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A Step-by-Step Guide to Subscribing Someone On OnlyFans

Starting your journey on OnlyFans as a creator provides you with two distinct paths: setting up a free account that requires no subscription fee or opt for a paid subscription model. Each choice has advantages, yet it’s important for a creator to know that many followers are willing to pay for content that captivates them. This article will teach you how to subscribe to someone on OnlyFans and why fans choose to subscribe.

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TL/DR: How to Subscribe Someone on OnlyFans?

When you subscribe to Someone’s OnlyFans, it gives you access to exclusive content. The best part is it is simple! To do so, you should: 

  • Visit the Creator’s Profile
  • Click “Subscribe”
  • Select Payment Method
  • Confirm Subscription

What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a social media platform that has revolutionized how people connect with their favorite content creators. As a creator, you can gain popularity by posting and opening a free OnlyFans profile where your subscribers are not required to pay a monthly subscription to access your content. Also, you can set up a paid subscription model where your fans pay for exclusive access to your content. 

These options have unique advantages for your social media campaign or marketing strategy. As a content creator, you might run a free account to boost your online presence and gain more fans or opt for a paid account and earn money with your content.

Why Do Fans Have to Subscribe to Creators on OnlyFans?

The main reason why fans subscribe to creators on OnlyFans is to gain exclusive access to the creator’s content that isn’t available elsewhere. This subscription model benefits both creators and fans by providing creators with a steady income stream and visibility on the platform. When fans subscribe to a creator’s content, it will give them premium access to a creator’s content. This will create a more valuable connection between the fans and creators.

Can Fans Subscribe to Creators for Free?

Yes, fans can subscribe to creators for free!

However, this is only possible if you, as the creator, have set their account to a free subscription model. If so, fans can access and enjoy your content without a monthly subscription fee. Running a free subscription model is one of the effective ways for creators to increase their reach and engage with more fans. They can also monetize their content through tips, pay-per-view (PPV) posts, and other revenue streams.

How does a Fan Subscribe to my OnlyFans account?

It is simple! For a fan to subscribe to your OnlyFans account, all they need to do is to follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Visit your OnlyFans profile

Step 2: They should click the “Subscribe” icon on your profile. If you have a paid subscription model, the icon will display the monthly price that you have set. If you run a free OnlyFans account, “Subscribe for Free” will be displayed.

Step 3: If it is a subscription model, the fans will be asked to select their preferred payment option and provide their payment details (if they haven’t done that already). 

Step 4: After selecting their preferred payment option and entering, the fan will confirm their subscription. After that, they will be billed automatically every month until they cancel their subscription. 

If a fan has successfully subscribed to your profile, they can access all the content you made available to your subscribers. This means they can interact with your post through likes, comments, and tips.

Difference Between Paid and Free OnlyFans Accounts.

There are a lot of differences between paid and free OnlyFans profiles. Some of them include:

Paid OnlyFans Accounts:

Premium Content: These accounts are known for offering premium content that is not available to the public.

Exclusivity: You get a sense of exclusivity and privacy knowing that the content remains behind a paywall. 

Sponsorship Opportunities: These accounts are more likely to attract sponsorships due to the targeted and exclusive nature of their audience.

Diverse Revenue: In addition to getting paid to run a subscription model, these accounts also generate revenue through tips, PPVs, and live streams.

Free OnlyFans Accounts:

Regular Content: These accounts often feature content similar to what fans might find on other social media platforms, with less importance on exclusivity.

Free Access: Gain more visibility because anyone can access the content without a fee.

Engagement Focus: Free accounts give more priority to engaging with their fans.

Income Streams: While these accounts can generate income using PPVs, tips, and live streams, the lack of subscription fees changes the monetization dynamics, often relying more on mass engagement.

How Much Do I Charge for a Paid Subscription?

There is no fixed price for how much you can charge for a paid subscription. 

As an OnlyFans creator, the platform has given you the luxury of setting your monthly subscription fee anywhere between $4.99 and $49.99. However, it is very important to consider setting the right price, as it will determine the revenue you will generate. 

You must also invest in ensuring your fans receive value for their money. This means committing to regularly updating your page with high-quality content that meets or exceeds the expectations of your fans. 

Chrome extensions like Supercreator can facilitate these interactions and send exclusive offers to your fans, enhancing the overall value of your OnlyFans subscription.

What is PPV, and How Much Should I Charge for it?

PPV simply means Pay-Per-View. A PPV message or content is exclusive content sent to fans via a message that would require them to pay before they can access the content. The PPV post fee is a separate charge, so regardless of your subscription model, you can still make a PPV post. 

The best part is some fans prefer going for PPV rather than subscribing to a paid subscription model. This is because it typically offers more intimate specialized content than what is available on a creator’s regular feed.

Now, how much should you charge for PPV?

  • Images: Typically, you can charge between $5-10 per image. You can also charge for a bundled deal or themed collections.
  • Videos: Depending on the length and exclusivity of the video, you can set prices ranging from $10-20 per video.
  • Sexting: This can be priced at about $2-5 per minute. The good thing here is that it can be facilitated through tips.
  • Custom Content: The price of such content varies greatly and should be set based on the complexity and exclusivity of the request.

With Supercreator, you can leverage features that allow you to customize pricing per fan. This enables a tailored approach to PPV sales.


As OnlyFans continues to grow, subscriptions and more audiences can make a profile more visible and increase its online presence. It is an effective way of getting intimacy between the creator and the fans. Interestingly, subscribing to a creator is a seamless process that needs no technical know-how. While you might enjoy free content on free accounts, you can enjoy exclusivity from paid accounts for a monthly subscription fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! To access the content of a creator’s OnlyFans profile, you must subscribe to the creator’s profile (which might include paying the set subscription fee).

This depends on the creator. Generally, the subscription can be set anywhere between $4.99 to $49.99. However, some creators may offer the content for free as part of their social media marketing strategy.

There are multiple ways people use to get OnlyFans subscribers. This may include providing high-quality and engaging content, engaging with other creators and subscribers/unsubscribers, investing in your business, maintaining consistency, using other social media platforms to promote your content, and, most importantly, putting in work. With these strategies, you can gain subscribers on OnlyFans and make it a full-time career.

On Onlyfans.com, their core audience comes from the United States. However, the platform is beginning to gain momentum in places like Canada and the United Kingdom.

OF is a subscription-based site. However, as a creator, you can set a free subscription for fans and choose to make money by making them pay for PPV content behind a paywall instead.

It is simple. All you need to do is:

  • Create a post
  • Set a PPV fee
  • Send a mass message to your target viewers.

But if you think that might be too stressful or you don’t know the right words to add to your message, you can opt for the professional services of Supercreator. With our SuperMass feature, we can handle your PPV task and help you earn more money via PPV content.

It is a pay-per-view content that allows users to access content to a post set behind a paywall. In other words, fans can access this content by paying a one-off fee.

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