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How To Make Onlyfans Content

How can you create effective content on OnlyFans

As an OnlyFans creator, let’s face it, your success depends on your ability to keep your followers hooked and eagerly anticipating your next upload. But with the pressure to constantly come up with fresh and exciting content, it can be tough to keep up with the demands of your subscribers. But don’t sweat it! We’re here to help you out.


In this article, we’re going to dish out some valuable insights on how to create scorching hot content that not only satisfies your subscribers but also earns you more cash on OnlyFans.

We’ll cover all the bases, from brewing up killer ideas to squeezing every last drop of potential out of your content. That way, you can kick back, relax, and watch those unlocks rain down like confetti!

Table of Contents

TLDR: Make Onlyfans Content

  • Focus on authenticity and comfort in content creation.
  • Cater to subscriber preferences using polls for feedback.
  • Offer a variety of content ideas for different OnlyFans niches.
  • Focus on being relatable and personable when engaging with your subscribers.
  • Use previews and strategic content placement for increased interest.
  • Organize your content for efficiency and marketing effectiveness.
  • Create custom content creation with clear pricing strategies.
  • Invest in tools like cameras, smartphones, and lighting equipment to create high-quality content.
  • Plan your content and use the OnlyFans scheduling tools to effectively mangae your time.

What Kind of Content to Create for OnlyFans?

Well, well, well, if it isn’t the million-dollar question? With a bazillion ideas out there, it can be tough to find the sweet spot that drives great traffic and keeps subscribers paying. To nail down the content YOU should be creating, you gotta focus on two things:

  1. YOU. Being yourself is good for business so for starters, think about what content makes you feel alive, what gets your creative juices flowing, and what sets you apart from the rest of the pack. Be authentic, and let your true self shine through. Also, only do content that YOU are comfortable with.
  2. Your subscribers. People travelled all the way to your OnlyFans page for a reason. Track your sales and use polls which is like a virtual suggestion box for your fans, letting them share what they love and what they wanna see more of in real time. This intel will help you tailor your content to your fanbase, build your sub- tribe and grow your OnlyFans empire.

Combine these two with the latest trends on OnlyFans, and BAAM! You’ve got a winning recipe. But, keep in mind, success on OnlyFans doesn’t happen overnight. To really hit this big, you must be prepared to put in some hard work. 

Don’t worry about perfection, though. The key ingredient is to have fun while creating content and let your authentic self shine through.

Follow successful creators to see what they are doing and what has appetite in the market and double down on the types of content that works for you and your subscribers.

Content Ideas and Trends for OnlyFans in 2023

Onlyfans content ideas checklist

Here’s a few onlyfans content ideas that will spark your imagination:

If you’re a solo creator:

  • Playful tease
  • Cake smash on bum
  • Wet shirt look
  • Feet pics
  • Wax play
  • Dildo videos
  • Food play (Whipped cream is always a good idea)
  • Spanking videos
  • Horny in bed

If you’re a sexy duo:

  • Facial videos
  • Car sex
  • Outdoor garden play
  • BJ videos/Pics
  • Using different positions
  • Ice play
  • Role play and dress up

OnlyFans contents ideas for or BDSM enthusiasts

  • Leather / latex pics
  • BDSM sex tape
  • Role play with accessories
  • Videos of humiliation and degrading
  • Be my slave for a day campaign
  • JOI videos

This is just a small taste of what’s currently hot and trending on OF. If you want even more ultra-spicy and steamy ideas for your OnlyFans content, click here to download Supercreator’s special content idea spreadsheet.

Tips to Create Engaging Content For OnlyFans

Remember, subscribers can get their hands on some awesome free adult content, but they’re interested in you because you’re a real person, not just a cardboard cutout of their fantasies. 


