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Step-by-Step: Finding Your OnlyFans Model Release Form

Guide to Finding Your OnlyFans Model Release Form

Collaborating with other creators is a great way to create fresh and exciting content for your OnlyFans subscribers. However, when working with other models or photographers/videographers, you need to legally protect yourself and your content by having all parties sign a model release form. 

This article will explore when and why you need model release forms on OnlyFans, where to access the forms, what happens if you don’t use them, and why they are so important for protecting yourself legally. Read on for a comprehensive guide to OnlyFans model release forms.

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What is the OnlyFans Model Release Form?

A model release form is a legal document that provides consent for published media content featuring a model. On OnlyFans, a model release form does two key things:

  • Confirms the model consented to be involved in the content filmed/photographed.
  • Allows OnlyFans to verify the model featured is 18+ years old.

OnlyFans requires release forms or account verification to ensure all content complies with legal obligations and their terms of service.

There are two ways to satisfy these requirements on OnlyFans:

  1. If your collaborator has a verified OnlyFans account, you can simply tag their account in any posts featuring them. OnlyFans will automatically verify consent through account tagging.
  2. If your collaborator does not have a verified OnlyFans account, you will need to obtain a signed model release form and submit it to OnlyFans for review.

The easiest route is having your collaborator join OnlyFans and get verified. But if that is not possible, read on to understand how model release forms work.

Why is the OnlyFans Model Release Form Required?

OnlyFans requires model release forms to:

  • Protect creator and model legal rights
  • Verify model age and consent
  • Comply with 2257 record keeping laws
  • Avoid content featuring unverified models

Essentially, the release form proves to OnlyFans that you obtained legal consent to distribute content featuring other models. This protects you legally and provides assurance to OnlyFans that the content does not violate any laws.

Some key legal reasons why OnlyFans requires model release forms:

  • Confirms model consented to the content creation
  • Allows age verification of all models (18+ requirement)
  • Complies with federal record keeping laws
  • Avoids issues like revenge porn or privacy lawsuits
  • Protects OnlyFans from illegal content moderation issues

While release forms offer protection, OnlyFans must still independently verify model ages and identities. This keeps the platform and creators compliant with all relevant regulations.

Where to Find the Release Form for OnlyFans

OnlyFans provides an official model release form accessible through your account dashboard. To access it:

  1. Login to your OnlyFans account
  2. Click on “More” in the main menu
  3. Select “Release Forms”
  4. Choose “Create release form by link”
  5. Enter the number of models and their performer names
  6. OnlyFans generates a link to send to your models
  7. Models verify themselves by uploading an ID selfie
  8. You can now tag verified models in your posts

Third-party apps like Model Releaser also offer model release services tailored for OnlyFans.

You can also source forms from:

  • APA – A business guide for US photographers that provides a generic model release in PDF format available to all photographers.
  • ASMP – The American Society of Media Photographers offers releases written by high-profile lawyers.
  • Getty Images – A popular stock photography service known for model releases used by celebrity photographers.

The key is finding a legally valid form that complies with OnlyFans content rules. Using their built-in form is the simplest option.

What Happens if I Collaborate Without a Model Release Form?

If you post content featuring an unverified model without consent forms, OnlyFans will likely flag or restrict that post. You may also get an email from OnlyFans Support requesting you submit the proper release documentation within 48 hours.

If you fail to get the forms signed and submitted in time, OnlyFans will remove the post featuring the unverified model. For repeated violations, they may suspend your account.

It is essential to get model consent and age verification before posting content with collaborators. The release form provides the required legal proof to OnlyFans that you obtained this consent appropriately.

Why is the OnlyFans Model Release Form Important?

Model release forms are a requirement on OnlyFans because they:

  • Protect you legally if content is misused
  • Confirm all models featured are 18+ years old
  • Provide consent to distribute content commercially
  • Comply with federal record keeping laws
  • Avoid privacy, revenge porn, and copyright issues
  • Allow OnlyFans to moderate content effectively
  • Give assurance content was created ethically and legally

In summary, the release form is essential for:

  • Verifying model ages
  • Gaining legal content distribution consent
  • Protecting yourself, collaborators, and OnlyFans

Failing to get proper model release forms puts you at risk of legal issues and content removal. It could even lead to account suspension for repeated violations.

How Long Does it Take to Verify the Model Release Form on OnlyFans?

Once you have obtained a completed and signed model release form from your collaborator, the next step is submitting it to OnlyFans for verification.

After submitting the release form, how long does OnlyFans take to review and verify it?

The verification process typically takes between 3-7 days. OnlyFans states that the review will be completed within 7 days at the maximum.

Some key points on turnaround time:

  • Standard verification takes 3-7 days after submitting the form.
  • You should receive an email notification from OnlyFans once the form is verified.
  • The full verification process cannot exceed 7 days as per OnlyFans policy.
  • Weekends and holidays may add 1-2 days to the verification timeline.
  • Make sure the form and IDs are clear and legible to avoid delays.

Be sure to plan ahead and account for the verification lead time when collaborating on content. Obtain the signed form from your model well in advance of your intended publish date.

Rushing to get a last minute release form verified could mean your content misses your ideal posting date. Build in at least one week turnaround time to be safe.

Following up politely via email if a form has not been verified after 7 days is reasonable. But avoid repeatedly contacting OnlyFans Support about pending forms.

Overall, expect 3-7 days for OnlyFans to review and approve a properly completed model release form. Have patience, and plan your OnlyFans content calendar accordingly.


Obtaining OnlyFans model release forms is crucial when collaborating with others to create content. Consent and age verification are essential for all platforms facilitating user-generated adult content.

The forms provide legal protection and allow OnlyFans to ensure content compliance. While the process adds an extra step, it safeguards yourself, your collaborators, and OnlyFans.

Using the built-in OnlyFans release form option makes it straightforward to get consent signed digitally. Be sure all models complete identity verification before posting collaborative content.

With model release forms in place, you can expand your content offerings securely and legally. Just be diligent about completing the process to avoid any issues down the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can access the OnlyFans model release form directly through your account. Have your collaborator verify their identity by uploading an ID selfie after signing. Third party apps or stock photo sites also offer forms.

You get approved on OnlyFans by either submitting a signed model release form, which takes up to 7 days to be verified, or by tagging a collaborator who is already verified on the platform. If neither is done, OnlyFans may remove your content featuring other models.

No, OnlyFans is designed to be completely anonymous for subscriber privacy. Creators cannot see any information about who has specifically signed up for their account. The subscriber experience is intentionally kept private and is only visible to OnlyFans.

OnlyFans release forms do not have an expiration date. The consent granted is considered ongoing and applicable to future content using the same models.

Yes, you can continue using the same release form for a specific model indefinitely for future content. New forms are only needed for new models.

You still need a release form for any identifiable model, even if their face is covered or they are anonymous.

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