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Chrome extensions are add-on programs that enhance and customize the browsing experience in Google Chrome. They allow users to add extra functionality and features to the browser.

For example, there are extensions that:

  • Block ads – Like Adblock Plus which removes ads from websites for an uninterrupted browsing experience.
  • Save money – Like Honey that automatically finds and applies coupon codes when you checkout online.
  • Download media – Such as the OnlyFans Downloader which can bulk download videos and images from OnlyFans accounts.
  • Boost productivity – Like Grammarly which checks your writing for grammar and spelling errors.

Extensions are like mini apps that power up your browser.

While some focus on content downloading, others like Supercreator add features tailored for certain sites or audiences.

Table of Contents

What is the Supercreator OnlyFans Extension?

Supercreator provides powerful tools to help OnlyFans creators and agencies maximize earnings and simplify managing their accounts.

For individual creators, Supercreator’s features help automate admin work, engage fans, and unlock growth capabilities that aren’t possible on OnlyFans alone.

For agencies managing multiple creator accounts, Supercreator enables efficient team collaboration and data-driven insights to optimize their entire business.

The extension works seamlessly with OnlyFans by installing directly into Chrome and integrating with the OnlyFans website when you log in. This allows accessing Supercreator’s tools without having to leave OnlyFans.

Creators and agencies can use Supercreator to:

  • Save time with automation
  • Increase sales through optimized messaging
  • Make data-driven decisions with actionable analytics
  • Streamline collaboration between chatters
  • Maintain personal touch at scale

Whether running a solo account or an entire talent agency, Supercreator levels up your OnlyFans game.

Where Can I Use the OnlyFans Extension?

Supercreator is available exclusively as a Chrome browser extension. It can be installed on these operating systems:

  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Chromebook
  • Linux

Before installing, make sure to disable any ad blockers you may have when browsing OnlyFans.

Using a VPN while browsing OnlyFans can also cause issues. If you need any troubleshooting help, you can reach out to Supercreator’s customer support team to get assistance with properly installing the extension.

How to Install Supercreator Step-by-Step

Here is a step-by-step walkthrough on installing Supercreator:

  1. Open the Chrome Web Store and search for “Supercreator OnlyFans Extension”.
  2. Find Supercreator in the results and click “Add to Chrome”
  3. A popup will appear, click “Add Extension” to confirm installing.
  4. In Chrome, click the Extensions puzzle icon in the top right corner.
  5. Under the list of extensions, locate Supercreator and ensure it is visible by clicking on the pushpin icon
  6. Click on the OnlyFans extension icon and click on “Sign up” to open a new account.
  7. Sign Up with Google or with an email and password.
  8. Fill out your details accordingly.
  9. You’re all signed up!
  10. Go to and log into your account like normal.
  11. A popup will show asking you to connect your OnlyFans account to Supercreator. Click yes to connect them.
  12. Supercreator will automatically detect your login to sync up.

    And that’s it! Supercreator is now installed and connected to your OnlyFans account. You can access all of its features while browsing OnlyFans.

Chat Features on Supercreator

Supercreator has a robust set of tools to optimize and automate chatting with fans. This allows creators and agencies to engage fans more efficiently and consistently.

Here are some of Supercreator’s key chatting features:


The CRM stores valuable data on each fan like:

  • Name
  • Location
  • First and last purchase dates
  • Lifetime spending amount
  • Interests and preferences

Keeping this info organized helps chatters personalize conversations and build stronger relationships with fans. It also enables passing conversations between team members seamlessly.

Insights and Hints

Supercreator’s AI assistant provides real-time suggestions while chatting with fans. The assistant looks at factors like:

  • Previous purchase history
  • Current conversation flow
  • Time since last PPV sent

With these insights, it recommends the optimal next steps, like sending a PPV or adjusting your messaging style for higher conversion. The hints help maximize sales.

Super Vault

The Super Vault automatically tracks the photos and videos already purchased or sent to each fan. This prevents double-sending the same PPVs and saves you time scrolling back through chat history.

Super Inbox

With the Super Inbox, you can instantly see your highest-spending fans and fans most likely to purchase without opening messages. It uses indicators like:

  • Money bag icon for big spenders
  • Fire icon for fans who purchased recently
  • Arrow icons to indicate priority fans

This allows focusing on your most profitable conversations first.


Quickly insert pre-written messages into chats by selecting from a menu of scripts. Useful scripts include:

  • Personalized welcome messages for new fans
  • Responses to frequently asked questions
  • Payment confirmation messages
  • Persuasive PPV captions

Scripts allow for the delivery of consistent and engaging messages quickly.

Mass Messaging Features on Supercreator

In addition to enhanced chatting tools, Supercreator also provides a robust set of advanced mass messaging automation features.

Creators can use Super Mass to send targeted content and offers to various fan segments.

Target Segments

With Super Mass, you can target different groups like:

  • All active subscribers
  • Non-buyers and potential new customers
  • Top spenders and VIP fans
  • Inactive subscribers who expired
  • Fans based on specific preferences or interests
  • Subscribers from certain countries

Customized messaging and content for each segment makes your posts more relevant. For example:

  • Send expired subs exclusive gifts or discounts to resubscribe
  • Give your top spenders first access to new exclusive content
  • Welcome new fans and introduce yourself

Personalized Pricing

The AI assistant determines the optimal PPV price for each fan based on historic spending habits. You can:

  • Upcharge your big spenders who often unlock expensive PPVs
  • Offer discounts to inactive fans to incentive purchases
  • Keep standard pricing for fans with average price unlocks

Personalized pricing maximizes your revenue per message compared to a single blanket price.

