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Is No PPV the Secret to OnlyFans Success? Expert Insights!

Many people believe the only way to make money as an OnlyFans creator is to sell pay-per-view, or PPV, content. This is content such as videos and photographs that are hidden beyond a paywall; fans need to pay extra to access it, even if they are already paying a subscription fee. However, content creators can monetize OnlyFans with no PPV content in multiple ways, which we will explore here.

PPV or no PPV: That is the question when it comes to creating your OnlyFans account. First, you need to understand what PPV, or pay per view, means in the world of OnlyFans. Then you can weigh the pros and cons of offering PPV content or going with the all-inclusive option. This guide will help you decide which type of account is right for you.

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TL/DR: Best no ppv onlyfans

  • Two basic types of OnlyFans accounts are PPV and no PPV. PPV accounts place some of the photos, videos, and other content behind paywalls so that the content creators can charge extra for access. No PPV accounts do not hide any content; subscribers have full access without being charged extra. 
  • In addition to charging subscription fees, no PPV accounts can be set up to accept tips, providing an additional revenue stream.
  • OnlyFans no PPV accounts typically charge a higher subscription fee than those with PPV content and often have higher subscriber retention rates.
  • No PPV accounts are particularly appealing to creators who view OnlyFans as a part-time job or who do not want to have to keep upselling subscribers.
  • The Supercreator smart CRM platform for OnlyFans helps content creators maximize revenue and manage content.

Best OnlyFans Accounts Without PPV - Understanding OnlyFans and the Concept of PPV

OnlyFans is a social media platform that enables creators to make money in several ways. With subscriptions, you charge fans monthly to subscribe to your account and view your content. Once you have set up your account, you can also accept tips from followers. Then there is pay-per-view, or PPV, content. This is exclusive content, from photos to videos, for which you charge a one-time fee.

You can offer PPV content without requiring fans to subscribe to your account; in other words, you can use a free account to offer fans a preview of your exclusive PPV content. A management platform such as Supercreator can help you promote your PPV content and determine the best price to charge subscribers so that you can reap the most revenue. It does this with tools that assess how much each individual fan spends on specific types of content. After all, if Fan A spends an average of $50 per private message, why charge him the same as Fan B, who spends only an average of $20?

What Is No PPV on OnlyFans?

An OnlyFans with no PPV is an account that has followers pay a monthly subscription fee without requiring them to pay extra for exclusive content. The advantage of creating a no PPV account is that you do not have to keep upselling followers and encouraging them to buy additional products—and, of course, you don’t have to keep creating additional content. Instead top no PPV OnlyFans creators focus simply on regularly creating and posting high-quality photos, videos, and other content for all their subscribers, letting the quality of their work speak for itself. What’s more, many subscribers prefer this all-inclusive approach rather than being continually prodded to spend more money. 

Is It a Good Option for OnlyFans Content Creators to Have No PPV Accounts?

Whether you offer PPV content or have an OnlyFans account with no PPV depends on your personal preferences. Some content creators prefer offering PPV as a way of boosting their earnings. They can create and promote additional exclusive content when they want to make more money than usual in a given month. Other creators find that an OnlyFans with no PPV account puts less pressure on them to continuously produce and sell new exclusive content.

A no PPV account is especially appealing to creators who view OnlyFans as a sideline rather than their primary job, as it typically requires less of a time commitment than a PPV account. It also appeals to new creators who are just getting started and discovering how best to gain subscribers, as no PPV accounts generally gather subscribers more quickly and are more likely to retain those subscribers than are accounts with paywalls. Another benefit: With a no PPV account, you can typically charge a higher subscription price than a creator with a PPV account can.

How to Set Up a No PPV Account

Setting up an OnlyFans account is free, whether you choose to create a PPV or no PPV account. With a PPV account, you are putting some—maybe most—of your content on a paywall and charging fans extra to access that PPV content. With a no PPV account, there is no content behind a paywall. To make money, you charge followers a monthly fee to subscribe to your content.  

