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Steps to Starting a Successful Onlyfans 2023 Edition

Starting an OnlyFans creator career offers financial freedom and flexible work. But simply creating an account doesn’t guarantee income. This article provides actionable tips on how to start a profitable OnlyFans business from scratch.

With its subscriber-based monetization model, OnlyFans has become the top platform for adult content creators. Top performers now earn 7-figure incomes by building engaged audiences. However, the competition is intense. This article will review the steps necessary to take and teach you how to create an OnlyFans account that will perform like Beyonce on the superbowl  halftime show

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Before Even Starting, These Are The Things You Should Think Of:

Starting a successful OnlyFans account requires more than just engaging content; it demands a strategic approach from the get-go. From conducting thorough market research to developing a consistent posting strategy, every step you take before hitting the ‘launch’ button can make the difference. Dive into these essential pre-launch considerations to ensure you kickstart your OnlyFans journey on the right foot:

  1. Conduct competitor research: Closely study 5-10 creators thriving in your planned niche. Analyze their posting schedules, content styles, captions, promotion strategies, messaging approaches and more. This market research helps you emulate what’s working.
  2. Refine your niche: Take time picking a niche aligned with your interests and attributes. The niche should have audience demand but also be something you enjoy creating content for consistently. Consistency within a niche builds your brand and loyal audience. For example: If you enjoy dressing up, cosplay could be a niche. If you like cooking, the girlfriend experience niche may suit you.
  3. Set a posting strategy: Create an initial 90-day content calendar detailing what you’ll post and optimal posting frequency for your niche. For example, schedule 2 photo sets, 1 video per week.
  4. Develop content ideas: Brainstorm 5-10 creative photoshoot concepts and video ideas tailored to your niche. Note required props, costumes, locations, etc. This preparation ensures you start with lots of quality content.
  5. Learn best practices: Thoroughly read OnlyFans policies, guidelines, and tips from successful creators on growth strategies, promotion tactics, what content converts best etc. Absorb as much knowledge as possible pre-launch.
  6. Set a launch plan: Outline collaborations, promotions, bundles and early subscriber incentives you’ll offer at launch to gain initial traction. Plan your launch promotions for momentum.
  7. Setup tools: Explore tools like Supercreator to help with messaging, analytics, growth automation. Integrate them pre-launch so you’re leveraging them from day one.

What are the rules for starting an OnlyFans?

While flexible for creators, here are the rules you should know when starting an OnlyFans:

  • You must be 18+ years old to create an account. This is strictly enforced.
  • Legal ID verification is required during signup. Passports and driver’s licenses are accepted.
  • Impersonation or identity theft leads to permanent bans.
  • All content must comply with OnlyFans’ rules. Illegal material is prohibited.
  • OnlyFans takes a 20% cut of creator earnings through commissions.

Following the guidelines ensures your account stays active. Carefully read the terms and acceptable use policy to avoid violations. Tools like Supercreator also help creators manage content and growth while staying compliant.

Read more on OnlyFans TOS here 

Before You Sign Up:

  • Create social media accounts to attach to OnlyFans. This is required for verification. Focus on Instagram and Twitter as OnlyFans recommends these platforms specifically.
  • Post consistently for about a week before starting OnlyFans, at least a few times a day. This shows OnlyFans reviewers that you are an active real person with an established social media presence when they evaluate your account.
    • Post a mix of content like selfies, lifestyle photos, behind the scenes, quotes, etc.
    • Go live on Instagram and interact with viewers. Saves the live video to show activity.
    • Post Stories consistently and engage your viewers with questions, polls, etc.
  • Use the same username across all platforms like Instagram, Twitter, OnlyFans, and your business email. This creates consistency in your brand and makes you searchable. For example, your Instagram could be @onlyfansqueen, Twitter is @onlyfansqueen, OnlyFans is onlyfansqueen, and email is onlyfansqueen@email.com.
  • Create a separate business email to use solely for your OnlyFans account. This keeps it organized and professional. You could do onlyfansqueen@email.com.

Signing Up

  • Use your real legal name when you first create your OnlyFans account so it exactly matches your government ID that you’ll submit later for verification. This avoids issues getting approved.
  • Choose a username that is available and brandable. You may need to add numbers or tweak spellings if your first choice is taken. Onlyfansqueen222 for example.
  • Again, it’s best to post consistently for about a week before starting OnlyFans, at least a few times a day. This shows OnlyFans reviewers that you are an active real person with an established social media presence when they evaluate your account.

Getting Verified and Approved

  • Use your phone camera to take a clear photo of your ID to submit for verification. You can use a passport, driver’s license, or other official government ID.
  • Make sure all details like your name, birthdate, and photo on your ID match what you inputted when signing up. Use your real legal name.
  • Upload a photo of you physically holding your ID next to your face as the required release form. This proves you are the person shown on the ID.
  • Add links to your social media profiles, especially Instagram and Twitter. Having an established social media presence is critical for getting approved quickly.
  • Allow 24-48 hours for OnlyFans to review your application and documentation. Be patient. Check emails often for approval updates.

