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How To Promote OnlyFans On Facebook

Promote OnlyFans On Facebook

Facebook, if you’re over 30 you know it, if you’re under 30 you’re probably like “Facebook who?”. 

There’s no denying that Facebook is HUGE with 3 Billion active monthly users but there is some bad news –  Facebook is not the easiest platform to promote your OnlyFans on. It’s not impossible, but it requires a bit of finesse and some strategic planning.

Here’s how to do so without finding yourself in B town (B for Ban? You get it right? Geez we need a different copywriter…)

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how to promote onlyfans on Facebook

Let’s start with the things you should not do. Being naughty is part of the job, but there is a time and place for everything. Now let’s recite our mantra: “I will not get banned from facebook”.


FACEBOOK DOESN’T LIKE YOU as an adult content creator. Its policies are unforgiving and with zero tolerance to adult or even slightly adult content. So here are things you want to avoid:


  • Don’t run ads: Facebook has strict policies when it comes to adult content, and running ads is a sure strategy to getting banned. Other than that, ads are something that most users ignore, banner blindness is a thing.
  • Don’t use your personal account First, you risk getting your account banned and since we assume you have years and years of stuff on there, pictures, posts and memories. Losing your personal account can be tragic as F#$K. Second – considering things, you will probably want to keep your privacy and avoid posting about your recent A$$ play in your personal profile, where you have a multitude of family and friends. No matter how proud of what you do, do you really want  uncle jack and auntie susie to read all about it? You need to create a different persona and for that you need a different account.
  • Don’t post explicit (or even slightly explicit) content: Even artistic nudes or suggestive photos can be considered adult content, and Facebook has a zero-tolerance policy towards it. Be warned.
  • Don’t spam or be too aggressive with your promotion: Nobody likes a pushy salesperson, and Facebook users are no exception. If you come across as spammy or aggressive with your promotion, you risk alienating potential subscribers and getting reported.


OK man, we get it, Facebook is a drag. But it’s not all bad, Facebook could be an excellent place to make yourself known and gain potential subscribers for your Onlyfans. 

The primary strategy in promoting yourself as an Onlyfans model on Facebook is making yourself known and exposing yourself to broad crowds. Now we’re not talking about THAT kind of exposure, remember? We don’t like being banned. 

It’s all a matter of gaining as many people as possible on your friend list and getting them to your Instagram account. 

Here are some best practices we collected along the way:

  • Create a separate account for your OnlyFans promotion: This will help you avoid getting your personal account banned and allow you to be more strategic with your promotion. You may still get banned so as part of this strategy, consider opening several accounts.
  • Warm up your account: Add friends, upload pictures, and engage in some activity to make your account look more credible. Wait a few weeks before you engage in the shameless promotion. Facebook’s algorithm is ruthless, you need to come off as a genuine person. This can be a little exhausting if you lack patience, so be zen about it.
  • Find relevant communities (groups): Look for Facebook with a large audience of people and a high activity volume. Be it groups related to sex or sexuality in some way or just general groups. Be in as many of these as possible and see where the wind blows before you start being active.
  • Be present in those groups: Be active, answer questions, and develop relationships. Don’t just promote your OnlyFans. Simply engage with others and contribute to the community.
  • Make yourself noticed: Send friend requests, post interesting content, and be genuine. People are more likely to develop interest if they feel like they’re a real people.
  • Talk about your OnlyFans from time to time: But don’t be too pushy or spammy. Mention it in a natural way.
  • Take them to your Instagram and then to your OnlyFans: Use your Instagram account as a bridge between Facebook and your OnlyFans. This will allow you to showcase more of your content and build a stronger connection with your potential subscribers.
  • Be creative: Think outside the box and find excuses to use your photos. For example, you can post a photo of yourself in a sublet group and mention that you’re looking for a new place. Just make sure to be tasteful and not too aggressive with your promotion.

By following these Do’s and avoiding the Dont you’ll be well on your way to gaining new followers and potential Onlyfans subscribers.. Just remember to be strategic, genuine, and respectful of Facebook’s policies and community guidelines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can use Facebook to promote your OnlyFans page. However, you need to be careful about the content you share and ensure that it adheres to Facebook’s community standards.

Facebook can be a good platform for promoting OnlyFans if used correctly. It is definitely not the best platform but  It has a large user base, making it an effective way to reach potential subscribers. You also need to ensure that your content meets Facebook’s guidelines and rules to avoid getting banned.

Yes, you need to promote yourself in a careful strategic way, making sure not to be too clear and blunt. You might also consider opening a separate account to promote your Onlyfans on facebook.explicit or even mildly explicit content can get you banned.

Facebook forbids advertising adult content, and your ads will get rejected and accounts banned. Running ads is the wrong strategy. Instead you want to join groups and communities and make yourself known through interactions and postings of content.