For all accounts, but especially when you are not charging extra for exclusive content, it is important to create a content calendar with a schedule of what sort of content you will post and how often you will do so. A mix of content types—images and videos, explicit and non-explicit, can be very effective in helping you gain and retain subscribers.You will also need to determine how much to charge for a subscription.

Boosting Your OnlyFans Revenue With or Without PPV

Whether or not you offer PPV content, subscriptions are a primary way to make money with your OnlyFans account. Generally speaking, no PPV accounts charge higher subscription fees than PPV accounts, some of which might not charge for subscriptions at all. 

While PPV accounts can boost revenue by selling exclusive paywalled content, creators with no PPV accounts can generate extra money by enabling followers to tip them. You can set up your account so that fans can tip you directly from your profile or on a specific post. Allowing tips on individual posts also helps you see which types of content your followers like the most so that you can then create more content in that vein.

Another way to garner tips is to offer livestreams to your subscribers, or even for free to all viewers. A free livestream has the added benefit of introducing you to potential new subscribers.

Benefits of Setting Up Accounts Without PPV Content

Setting up an OnlyFans with no PPV content has several benefits:

  • You are more likely to retain subscribers for longer, as they’ll feel confident they are getting all of your content without having to pony up extra funds.
  • For the same reason, you can charge more for subscriptions than accounts with PPV can.
  • There is less pressure on you to keep creating and promoting more content.
  • You don’t have to hard-sell and upsell subscribers—great for creators who prefer making and posting content to selling content.
  • You can be more selective when it comes to creating extras such as livestreams to generate tips.

Can OnlyFans Content Creators Make Money with No PPV?

Yes, they can! Many of the top 0.1% OnlyFans accounts offer no PPV content. This all-inclusive approach appeals to many subscribers who do not want to have to pay extra for exclusive content. Additionally, subscribers often tip for favorite videos, livestreams, and other content.

Five Best OnlyFans Girls Including Free OnlyFans Accounts in 2023

Below are some of the most popular OnlyFans accounts in 2023. You might find inspiration from their content and business models for your own account.

* Mia Thorne, with her girlfriend, makes lesbian T4T content. She charges a monthly subscription fee of $17 and posts new full-length videos each week. In addition, subscribers can submit content ideas that will be put to a vote, and Mia will create videos based on the winning concepts. Tips are welcome, and Mia will also produce custom videos.
* MelRose Michaels charges $24.99 a month. For this fee, she posts a new video every evening. Daily photo sets, audio messages, and other content are also included in that subscription fee. 

  • Lana Monroe charges a $10 monthly subscription fee and also offers exclusive content, including sexting.
  • Cassie Curses describes herself as a “professional masturbator.” Her monthly subscription fee of $9.99 includes a new show each week and access to more than 2,000 images and other posts. 
  • Riley charges $20 for a monthly subscription, with discounts for subscribers who pay for up to 12 months at a time (a great way to retain subscribers). A relative newcomer to OnlyFans, she offers subscribers nude photos, sex tapes, dildo videos, and other content.


Only you can decide whether you’d be better off with an OnlyFans no PPV account or with providing PPV content. Regardless of what you choose, you’ll be able to make money with subscriptions and by enabling tips from followers. A management platform such as Supercreator can ensure that you make the most money possible from your content with tools that help you manage your pages, price subscriptions effectively, use data to identify new revenue opportunities, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

No PPV means you do not charge extra for pay-per-view content that is kept behind a paywall. Once fans pay a monthly subscription fee, they can access any and all content that you create.

Simply create an OnlyFans account (it’s free!), establish your subscription fee, and be sure that when you post content, you do not put it behind a paywall.

Creators charge anywhere from $5 to $200—and even more—depending on the type of PPV content. Not sure how much you should charge? Management platform Supercreator includes PriceGuard, a suite of tools that uses metrics and AI algorithms to suggest optimal prices for your PPV content.

No PPV content means that none of the account’s content is hidden beyond a paywall. Subscribers can access all of a creator’s photos and videos without having to pay extra.

Beyond making money from subscriptions, content creators with an OnlyFans no PPV account can allow subscribers to pay tips on existing content. Creators can also encourage tipping on livestreams and even create custom content for specific subscribers for a fee.

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