Setting Up Your Profile

  • Add a branded profile and cover photo before you try to add bank account details. OnlyFans requires you complete your profile first. Photos help establish your brand.
  • Write a short enticing bio about what kinds of content you’ll be posting. This sets expectations upfront for potential subscribers. Say if you’ll post lingerie, cosplay, feet pics etc.
  • Attach the social media accounts you opened to your OnlyFans. This is required for verification. Focus on Instagram and Twitter as OnlyFans recommends these platforms specifically.
  • Add your bank account details after getting approved to receive payouts. You must earn $20 minimum before withdrawing.
  • For brand new accounts without an existing audience, start your subscription price between $5-10 or make it free. You can raise it later once you build a following.
  • Create special subscription bundles like holiday deals to entice new subscribers. Offer discounts like 50% off for the first month.
  • Turn on auto welcome messages to engage each new subscriber right away. Give a friendly intro, content preview, and invite them to request customs.
  • Set up chat notifications and auto-reply messages while you’re away. Keeps fans engaged.
  • Upload some sample content posts and create a content menu with pricing to promote available customs.

What to do when starting out on OnlyFans?

Here’s a proposed timetable to consider when :

First 30 days: 

  • Set up your profile, upload 30+ initial photos\videos to engage newcomers., 
  • Promote daily on platforms like Reddit, Twitter, Telegram, and Instagram. Interact genuinely to start building connections and community.
  • Analyze data like top performing posts and pricing levels. Refine based on this early feedback.

First 3 months: 

  • Produce new content consistently, at least weekly. Add costumes, props, new locations to keep it fresh.
  • Continue growing social media following by posting teasers and chatting with potential subscribers.
  • Run promotions, bundles, and sales to attract initial subscribers. Offer discounts if needed.
  • Engage thoughtfully with fans via likes, comments, messages. Get to know them and deliver a personalized experience..

First 6 months: 

  • Consider niche-specific content that’s in demand but you enjoy making. Consistency within a niche builds your brand.
  • Collaborate with similar creators by cross-promoting each others’ content and exchanging shoutouts.
  • Explore additional monetization like pay-per-view messaging and tip menus. Create more higher value content to upsell.
  • Analyze fan data to identify most lucrative niches, prices, etc. Refine your content style and offerings accordingly.

The key is providing value to subscribers through high-quality, personalized content and experiences. Patience and persistence are vital, as growth takes time. Management tools like Supercreator help streamline messaging and data analysis for better optimization.

For more information on promoting your OnlyFans check out our How To Promote OnlyFans article.

To Conclude

A good account is a planned one, think of it this way – you are opening a business. Although the steps of starting an OnlyFans are similar to that of opening any social media account, it’s more like opening a shop where you need to constantly innovate, work on your product and offer competitive prices.

Once you’ve done your research, you’re ready to start on the right foot, and we highly recommend using the power of Supercreator in order to fully maximize your earnings from day 1!

With it’s smart analytic tools, and wide range of features to help you focus on the right subscribers and optimize your pricing, it’s another way you can ensure your account will skyrocket as fast as possible!

To create an ideal OnlyFans account, conduct market research, refine your niche, set a posting strategy, develop engaging content ideas, and ensure compliance with OnlyFans policies. Your branding should be consistent, and you should have a solid launch plan in place.

You must be 18+ years old, provide legal ID verification (like passports or driver’s licenses), and adhere to OnlyFans’ rules and guidelines in order to start an OnlyFans account.

Income varies based on niche, content quality, promotion, and engagement. Some creators may earn a few dollars initially, while others might make hundreds or more.

Start by thoroughly planning your content, engaging on social media platforms, setting up a content calendar, offering early subscriber incentives, and focusing on building a genuine connection with your audience.

Promote on platforms like Reddit, Twitter, Telegram, and Instagram. Engage genuinely, use teasers, collaborate with other creators, and offer promotions and bundles.

Supercreator is recommended for messaging, analytics, and growth automation on OnlyFans.

You can edit your content using software like Adobe Photoshop for photos and Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro for videos.

Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and iMovie are popular choices.

Supercreator offers an OnlyFans CRM, AI scripts, Auto-Follower bot and more to enhance fan interactions. The CRM helps organize fans’ data to personalize chatting. Scripts make responding faster. The bot helps re-engage expired fans.

Focus on consistency, engage with fans, offer value through high-quality content, analyze fan data for optimization, and collaborate with similar creators for cross-promotion.

After account verification, add your bank account details to receive payouts. A minimum of $20 is required before withdrawing.

Yes, OnlyFans takes a 20% commission from creator earnings.

Content varies based on your niche but can range from lifestyle photos, behind-the-scenes shots, specialty content like cosplay, and more. All content must adhere to OnlyFans’ guidelines.

At minimum, a good quality camera (or smartphone with a good camera), basic lighting setup, and editing software. Depending on your niche, props and costumes might also be needed.

Engage with your subscribers, offer high-quality content, and provide options for custom requests. Good communication and building a loyal fanbase increase chances of tips.

Promote your account on social media, collaborate with other creators, offer special promotions, and consistently produce high-quality content.

A paid account charges subscribers a fee to access content, while a free account doesn’t charge but can earn money through tips and pay-per-view content.

Begin by building a presence on other social platforms, offer promotions, collaborate with other creators, and ensure you’re producing engaging, high-quality content.

Starting prices can be between $5-10 or even free. Once you build a following, you can adjust the pricing.

Consistency is key. Aim for multiple times a week, based on your content strategy and audience engagement.

Avoid sharing personal details, use a pseudonym, ensure your content doesn’t reveal identifiable locations, and regularly review OnlyFans’ safety guidelines.

Income varies widely based on factors like niche, content quality, and audience engagement. Some creators may earn a few hundred dollars, while top creators can earn six or even seven figures annually.

Include a concise description of the type of content you’ll be posting, a little about yourself, any rules or guidelines for your subscribers, and any promotional details. Aim for clarity and authenticity.

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