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The best Auto-Follow back bots for OnlyFans

Follow Expired Fans Subs OnlyFans

OnlyFans has interesting and useful extensions that can make your life much easier. One of them is called Auto-Follower. 

If you haven’t heard about Auto-Follower yet – scroll down slowly, and read this article carefully. Buckle your seat belt – because your client management approach is about to change 😊 

What is an OnlyFans Auto-Follow-Back bot?

Auto-Follower is an OnlyFans extension that allows you to connect with your expired fans (subs). 

Using an Auto follow bot, Auto-Follower enables you to message your expired fans, and this way to re-engage with them – with no extra effort on your side. 😊 

Why is an OnlyFans Auto-Follow-Back bot useful?

Client Retention Boost

All you have to do is to simply start a conversation with your expired fans – or offer them a gift. 

And here’s the thing: once you do this, about 20% of expired subs might come back. 

Increase reaches and double your sales

Stop sending out messages to active fans; instead, send messages to both active and expired subs – simultaneously! 

This also applies to mass PPVs. Your expired fans could unlock your PPVs even if they’re no longer subscribed to you. 

This can multiply your mass-PPVs sales instantly.

How does an OnlyFans Auto-Follow-Back bot work?

By following your expired fans, OnlyFans enables you to message them in private conversations or in mass messaging.  

Additionally, it has an intelligent priority system that follows your lost high spenders-first and ignores other creators or fans requiring a paid subscription.

This happens automatically – with zero effort on your side, making sure you won’t forget any potential fans. 

How to use an OnlyFans Auto-Follow-Back bot?

With most Auto-Follower extensions,

Which OnlyFans Auto-Follower bots should I use?

We’ve collected the best three excellent Auto-Follower extensions available out there: 

1. Supercreator

Supercreator is a CRM system that allows you to nurture a loyal audience, and manage them effectively to maximize your profits. 

Supercreator PPV tools help OnlyFans agencies maximize earnings, boost productivity, and reduce operational efforts. 

Supercreator system also includes an Auto-Follower extension – with all the mentioned benefits and much more. 

Perhaps we’re a little biased, but the top 1% of OnlyFans models and agencies already know: Supercreator is the number 1 tool for promoting OnlyFans. 😊

2. AutoFollow

AutoFollow is a Chrome extension that lets you follow your expired fans automatically on OnlyFans – with one click only. It offers:

  • – To follow your expired fans (subs), get more followers, sell more content, and increase the reach of your mass messages – quickly and effectively. 
  • – To bring back more than 20% of your expired fans & include your new fans in mass messaging

3. OFAutoFollower

OFAutoFollower is a super helpful extension that offers:

  • – Sending Mass-Message that ends up at the top of the fan’s priority inbox with your name
  • – Overviewing of fans’ spending / expired/rebill status in the chats
  • – To automatically follow your Expired Fans or fans subscribed to other creators
  • – Mass-messaging to all the people you followed
  • – Selling PPV / custom content via mass messages to everyone you followed

Are OnlyFans Auto-Followers bots a fraud?

No, following your expired subs on OnlyFans using an Auto Follower extension or bot is not a fraud. Those tools have been around since OnlyFans started and are safe to use.

However, there are some extensions you should avoid.

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