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The easiest way to sell more PPVs on OnlyFans: Building a strong relationship with your subscriber

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Running a high-earning OnlyFans account is more than just posting your photos  – the real money comes from tips, PPVs, and sales through DMs.

Fans who like you and feel connected to you are willing to spend more and will stick around month after month with you.

In this guide, we’ll talk about how to build stronger relationships with your fans that will give them a good experience and make you more money 💸💸


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Be Authentic

OnlyFans is an online business, but offline, you are a genuine person with a real life!

That’s why fans subscribe. There is a ton of free porn out there, but people decide to join your page to feel a connection to you. The attraction is both sexual and emotional.

You want to incorporate your real personality, mannerisms, and quirks into your OnlyFans to give your fans a taste of your true self.

 Express yourself on your feed, and include personal stories in your conversations. Share your real likes and dislikes, and you’ll find that many fans may share the same interests as you! 

Talk about your day, your dreams, and of course, find ways to make spicy & sexy wherever you can 🌶️

Get to Know Your Fans

Treat your LOYAL fans like friends – remember their names, likes and find ways to make them feel special.

This takes time though, so you want to make sure the fan you’re investing time in is worth it. 

You can see all of the information about a fan with the Supercreator notes. Write down their fetishes and top interests here for easy reference, and to make your chats even more effective. 

To warm someone up, you can ask them about their day or share a sexy story or desire. Bring up things you know are of interest to them, or ask questions to get to know their preferences better. 

Part of what helps to get to know your fans is having a great welcome message (which we cover in Creator Tips #1 if you haven’t read that already). 

Keep it Sexy and Fun

Subscribers are with you because you make them feel GOOD. 

Use emojis, be excited, and always bring a flirty attitude! 💞💋💦

Playing games is a great way to engage fans – you can challenge them to a sexy truth or dare between you two (which can turn into a great selling opportunity to see the crazier dares) or have them try to find something specific on your OF page posts. Be creative, as people love fun challenges.

You can also hold contests. You know how competitive men can be, and the chance to one-up another for your attention would drive them wild. Some ideas could be the best funny pick-up line, dick pic contests, dirtiest confession contests.

Use the OnlyFans poll features to check what your fans are into, or let them choose what you do and buy, or really for any reason at all. You’ll get a lot of interaction that way, and fans will love feeling consulted. 

Going live is also really fun for your fans as they get to see you hanging out and chatting with them. This will really let your personality shine through, and you can get naughty to get good tips. 

Make PPVs Feel Personal

The caption you send out with PPVs should not give the impression that you’re not just sending it to all your fans and seeing who will buy it (even though that’s how you do it 🤣)  You’ll sell way more with personal-sounding messages in your PPVs.


Here are some examples of what you can say:

OMG!! hope ur ready cuz I’m so horny thinking about clapping this ass on ur 🍆 alllll night long

Woke up on my hands and knees for you babe💦😉

I have a feeling you’ll love this one…that’s all I’m gonna say🤭


You want to use pet names, say it’s just for them, ask them to tell you what they think, etc. Having trouble finding the right price for PPVs? Read our guide here. 

Know Which Fans Are Worth The Time

Developing relationships with your fans takes time and energy, and because of this, you should focus on the most valuable fans. 

When a new fan arrives talk with him a bit and then a PPV to see if he’s willing to pay. For the lower spending fans, you can get straight to the point (selling PPVs) faster. With the ones who spend a lot of money, it’s more important to give them more attention.

Supercreator helps you quickly determine who’s worth it and then makes sure you can keep building that valuable fan relationship and charge them the right price. 

Still. across your whole OnlyFans page, you should be personal, intimate, and flirty. Remember that these relationships fan relationships are essential to your business, and real people are behind the accounts buying content from your page!  


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