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OnlyFans Shoutouts: Importance and Strategies for Acquisition

As an OnlyFans creator, mastering all the ways to promote your account is the key to your success on the platform. One of the quickest and most cost-efficient ways to grow your fanbase is to use shoutouts in partnerships with other creators. This article looks at shoutouts as an efficient and cost-effective growth tactic and lists the mistakes to avoid to make this popular tactic work.

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TL/DR: Good OnlyFans Captions

  • An OnylFans shoutout enables creators to tap into each other’s audience for visibility.
  • The main types of shoutouts are shoutout exchanges (S4S), paid shoutouts, and voluntary shoutouts.
  • Shoutouts are a highly cost-efficient means of attracting a targeted audience.
  • Adhering to best practices and building strong relationships with other creators are vital to the shoutout strategy.
  • Strong research and strategic shoutout campaigns lead to the best growth metrics.
  • The Supercreator content tracking and analytics tool helps creators grow their accounts much faster.

What is an OnlyFans Shoutout?

An OnlyFans shoutout is a form of account or brand promotion that enables one creator to tap into another creator’s audience to increase their visibility to a similar and active OnlyFans audience.


OnlyFans creators who agree to do a shoutout for another creator charge a one-time payment per shoutout. Free products or subscriptions are also popular, and creators exchange shoutouts as a no-cost way to grow their accounts.


Make shoutouts part of your marketing arsenal and use them strategically to grow your account through collaborations with creators and agencies.

What Are The Main Types of OnlyFans Shoutouts?

OnlyFans creators looking to use shoutouts as part of their growth strategy have three options: S4S, or Shoutout for Shoutout, paid shoutouts, and voluntary shoutouts.

S4S (Shoutout for Shoutout)

A Shoutout-for-shoutout (S4S) is a simple but highly cost-effective promotion tactic where two OnlyFans creators post links to each other’s accounts. S4S can also be used in special Telegram accounts creators use for OnlyFans promotions.

The appeal of this promotion tactic is in its power to help grow an account without costs, and this is particularly valuable for creators who need to leverage every tactic they can to build momentum and expand their fanbase.

Paid Shoutouts

Paid OnlyFans promotions are very similar to influencer marketing. A creator charges a fee to mention another creator and link to their content from their page.

Paid OnlyFans promotions through shoutouts help creators raise the visibility of their content more than they could if they were to rely on organic traffic alone.

Creators use paid shoutouts to attract new fans and grow their OnlyFans accounts because of the cost-efficiency and access to large audiences.

Voluntary Shoutouts 

An OnlyFans creator can get a voluntary shoutout when another creator likes their content so much they choose to link to it from their content. Voluntary shoutouts are the most valuable kind, as they occur without an agreement or expectation of compensation.

What Are The Benefits of Shoutouts on Onlyfans?

As a promotion tactic, shoutouts deliver clear and measurable benefits, starting with authentic growth that boosts a creator’s fanbase faster than relying purely on organic traffic to a page.

Shoutouts attract fans who genuinely like and engage with a creator’s content. They lead to deeper fan loyalty, more paid subscribers, and a broader social media following. 

Shoutouts raise brand awareness and visibility and can lead to viral growth if used strategically with the right combination of content and partnerships.

How To Do a Shoutout on OnlyFans

Arranging a shoutout on OnlyFans begins with finding other creators in your niche whose content is similar to yours and appeals to your fans.

When you’ve identified the creators you’d like to collaborate with, get noticed! Start engaging with their content with comments and reactions. Show your interest with voluntary shoutouts, and suggest a shoutout exchange. 

Reach out to see who in your niche is offering paid shoutouts, and identify the creators with whom you are likely to establish a mutually beneficial relationship.

Don’t forget to keep your content of high quality, and use the right hashtags to ensure the right people discover your profile. Quality content will make it easier for you to build collaborations with other creators.

Always adhere to best practices to earn the respect of the best creators in your niche and collaborate successfully with them.

What is the Cost of a Paid Shoutout on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans creators with followers in the thousands tend to charge between $10 and $50 per shoutout. Exclusive OnlyFans pages will charge between $100 and $500 per shoutout. 

If you’ve chosen a paid shoutout as a promotion strategy, your goal is to get as many new fans as possible for every dollar spent. To maximize your reach, look not just at a creator but also at their content and audience. Are their content and fan base similar to yours? How likely are their fans to engage with your content and become your fans?