Check out these tips to make sure you’re creating content that really hooks them in:

  • Be relatable – Keep it casual. Sometimes high production value is counterproductive. 4K videos shot on your DSLR may look great but they may create a sense of corporate production which may shy some of your subscribers away. A vertical video shot with your phone will create a better sense of intimacy with your subscribers.
  • Diversify Create a diverse content portfolio that showcases a range of locations, outfits, and scenarios. From morning to night, cater to all fetishes and situations to give the illusion of capturing each moment in real-time. 
  • Communicate – Talk, ask questions, invite your fans to ask you questions.
  • Create sexy captions Your caption is the money maker, Invest in captions which will be irresistible to unlock.
  • Previews – Create a freebie version for each content you shoot:
    • Video – free version stopping at the timestamp where things start to get hot and heavy (about 10sec’s in), or just a short blur cut with sound.
    • Photo – a censored\cropped\blurred version
  • Get personal – this is a tricky one, depending on how comfortable you are with exposing details – talk about yourself and let subscribers get to know you. The more they feel like they know you the more they will be prepared to spend.

Which Content Should Go on My Feed and Which Should I Sell as a PPV?

Your feed is supposed to make people come (pun intended) inside and pay for the more valued content. So,when you’re creating content for your OnlyFans page, it’s important to make sure it represents who you truly are.

To maximize profits, reserve your juiciest content for PPV and offer sneak peaks on your feed to showcase your talent and attract new subscribers. Tip: Plan! Have regular times and days in which you post, create anticipation and don’t spam

How to Be Efficient with Your Content

The secret is to plan, and be organised. Once you have a fair amount of content – use it wisely:

  • Send a mass message to promote new coming content and top it up with personal messages for the subscribers that haven’t bought it yet.
  • Remarket – create a list of frequent buyers and maintain it, add a personal note to create a more exclusive feeling for that list.
  • Use old content with new subscribers – you don’t necessarily have to produce new content all the time, until 100% of your subscribers saw 100% of your content you still have something to offer your subscribers
  • Create anticipation – you have a new photoshoot? Release it slowly. Think of the era before Netflix and binge watching, how we waited each week for the episode of our favourite show? Anticipation will also motivate subscribers to purchase and can also make new subscribers aware of previous content released and purchase it.
  • Organise your vault – so you know where to find the content you want when you want.
  • Use Supercreator Keep track of sales and reuse it. Do so using content and subscriber lists, scroll through the gallery, or Supercreator.App.
  • Create special bundlesCreate a bundle of a few existing pics or videos and offer a special price for a limited time. Your fans want to feel appreciated, so make it personalised to them
  • Create urgency– Use FOMO for your advantage and create a time limit on specific content, it’ll bump up sales. “One day specials” can get you a long way in upscaling quickly.
  • Create content for every situation and fetish – so you can always pull something cool and relevant from your sleeve upon request.

Creating Custom Content for My Subscribers?

Creating Custom Content for My Subscribers?

A content upon request, or a custom is a big effort on your part. As such it should be priced accordingly. When pricing a custom, it’s best to be consistent and have a clear pricing strategy and methodology. For example:

  • Base rate: The clearest way to ensure pricing is standardised. Create a custom “menu” specifying the base rates for the different customs:
    • Videos
    • Pictures
    • Voice notes
    • Sexting
    • Video chat
  • Extra rates for: Costumes,specific angles\positions, props, toys, kinks, role play. Naming the subscriber is a tricky one, it should be priced bearing in mind that you can’t resell the custom later.
  • Don’t be afraid to price high, your worth all that and more!
  • Do only what you feel comfortable with!
  • Reselling: Yes! It is a video that you did upon request. But it is still YOUR video and you can do it as you please. Just like every piece of content you make. Most of the money a custom will earn you is by reselling it to your other subscribers!


So just like any other product, you need to be super organized and on point with how you price it, how to remarket it to the other subscribers and that’s a lot of different variables – use a spreadsheet, Supercreator is tailored for managing and selling your content, not only organizing it but offering insights as to who is more likely to purchase.

What Do You Need to Start Publish Content on Onlyfans?

Check out this essential gear that can help you get started with your OnlyFans content:

  • Smartphone – use a good one
  • Tripod
  • Ring light
  • Digital camera – not necessary – sometime authenticity is more attractive
  • Microphone – if talking to your subscribers is planned, a microphone is definitely the way to go. Again, sometimes authenticity is more attractive but it’s good to have a minimal standard of quality in your content.