Scheduled Messages

You can schedule Super Mass messages to be automatically sent in the future. This is useful for:

  • Setting messages to go out at peak fan times based on your analytics
  • Scheduling content releases, sales campaigns, or promotions ahead of time
  • Ensuring you don’t forget to send important announcements or updates

No more having to manually create and send each message. Set it and forget it.


The Auto-Follower tool automatically re-follows any fans after they unsubscribe so you can continue messaging them. This keeps inactive subscribers engaged.

You can promote PPVs, share previews or offer incentives to resubscribe. It keeps lines open to reactivate neglected fans and retain their business.

Message Online Fans

You can use Super Mass to send personalized real-time messages to fans currently online. Great for:

  • Special offers directed at fans while they browse your profile
  • Increasing perceived authenticity and exclusivity
  • Sparking conversations by catching fans in the act

It gives your messaging a more genuine feel compared to generic blasts to all fans.

Super Mass takes your OnlyFans promotions to the next level. Combined with advanced segmentation, scheduling, and targeting, you can significantly increase your messaging performance, engagement, and sales.

Analytics and Insights on Supercreator

Supercreator provides powerful analytics and insights accessible right within OnlyFans.

With Supercreator Analytics, you can view:

  • Account performance – See earnings, fans, posts and other metrics for individual creators. Compare against averages.
  • Chatters stats – Track number of messages, fans engaged, hours worked and sales per chatter.
  • Promotions analytics – Analyze clicks, claims and revenue generated by each promotional campaign.
  • Subscriber analytics – Get subscriber counts, new fans gained/lost, churn rate and recurring vs churn revenue.
  • Content insights – Identify your most lucrative post types, prices and categories. See top performing content.
  • Sales and engagement metrics – Conversion rates, sales by hour/day, max fan spending amounts, and more.

These insights help creators and agencies optimize their OnlyFans strategy to boost earnings. All key metrics in easy-to-read charts and graphs within OnlyFans.

For agencies, the analytics provide a bird’s eye view of account performance to spot successful creators and opportunities for improvement company-wide.

Final Words

Supercreator is an all-in-one toolkit for creators and agencies to maximize their OnlyFans business at any scale.

It simplifies management, elevates engagement, provides actionable insights, and automates time-consuming tasks. This frees up more time to focus on creating great content.

To get access to Supercreator’s OnlyFans tools, install the extension for free from the Chrome Web Store today. Connect your OnlyFans accounts to unlock the advanced features to step up your game.

The extension seamlessly integrates everything right within your OnlyFans dashboard for easy access. Don’t leave money on the table – let Supercreator optimize your account performance now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Supercreator is an OnlyFans extension that offers a range of features such as AI-generated Scripts, smart mass messages, and Follow-back. 

The Chrome Extension helps you enhance your chatting with AI, send customized mass messages to your fans, re-engage with expired subscribers, and increase your OnlyFans page management productivity.

Supercreator extension helps over 15,000 Onlyfans models and agencies to maximize their revenue, optimize your OnlyFans chat management, and streamline your OnlyFans activities.

Simply follow this link and sign up 🙂

You can find step-by-step instructions for signing up

We have set up a detailed guide showing everything here [link]

Supercreator provides significant benefits for OnlyFans creators and management agencies. 

Its smart prioritization system targets high-spending fans first, maximizing revenue potential. Its user-friendly interface and safety measures reduce the risk of account issues. Automation features save time and increase efficiency. The spending threshold option enables creators to focus on valuable expired fans, promoting re-engagement without wasting time on non-spending followers. Plus, for agencies, Supercreator aids in managing multiple accounts, making training and team management easier.

Absolutely! Supercreator is a safe and reliable OnlyFans extension designed to boost your OnlyFans performance. It complies with all OnlyFans regulations, ensuring that your content and interactions remain secure and private while providing powerful tools to optimize your fan interactions and revenue generation.

We take this subject very seriously. The tool only collects technical data relevant to its functionality.

It doesn’t require your password or access to your content or financial information.

Read more on our Privacy Policy.

No, Supercreator is an Onlyfans extension utilizing AI and powerful analytical tools to help you maximize your Onlyfans earnings as a Model or Agency

The Supercreator extension is intended for Onlyfans Models and Agencies to maximize their earnings and grow their business.

Supercreator runs on any Google Chrome browser, for both Windows and Mac. In addition, we support most other Chromium-based desktop browsers are supported, including Brave, Opera and Microsoft Edge. We do not support Google Chrome on mobile, but Supercreator can run on Android devices using Kiwi browser.

Supercreator is a Chrome Extension that works inside of OnlyFans as you work, simulating human actions at every step of the way. We are not an official OnlyFans extension.

Supercreator is a Chrome Extension that works inside of OnlyFans as you work, simulating human actions at every step of the way. We are not an official OnlyFans extension.

Yes, OnlyFans subscribers are allowed to download content from accounts they actively pay and subscribe to. Downloading content you have paid for access to as an OnlyFans subscriber is perfectly legal.

Supercreator is a Chrome extension built specifically for OnlyFans creators and agencies. It provides tools to automate admin tasks, analyze important metrics, engage fans with specialized messaging tools, and more. The aim is to simplify managing OnlyFans accounts and maximize creator earnings.

Supercreator provides in-depth analytics on earnings, fans, posts, top performing content types, conversion rates, subscriber engagement levels, chatter performance, promotional ROI, subscriber churn rate, and many other key OnlyFans metrics and data points.

Yes, there are multiple OnlyFans downloader extensions like the OnlyFans Downloader available in the Chrome Web Store. These allow subscribers to download images, videos, and other content they purchase access to from creator accounts. Each downloader offers different functionality.