Identifying the right audience for you is the key to making paid shoutouts worthwhile. Once you’ve found the users who will like your content, paid shoutouts can be a very effective way to grow your audience and get more loyal fans.

What Are The Mistakes to Avoid in OnlyFans Shoutouts?

Reaching out to other creators or agencies for shoutouts requires respecting the rules of successful collaborations. It can be tempting to sidestep these rules when looking for ways to grow your audience, but the consequences can hurt your reputation and OnlyFans brand.

Here is a list of the worst mistakes creators can make when growing their brand through shoutouts. Avoid these pitfalls to grow your fanbase safely and without complications.

Don’t be Unprepared

When you reach out to other creators for shoutouts, be clear about what you want. Have the content and call to action for the shoutout ready for the other side to evaluate.

Clarity will raise the likelihood of collaboration and protect both sides from misunderstandings.

Don’t be Deceptive

Don’t deceive another creator about what you want from a collaboration. Don’t promise benefits from a shoutout that you cannot deliver.

Never ask another creator to promote anything other than your own OnlyFans page.

Don’t be Inconsistent

Collaborations are about building relationships, and consistency and trust are the bedrock of any successful relationship.

Do not withdraw a proposal at the last minute or accept payments for a promise you cannot keep or results you cannot deliver.

Don’t be Impatient

Don’t overwhelm and irritate other creators with spam-like messages and shoutout requests. It’s a sure way to get rejected permanently. Growing your OnlyFans account takes time, persistence, and dedication.

Don’t be Stuck on Just One Platform

It pays to leverage all your own or other accounts on different social media platforms to apply your shoutout strategy. Whether free, paid, or traded, shoutouts work best when used in a concerted and well-thought-out campaign across multiple platforms and channels.


Shoutouts are a great way to build your OnyFans brand and grow it fast. Creators are only too happy to collaborate with other creators who offer opportunities for them. Always adhere to the best practices and avoid the most common mistakes. Success is much closer than you think!

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Frequently Asked Questions

A shoutout on OnlyFans is a marketing tool used to promote an account or brand, allowing one creator to leverage the audience of another creator to enhance their visibility within a similar and engaged OnlyFans community.

Typically, a creator agrees to give a shoutout to another creator in exchange for a fee per shoutout. Compensation can also include complementary products or subscriptions 

Additionally, creators frequently use shoutout exchanges as a cost-effective method to grow their fanbase.

Incorporating shoutouts into your marketing strategy can be advantageous, enabling you to strategically grow your account through collaborations with fellow creators and agencies.

Yes, shoutouts are worth it. Shoutouts as a promotion tactic can deliver real organic growth through strong content and audience alignment, increased brand awareness and visibility, genuine content engagement. 

Shoutouts can be a growth tactic and help attract new fans to an account quickly. Leverage assets like cash, your products, or your audience to make shoutouts part of your promotion strategy and get more fans, paid subscribers, and social media followers.

Paid promotions for OnlyFans through paid shoutouts are a popular tactic involving collaboration between two account owners or an account owner and an agency to promote an OnlyFans page or brand. Shoutouts involve one account owner mentioning another account in exchange for a reward. 

Rewards for shoutouts include money, free products, or free subscriptions. It’s also possible for two accounts to exchange shoutouts, an excellent no-cost promotion tactic for accounts looking for fast growth.

The cost of an OnlyFans shoutout can vary greatly depending on who you’re contacting for collaboration, especially the size of their following. It’s reasonable, however, to anticipate the cost of a shoutout to range between $50 and $500. 

When looking at your collaboration options, the goal is to maximize value for money – reach a new audience that’s most likely to engage with your content at the lowest cost per new fan.

The first place to start when looking for accounts that offer paid shoutouts is OnlyFans itself. Look for accounts and models you can reach out to directly whose audience has similar interests or has an audience you want to target at a reasonable cost.

You can also approach OnlyFans agencies for shoutouts. The core benefit of working with agencies is developing a marketing strategy with a broader range of options and making shoutouts do more for your account. 

Outside of OnlyFans, Instagram and X are great places to look for accounts that give paid shoutouts.

The prices influencers or creators charge for a shoutout can vary greatly depending on their audience and the level of engagement their content gets. When choosing among collaboration options, it pays to do the research needed to make informed decisions.

The value you will get for your dollar will depend on price and audience alignment. How likely are an influencer’s fans to find your content engaging?

When your strategy, marketing tools, and target audience are aligned, you’re ready to launch your shoutout campaign!

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