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OnlyFans Management – Should I Hire an OnlyFans Assistant?

OnlyFans Management - Should I Hire an OnlyFans Assistant?

So you’re a successful OnlyFans creator? Congratulations, that is amazing news.  


But as your page becomes more successful and you attract more followers, are you spending too much time managing your page and answering chats and less time creating the content you love? What if we told you that you didn’t have to?


As you grow your followers, create more content, and even look at upscaling your services and working with other OnlyFans creators, it might be time to hire an OnlyFans assistant to help you.

Like all businesses, as an OnlyFans creator, you don’t have to do everything alone, and having the right team and tools to support you is crucial to success.

By working with an OnlyFans manager or hiring an assistant, you can hand over the everyday admin tasks of your page to others so that you can get back to focusing on content creation.

To help you find what type of help is the perfect fit for you, read on!

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What is OnlyFans management?

If you’re interested in hiring an OnlyFans manager but don’t know what they do exactly, don’t worry we will tell you.

Depending on what you want help with, OnlyFans management can look different depending on your needs. A manager can help you in different ways, from setting up your PPV and replying to chats, scheduling posts, and overseeing your social media platforms, and helping to set up campaigns and promotions.

Basically, they do all the boring admin stuff so you can focus on creating your content and being your creative self! They offer help and support on the day-to-day of running a successful OnlyFans page in much the same way a manager would in any other business and allowing you to focus on the bigger picture.

But where do I look for an OnlyFans manager, I hear you say? There are a few ways you can find a good OnlyFans manager, from word of mouth and asking others to create who they work with. Or check out freelance services websites like Fiverr or Upwork or the adult industry forum Xbiz where they can advertise their services for you to find. Or they work under the umbrella of an OnlyFans agency.

If you decide to look through the agency route then you will either become a client to the agency themselves and be given an account manager who will focus on your page or agencies like Rare X will matchmake you with the perfect OnlyFans manager for you and your needs.  

Depending on the type of management agency you work with as well, what they can do for you varies; most OnlyFans management agencies focus on the chatters and helping you run your page, set up your PPV and share content with your fans. Many use Supercreator Onlyfans CRM and chat tools to streamline the process and manage multiple creators simultaneously.

If you’re looking for help with social media and running marketing campaigns, an OnlyFans marketing agency may be better suited for your needs. But they will only focus on managing your social media handles and creating content without overseeing your OnlyFans page.

In summary, OnlyFans management can be a great way to free up your time, with your OnlyFans manager or agency looking after your page, setting up your PPV and chatting with your fans, and helping you monetize your content. They can also help you to run your other social media handles and schedule posts across all your channels, including OnlyFans.

Sounds good? Of course, it does! But should you hire an OnlyFans manager? In the next section, we will discuss if you should.

The Big Question: Should you hire an OF manager?

I need help so should I hire an OnlyFans management for my page? This isn’t a simple question.

On one hand, if you have the money you gaining success, and looking to expand and upscale your fans, then an OnlyFans manager or working with an OnlyFans management agency is defiantly worth looking into hiring. They allow you to focus on just creating content and leave the day-to-day running of your page and chatting with fans to them. From an agency perspective, they can also help you with arranging campaigns, collaborations, and partnerships that you might not have had the opportunity for before.

However, if you have just started on OnlyFans and you’re still growing your revenue and fanbase then probably not from a cost standpoint alone.

As well as this, while it can be great to have someone else take on the boring tasks, there is also a risk of losing your personal tone of voice that first attracted your fans to subscribe to your page and chat with you.

Alternatively, if you don’t think an OnlyFans manager is right for you but you are still looking for some help then our Supercreator app is the perfect CRM tool to help you streamline your process, chat with followers and upsell your PPV’s. Our features are there to help creators manage their pages effortlessly, including help with PVP content, sniffing out high-earner clients and a notes feature so you always remember who you are talking to.

Who can assist you to manage your OF account?

As well as deciding if you want to hire an OnlyFans Manager, there are different forms of assistance that you can have for your OnlyFans account. These are managers, agencies, assistants, and chatters. 

  • Virtual assistant – Who Should Hire an OnlyFans Virtual Assistant A Virtual Assistant’s role is to assist in your administrative tasks. They can oversee your calendar or your CRM and keep track of your most profitable subscribers to focus on when chatting.
  • OF agency – an OnlyFans agency is a management business kind of like a modelling agency. They highly offer experienced skill sets and you can work with management, chatters, and marketing experts to help your OnlyFans grow.
  • OF Manager – These are individuals that oversee your OnlyFans page and social media channels. Scheduling content, chatting with your fans, and looking for monetization opportunities. They can set up your PPVs and help to upsell your content. Can either be a part of an agency or work as a free agent
  • OF Chatters and Ghostwriters:  OF chatters are people you or an agency hired to chat with your fans and help you to upsell your PPVs. Ghostwriters can also write your captions and help prepare chat answers for you to use. 

They all come with their own pros and cons as we will discuss below:

Virtual Assistant


OF Agency 

OF Manager 

Pros: they can free up your time from admin tasks as they oversee the management of your schedule, can oversee, and keep your CRM lists UpToDate. They are cheaper than managers or agencies.

Pros: you can gain 24/7 chatters, so you are always in contact with your subscribers during the best times. They can write your captions and are trained to create copy that covers traffic to sales. They are usually cheaper than a manager or agency.

Pros: they can focus on optimization and growth, have 24/7 chatters available, highly skilled and knowledgeable. 