How to prepare for a photoshoot?

onlyfans photoshoot checklist

To make sure your OnlyFans content is fire, you need to get your planner hat on and prep for your steamy shoot. This is how:

  •  Plan content in advance- To maximize your time, plan your content in advance. Plan multiple styles in a single day and write out the details of each setup to ensure smooth transitions.
  • Add props-Use visually appealing props and settings to enhance the overall appeal of your content
  • Use good equipment- Invest in better equipment, such as professional-grade DSLR cameras, to create high-quality images as you grow. Use a tripod to keep the camera steady and a good microphone for clear audio in videos. Remember that not all smartphones have equal camera quality and do research before purchasing one.
  • Set up lighting- Good lighting is crucial for quality photos. Even with editing, poor lighting can result in grainy or unappealing photos. Lighting setup will depend on the shoot and location, but guides are available to help. Practice with different arrangements until achieving a professional look. Over time, lighting will become easier and more intuitive.

Backdrop Matters- Choose a visually appealing background that complements your photoshoot. Avoid cluttered and distracting backgrounds that take away from the focus of you and your performance.

How to plan my content schedule for OnlyFans?

Just like you would to any deadline, prepare and plan ahead. The best you think of this as a proper business the better results you’ll get. Just like a business you need a plan. Be it weekly, monthly or quarterly, the more ahead you plan the better you understand when you need to create more content.

Your schedule should be regular, with set release days and hours, you need to educate your subscribers and make them know that they should expect new content every Monday and Friday at 15:00 (for example).

The amount and frequency of posting will be covered in the next part, Here’s an example weekly schedule:




























Final Words

Now that you know what kind of content to create for a steamy and successful OnlyFans page, there’s one final step to becoming a true Supercreator: MONETIZING through PPV upselling.
That’s where Supercreator comes in. With our OnlyFans powerful optimization tools, you can make your chatters better at upselling PPv’s, engage better with your subscribers, set up smart pricing and start making real bank by Supercharging your OnlyFans page. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Creating effective content is dependent on various factors – you should do things that reflect you and be authentic. Do things that you feel comfortable with, keep it fresh and diverse, communicate with your fans, create previews of your content for you free feed and let your fans get to know you to a level you feel comfortable with.

There are no specific rules for how often you should post on OnlyFans. It depends on you.
The important thing is to plan and keep a regular schedule in order to have your subscribers know and wait for your posts as well as to not spam your feed too much. Spread Out a photo shoot to several dates and don’t post it all at once. Planning and organizing is key.

Onlyfans contains all kinds of content, from musicians trying to sell their music to artist to food influencers selling recipes on their premium account. The vast majority of content on Onlyfans is adult oriented whether solo performers and performances or as couples or more.

Sexy outfits and cosplay shoots, wet shirt look, erotic ASMR videos, collaboration with other performers. The sky’s the limit, always try to put your own spin on things, always be up to date as to what are the current content trends, get inspiration from other performers and don’t be afraid to be original.

Producing content costs money, you may need a better camera, a new mic, lights etc. and of course let’s not forget clothes, costumes, make up, accessories and more. Toys can be very pricey as well. The amount of money and effort  you put in is a direct reflection of how much money you’ll make. Don’t think that just because you’re doing it from home there are no operational costs.

The most important thing is for you to be comfortable and enjoy what you’re doing. Make sure you’re creating. Make sure to follow other models and performers you relate to for inspiration. The important thing is to find your voice and your personal touch on things, it’s important to differentiate yourself from the rest in order to stand out.

You should have a clear pricing strategy, is it quantity or quality? understand what content you intend to make money off of and don’t be afraid to charge a high price. Having a high monthly subscription may mean less subscribers but the ones that you have are probably more willing to open their hearts wallets and fork out cash 🙂 The flipside is having a minimal subscription cost in order to have a large amount of subscribers and rely on big numbers to supply you with big money.

More Earnings, Less Chatting

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