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How Do I Keep My Fans on OnlyFans?

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How Do I Keep My Fans on OnlyFans?

Stop Losing your Subscribers!

Have you been losing subs and can’t figure out why? 

You’re attractive, so stop thinking you’re not.

Your body is beautiful, so don’t blame it.

Your smile is one of a kind, so don’t doubt it.

Subs will always have a preference for a certain look or personality. They may also run into money issues and have to unsub. That’s ok. What’s not ok is putting yourself down for losing subs.

Keeping your subs around long term actually just comes down to being strategic – so read this guide to get you on track to keeping your subs with you long term!

Retention Rate, LTV and Churn

These are important metrics you should be regularly checking and by paying attention to them and what actions get results, you can increase your retention.

Retention Rate – How many fans are staying month to month, usually written as a percentage or ratio.  

LTV – Life Time Value. This is an estimate of the average revenue that a customer (or fan) will generate throughout their lifespan as a customer.

Churn – This term is used to describe when subs join and then drop, and can be measured by how many subs are being lost or the rate at which they drop out. 

Why Should I Try To Keep Existing Fans vs Getting New Ones?

You’re consistently getting new fans. But if you’re losing fans at the same rate, you won’t really be growing. 

The number one way to increase the profitability of your OnlyFans page will be to make sure your fan count is overall increasing, you have a high retention rate, and you are maximizing the life time value of each fan.

Getting new fans is hard – keeping them around when they’ve joined is much easier. It’s more effective to focus on the subs you have than chase new customers that you don’t know as much about and have to start over with.

The answer of how to fix this is simple, but not necessarily easy. Let’s start with your prices.  

Offer a Consistent Price

In this section, put yourself into the shoes of your fans and to try to understand their perspective. 

A popular promotion technique we see a lot is getting a subscriber in for a low price which then jumps up the next month. 

And sure, this will work to get new subscribers who are looking for a deal. But after that deal is over, this will kill your retention. Think about this – they join for a low price and have months of your content available to them. Once they’re in and paying, you are only adding a fraction of that as new content every month. 

Instead, make sure that your page is competitively priced each month. Don’t let the amount of your first-month offer be more than 3 – 5 x lower than the normal price (ex: $5 first month for a $20 a month normal price).

It can be tempting to give a great discount to new subs – but instead, you’d actually be better off giving current fans who are the most dependable a deal. 

They will see it as a token of good faith and reward for your loyalty – and you only need to do this every so often to see results! 

Make Fans Feel Important

If someone is kind and giving to you, you will want to do more for them.

Establish an attitude of generosity and rewarding fans and they will want to spend more on you!

For example, you can film a special clips, repurpose old content into special bundles, and get creative with monthly themes or rewards.

In your welcome message, you can include a selfie or discounted video to thank them for joining. Read more about how to write a great welcome message here.

For those who have to rebill on, be sure to send them an extra appreciation for sticking with you. Be careful though – don’t remind them they have to rebill on or else they may go turn it off (weird logic, I know 🙄) just say how you appreciate them staying with you and you’re happy to have them here.

You can also send a fake “accidental” rebill thank you to users who don’t have it enabled – so they’ll turn it on in hopes of getting more thank yous. But other than little white lies like that, you should be honest & transparent with fans…

Be Honest About What You Offer

In hand with generosity is honesty. Don’t be deceptive about what you offer – if you do, you will lose trust and fans won’t stick around. 

You should be clear about what is available to fans before they even sub. Don’t promise free explicit videos on your feed if that’s not what you have. Go over what is in your OF bio to make sure fans don’t feel tricked right after they join. 

Keep your fans in the loop with what’s going on with your page. If they feel informed or consulted in the decisions you make, they will be much more accepting. Post updates around pricing, what content will be coming out soon, specials, and other logistics, and you’ll find them much more likely to stay.

For PPVs, write a truthful description of what you will be sending out. An extreme example of a creator not doing this and getting in trouble is Bella Thorne. She promised fans nude photos in an expensive PPV message and instead sent lewds. She faced hundreds of complaints and refund requests, and OnlyFans enacted a sitewide limit on pricing as a result Don’t be that bitch.

Bella thorn saying "right" sarcastically

You’ll see that with trust, you can really charge as much as you want as long as you are delivering.

Remember That the Fans are Why You’re Here

Being an Onlyfans creator puts you in a very unique place of pseudo-stardom. 

A comparable analogy would be the difference between a self-made influencer and a movie star. Movie stars are talented actors who become famous based on their Hollywood exposure. Influencers become famous for their personality, and being able to capture and retain their own audience. 

You’re essentially more of an Adult Content Influencer than a Porn Star. You can even think of it as being a virtual stripper. People aren’t just buying your nudes – they’re buying a form of connection and validation. 

Increasing your OnlyFans subscribers then comes down to increasing the number of people who feel connected to you. Subs are here because they like you, and sharing exclusive and personal things about your daily life makes you even more real and valuable to them.

(Relationship Building is a whole THING – more about that here)

It is your JOB as an OnlyFans creator to make people feel special and good. 

You can do this right away by sending new subs a lively DM possibly with an added bonus attached. Make sure that your pinned posts are both welcoming and exciting to get subs interacting with you and your page right away. 

This is a HUGE opportunity to make an impression and become more than just another pretty face!

Making it Personal

Your fans love hearing from you and knowing that their opinion matters.

Use the polls feature to ask fans directly what they want to see – this can be about outfits you should buy, the content they want, and even questions about current events or hobbies you know they like! 

Give thanks for tips, reply to comments, get back to questions and requests in a timely manner.

You should also go live at least twice a month (or week if you can). 


Going Live on Onlyfans is super attractive and gives fans one-of-a-kind exclusive content. So it’s no surprise that they go crazy for it, and you also get lots of tips! You can strip, touch yourself, dance, or offer more things for a set price.

 They’ve been watching your content over and over, thinking about you, and now you have a chance to really make an impact. You’ll find that fans stick around just to see what happens in your lives.

The real way to keep your subs is by offering the best experience – and what makes this possible is knowing the most about the fans you possibly can. 

You need to know how much they’re spending, keep notes on their personality and interests, and how long they have been with you. (Click here to see how you can do this in the most efficient way)

It’s these seemingly little details that keep subscribers coming back for more.

Follow Your Expired Subs

Automatically follow back your expired subs to show them you’re paying attention.

You can keep sending them mass messages and PPVs after they’ve discontinued their subscription. There is a chance they will still buy from you, and even be enticed to start subbing to you again.

Doing this by hand would take a long time – instead, use Supercreator’s tools to automatically follow expired subs and send them messages.

Your overall takeaway from this blog is this: what keeps people coming back is consistent value, personality, and fulfilling fans’ needs.

There are a lot of ways you can do this, and supercharging the tools available to you will make it easier and worthwhile to do so!

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