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How to make the most money from 1:1 chatting on OnlyFans?

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How to Sext, Sell More PPVs, and Maximize Your Earnings

As an OnlyFans creator, your job doesn’t stop after a subscriber joins your page.

That’s just the beginning! 

The majority of top creators’ income comes from PPV and tip sales within private messaging, making it key to understand the most effective way to do this.

We’ve pulled together all of our top advice into one blog to help you maximize your PM sales and run your page more efficiently – giving you more money and time back.

First and foremost, focus on the right fans.

Say no to timewasters – these are people who have subbed to your page (or DM you on social media) or who have subbed to your page that will ask for free content, pay very little, and try to talk to you a lot!

Aka, fans who take a lot of attention and give you very low returns.  

We have a whole separate guide explaining how you can stand your ground on your prices and not give content up for free HERE. 

The short of it is you need to track who’s worth talking to. Use the Supercreator app to see how long a fan has been around and how much they’re spending. If they’ve been subbed over a month and their buy rate is less than 10%, stick to just sending mass messages and spend your time chatting with actual spenders. 

Get (and Keep) Your Fan’s Attention

Make a lasting first impression with a compelling welcome message.

You want to write a welcome message that feels personal, asks the fan questions, and has a photo of you (or PPV if you’re really established already). 

See 10 examples of welcome messages from top creators here. 

From the welcome message on, it will be all about creating strong relationships with your fan.

For top spenders, this will mean more time in the DMs getting to know their likes and purchase history (which you can track with Supercreator). 

For not top spenders, you still want to make sure your page is fun and sexy overall so that they enjoy what’s on your feed and will still buy PPVs. 

Make Sure your Sexting Game is On-Point

Get over the cringe factor and write the dirtiest messages that will drive fans wild during sexting sessions or accompanying PPVs.

We have a full guide for sexting – some ideas from it are:


Tell them about a time when you were super turned on IRL 

Describe what you masturbate to  

Tell them what kinks and turn-ons you have 

Describe sexual acts they can do to you and how you would react 


Get our juiciest and most explicit sexting scripts you can follow with fans here. 

Use PPVs to Their Full Potential

PPVs are nothing to be afraid of, and you absolutely SHOULD be using both private and mass PPVs on your page! You’re hurting your earnings potential otherwise.

The hardest part comes down to setting the right price – you can test your fan’s willingness to pay by playing around with pricing and then use the Supercreator tool to automatically personalize your PPV prices per individual. 

This makes sure you are getting the most you can from every fan, while selling a high volume of content! 

(We also have 5 PPV hacks to see all the best tips and tricks when it comes to maximizing PPV sales here)


You have everything it takes to be a top-earning creator. 


You just need to be strategic with your pricing strategy and make sure the words coming alongside your amazing content are on the same level!


Tracking what fans are into and how much they’re paying will make this so much easier – so try Supercreator out to really up your game ⚡⚡

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