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Three hidden OnlyFans features you never heard about

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OnlyFans is full of hidden and secret features that can help you promote your profile – and maintain more customers effectively.

But how many OnlyFans features do you really know?

Let’s start with the basic and most crucial ones you should be using – starting today:

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Feature #1: Text Edits

Add a * directly before and after text to make your texts italics

Add ** directly before and after text to make your texts bold

Add *** directly before and after text to make your texts bold, blue, and italics

Why is this good? Because, as every experienced copywriter says: writing isn’t enough – you also need to highlight the important stuff, and lead your clients through the words – to the desired CTA.

Feature #2: Use Auto-Followers

Auto-Follower enables you to message your expired fans and re-engage with them with no extra effort.

By following your expired fans, OnlyFans enables you to message them – in both private conversations and mass messaging. 

Moreover, Auto-Follower has an intelligent priority system that follows your past high spenders first.

And all of these happen automatically – with zero effort on your side.

This is super helpful in boosting your retention rate – by starting a conversation or offering a gift.

By using Auto-Followers, you can bring back about 20% of expired subs.

Don’t leave any fan behind 😊

Feature #3: Use labeling to organize your content

Don’t let your audience get lost in a sea of disorganized content. It’s confusing and annoying, and with people’s current attention span, you’re likely to lose them very quickly.

Organize all of your spicey content using labels:

More => Post Labels => Create New Label

Examples of popular categories on OnlyFans are Masturbation, Toys, Kitty, Anus, Foot Fet, etc.

Using labeling also saves you lots of free time. When a high-paying fan asks you for some content – you know precisely where every spicy video is. No need to conduct profound research for every fan request. It’s all there, organized, and ready to use.

Many OnlyFans creators on Reddit argue that labeling saved their OnlyFans profile from total decline.

One last thing: promoting yourself isn’t enough. Once you nurture a loyal audience – it’s time to manage them effectively to maximize your profits.

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