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How to Spice Up Your OnlyFans Dirty Talk

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TLDR: Spice Up Your OnlyFans Dirty Talk

  •  Start sexting with personalized lines.
  •  Set pricing for exclusive interactions.
  •  Overcome discomfort in explicit messaging.
  •  Keep conversations engaging with detailed descriptions.
  •  Use emojis and audio notes for vivid communication.
  •  Tailor experiences to individual fan preferences.
  •  Focus on building strong connections for better OnlyFans content.


Send the Hottest Sexts 

You know that you make incredible content. Your super hot photos and wild videos drive your fans crazy 🥵

However, there’s one thing that even the most experienced adult content creators struggle with – dirty talk.

Even if this feels fake or cringe, dirty talk is essential for upselling content to your fans and keeping them coming back for more. You’re here to build strong relationships with your top spenders and dirty talk is an essential part of doing that. 

Keep reading for our ultimate guide on to how to have the best dirty talk 😩🌶️💦

How to Initiate

Before diving into sexting, make sure you’ve warmed up the fan. 

In sexting and dirty talk, you are building your own sexual environment that’s unique to you and the fan.

Take notes on what they’re into, and try a couple of intro lines to see if the fan is online and ready to get dirty.

You can kick things off with an opener like this:

“Hey babe, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you… can I share what’s been on my mind?”


“Babe, can I tell you about how turned you’re making me?” followed by a photo.

Oftentimes the fan will already be saying sexual things in response to your content – you can keep the ball rolling and initiate a sexting session from there easily too.

Establish Pricing

Aside from the sexy captions with your photos and videos, make sure that back and forth sexting between you and a fan should always be paid for.

If they start off talking dirty to you, or you’ve opened up a convo with them, you can then suggest keeping the conversation going with tipping.

An example of what to charge could be a set rate per minute ($1-$5) which also includes a few sexy pics and little 10-second clips.

If they try to initiate over social media, reply with a cute flirty message followed by “if you wanna keep chatting subscribe to my OnlyFans and we can chat all night” then I send the link.

For both fans and social media followers, if they make it work to persuade them in any way, they never planned on paying. Avoid the timewasters and focus on fans that will bring the money.

Get Over the Cringe Factor

The hardest part of sexting is brushing off the awkwardness of typing out sexual messages and really getting into the conversation.

Remember that the person you’re sexting is there for a reason. They find you insanely attractive, and the more you’re into it, the more they are into it.

If something isn’t feeling right, switch the dynamic. The best messages come from a place of empowerment and hype. You are turning this person on and they only desire you.

Keep it Hot

How do you keep it sexy and fun? Here are some ideas:

Recount a time when you were sexually invigorated in person
Describe your masturbation routine
Tell them what kinks and turn-ons you have
Describe sexual acts they can do to you and how you would react

Make sure you’re validating what the fans says and being responsive to where they are leading the conversation. Make the fan feel sexy, powerful, and validate when they say something you find hot.

Emojis are also a must-have when it comes to sexting. They help you express yourself and give hot visuals of what’s going on. 🍆🍆🍑🍑💦💦

With video or audio notes, address the fan with general pet names, make sure to moan, and speak with a sensual voice.


While you’re figuring out what turns the fan on the most, there are a few Supercreator tools you can use to be sure you remember this key information and have it at your disposal whenever you need it.

Take notes on their favorite fetishes, look at their PPV buying history to see what content types they buy most, and see their average spending so you know how to price the session.

Now, get out there with that dirty mouth of yours and make bank through your sexy sexting sessions!


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