creators utilize all options at their disposal. So be sure to explore the platform’s hidden features and Onlyfans ai tools like Supercreator to elevate your account performance. Keeping processes streamlined and engagement high leads to satisfied fans and more revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use the hide messages function on OnlyFans located beside the likes. Select the comments you want to hide and choose “hide” to remove them from the live stream view.

Go to your profile, select “Purchases,” and then choose “Hidden.” You will see any purchases that have been hidden. Click the three dots next to the purchase and choose “Unhide” to make it visible in your main purchased content feed again.

Yes, you can edit OnlyFans labels. Go to the labels tab, open the label you want to edit, click on three dots in the top right corner and choose “Edit.” Here you can change the label name, color, and description.

Labels on OnlyFans allow you to quickly and efficiently group your content so you can find it easily later. Labels help organize your photos, videos, messages, etc., into specific categories that both you and your fans can use to search your page content.

To delete a label on OnlyFans, go to the Labels tab and click on the label you want to remove. In the top right corner, select the three dots and choose “Delete.” Confirm you want to delete the label when prompted, and it will be removed from your account.

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