Pros: You can leave the day-to-day running of your page and focus on creating your content. Benefit from the knowledge and highly skilled individuals that can focus on finding you monetization and optimization opportunities to turn page traffic into sales.

Cons: they are virtual, so you need to find one in the correct time zone for you, they are not focused on optimizing your page or social media channels.

Cons: you can end up losing your personal tone of voice, if they are through an agency you don’t work with them directly so can’t build that trust. They won’t help with your Onlyfans page and scheduling content, admin tasks, or your social media channels.

Cons: Expensive and you need to do your diligent research to make sure they are not scammers. Need to make sure they have experience and don’t treat you like a model. 

Cons: you must be able to trust them completely, lose your tone of voice when chatting, can be expensive, and need to research to find the best as there are a lot of fakes out there (stay safe!).

Who should hire one? These are great if you are still growing and need help on the day-to-day running of your OnlyFans page, then yes. If you’re looking for more specific help, then look to an Onlyfans manager.

Should I work with one? If you are looking to hand over your chats to free up your time for a small fee a month, then yes. If you’re looking for more day-to-day help, then no.

Who Should Hire an OnlyFans agency – If you’re looking for collaborations and promotional opportunities as well as marketing experts and have the money then look at working with an agency.

Who Should Hire an OnlyFans Manager – Creators who have the money to burn and are looking to just focus on their content creation should look at investing in an OnlyFans manager.

What can an OnlyFans assistant do for you?

Unlike an OnlyFans Manager, an OnlyFans assistant is slightly different, to start they tend to be on the virtual side!

Your Onlyfans virtual assistant (VA) usually has a more passive role, focusing on administrative tasks from keeping track of your CRM and subscriptions, keeping your client list updated, and making notes on who is a high-earner and who is a lurker.

With the effortless Supercreator app integration, your OnlyFans assistant can also manage your page and chat directly with your followers for you.

They can also help with running your calendar, so you always know when your next content day or collaborations with other creators are happening.

Their role is to help make your life easier and find you the best opportunities so you can also have a VA to help you with looking for new promotional opportunities and even chatting with your fans.

Unlike an Onlyfans management agency or manager, Vas tend to be cheaper (due to be further away) but also limited in what they can help with. They tend to lack the skills to help with a focus on marketing and optimizing your page and content. But are perfect for creators at any stage of growth looking for help on their admin tasks.

How to hire the best OnlyFans assistant?

So you have decided you need help but don’t know where to find the best? Don’t worry we can help!

  • Where to find the best Onlyfans assistant? Like with finding an Onlyfans manager or agency, there are a few places you can find a good OnlyFans assistant including word of mouth – do your other creators have any recommendations for you?
    • You can also check out freelance sites and advertise for an Onlyfans assistant yourself. Although by doing this you are going in blind and don’t know if they have the correct experience.
  • Interview them: Once you have found a likely candidate you need to interview them to see if they are the right fit for you. If you’re hiring a freelancer, ask about the packages and what skills/services they can offer you so you can make sure your needs are met. You don’t want to be expecting someone to do the chatting only to find out they ONLY do calendar management!
  • Onboarding: If you have found one you want to work with, always send them a contract and NDS. As well as this you can also get them set up on any systems or tools you use, such as your favorite CRM system Supercreator!

When hiring the best you need to do your research! Look for names that come up as having experience in the industry or have good references to choose someone with integrity and whom you can trust.

How much does it cost to hire an OnlyFans Assistant?

How much does it cost to hire someone? This completely depends.

The current consensus is that if you’re offering an assistant role based on commission you should look at offering 10% -30% of your gross earnings. (that’s not including the 20% commission OnlyFans already takes!)

However, if you are hiring someone on a full-time basis, such as an OnlyFans manager or working with an agency then you will have to adhere to their flat fees which can be pricey (think a couple of 1000 a month not a few 100)  

To answer the question on if you should hire an OnlyFans assistant the answer is it depends on if you can afford it!

In Conclusion – Should I hire an Onlyfans assistant?

To summarise, as your OnlyFans grows there are different forms of management you can hire to help you. OnlyFans managers can help you with running your page, chatting with your fans, and upselling your PPVs.

OnlyFans agencies can do this on a higher level, offering social media support and creating opportunities for you through their wide network and multiple chatters that can talk to all your fans, so no one gets left out.

OnlyFans assistants can help with the scheduling of your social media channels as well as oversee your calendar and help with day-to-day admin tasks as they are regular virtual assistants.

Deciding to hire an assistant shouldn’t be a light decision, before doing so you need to first ask yourself: will this be cost-effective? If you are just starting out as a creator, the answer to this will probably be no.

Finally, whether you’re hiring an assistant or not, using the right tools is also crucial to success. Supercreator tools help Onlyfans creators and agencies maximize earnings, boost productivity, and reduce operational efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can, depending on your needs you can look at hiring an OnlyFans virtual assistant or an OnlyFans manager or work with an OnlyFans management agency. Depending on your needs and current earnings it is best to research what each offers in terms of services and decide what you can afford.

To become an Onlyfans virtual assistant you need to either apply to work as an assistant via a PnlyFans management agency or as a freelancer you can set up your business as a virtual assistant, including a website! And advertise your services across freelance platforms.

Yes you can, currently the average you can make as an OnlyFans Virtual assistant a month is $18,800 to $31,350

Yes, although when you are working with a creator you should always have a NDA and contract in place to protect both of you.Should I hire an OnlyFans assistant?

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