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Understanding OnlyFans T.O.S. (in 2023)

OnlyFans TOS

Congrats! You are now a proud owner of a creator account on OnlyFans, the world is your oyster and you can do whatever you want! 


Think again. In the ever evolving landscape of adult entertainment and specifically the adult creators platform the terms and conditions keep getting updated, it’s a natural process due to the fact that this is a new industry, and along that road decision makers and platform managers have to mitigate risks either by perceiving potential issues or by learning the hard way and then updating the terms and conditions (or terms of service, otherwise known as TOS).

So remember that you signed up? So yeah, you actually signed something. Can you tell us what? 

“Errrm, the Terms Of Service?”

Well yeah, but do you know what the TOS says?

Let’s clarify, shall we 🙂

Table of Contents

TLDR: Understanding OnlyFans T.O.S.

  • OnlyFans prohibits explicit content involving guns, drugs,  minors, and non-consensual acts.
  • Content creators must own or have rights to the content they post.
  • OnlyFans requires age verification and adherence to copyright laws.
  • The platform restricts certain acts and content types, detailed in their TOS.
  • Violations can lead to account suspension or termination.
  • Changes in TOS are communicated to users, who must comply to continue using the service.

What Can Onlyfans do with my content?

onlyfans content

Does my content have rights, or does someone have rights to my content?

So, just to make it clear, OnlyFans terms states that you give them license to do a lot of things with your content. The license you grant them is:

  • For distribution or redistribution
  • Forever (including after you stop using the platform)
  • Worldwide
  • Royalty free

This Does NOT mean OnlyFans can sell your content without paying you. It does mean that they can watermark and use your content for advertising purposes and you will get nada in return.


It’s Porn, So I Can Do Anything, Right?

OnlyFans T.O.S

Think again! OnlyFans isn’t like a regular porn site. There are things that you would find on a porn site but OnlyFans would frown upon (= ban your account) the reasons for that are mainly political and frankly, not important. 

Here is a list of content that can get you banned from OnlyFans:

  • Illegal or Extreme Fetishes: OnlyFans is not strong with the dark side. So things that are in the realms of taboo are…well.. Taboo:
    • Incest
    • Beastiality
    • Forced acts or lack of consent
    • Hardcore Bondage or BDSM
    • Urine\Scat play
    • Lactation
    • Public Nudity and Exhibitionism
  • Violent or Illegal Activity
    • Weapons
    • Drugs
    • Escort Services 
    • Torture or Abuse 
    • Blood (also fake blood)
    • Minors (displaying or even mentioning anyone under 18)
  • Personal Info: Meetups and\or your location
  • Promoting other platforms outside of OnlyFans: More on that later.

Makes sense right? Well keep in mind that it’s not that OnlyFans hires people to watch all of your content. In most cases that would be an automated algorithm. Creating content and there’s a poster of a gun behind you? You may get flagged and be blocked for a certain period until a human can revise and approve. 

OnlyFans takes content moderation very seriously, and Violations can happen in ways that don’t seem obvious. We even know a creator that was banned for squirting as it was flagged as urine 🤦‍♀️

So best to be on the safe side, revise your content before uploading and when in doubt – stop and think. It’s also good advice for life in general.

To further assist you in your efforts to not get banned, here is a comprehensive list of words that are not allowed on OnlyFans:

Banned and prohibited words on OnlyFans

abduct, abducted, abducting, abduction, admireme, animal, asphyxia, asphyxiate, asphyxiation, asphyxicate, asphyxication, bait, ballbusting, bareback, beastiality, bestiality, blacked, blackmail, bleeding, blood, bloodplay, bukkake, caned, caning, cannibal, cbt, cervics, cerviks, cervix, child, chloroform, chloroformed, chloroforming, choke, choking, coma, comatose, consent, cp, cycle, diapers, dog, doze, drinking, drunk, drunken, enema, entrance, escort, escorting, fanfuck, farm, fecal, fetal, fisted, fisting, flogging, foetal, forced, forcedbi, forceful, forcing, fuckafan, fuckfan, gangbang, gangbangs, gaping, golden, hardsports, hooker, hypno, hypnotize, hypnotized, hypnotizing, inbreed, inbreeded, inbreeding, incapacitate, incapacitation, incest, intox, inzest, jail, jailbait, kidnap, kidnapped, kidnapping, knock, knocked, lactate, lactation, lolicon, lolita, medicalplay, menstrate, menstrual, menstruate, menstruating, menstruation, meet, molest, molested, molesting, mutilate, mutilation, necrophilia, nigger, paddling, paralyzed, passed, pedo, pedophile, pedophilia, pee, peeplay, pegging, piss, pissing, poo, poop, preteen, prostituted, prostituting, prostitution, pse, rape, raping, rapist, restrictedwordtestzulu, scat, showers, skat, snuff, strangled, strangling, strangulation, suffocate, suffocation, teen, toilet, toiletslave, toiletslavery, torture, tortured, trance, unconscious, unconsciousness, underage, unwilling, vomit, vomitted, vomitting, watersports, whipping, young, zoophilia

Geez! Right? If you wonder why OnlyFans stopped you from posting something and didn’t explain why, this could very well be the reason. And we are learning of more and more words like these as we go. For example: someone wrote that she wanted to say “this happened fifteen seconds ago” but got denied. Apparently, you can’t use the word “fifteen”.

Always think if what you post can be somehow deemed taboo by an algorithm.

Collaborating with other Models


Sharing is Caring.

Along your journey in the realm of adult content creators you might meet friends which you will want to collaborate with. Whether it’s another performer or even a body part (ahem ahem) being in the frame, you need to give them credit.

If it’s another OnlyFans model – make sure you tag them.

To tag a Creator’s account, simply @ their username. You can also include their full URL “onlyfans.com/username” instead.

If it’s anyone without an OnlyFans account – according to OnlyFans policy they need to sign a model release form.

[get your model release form by email box – exist in the original blog]

Promoting other things via your OnlyFans

Promoting other social media channels on OnlyFans is OK but like any other thing, be cautious. The people at OnlyFans want you to drive users to the platform and not away from it. 

Be very careful with advertising or trying to sell content outside of OnlyFans. Let’s say you have a Manyvids account on which you make more profit for a given video than on OnlyFans.

You are smart and you want to make more money, but the people at OnlyFans are smarter so they may prevent you from posting that link or ban your account altogether. The main idea is that OnlyFans wants to keep users in OnlyFans so any attempt to drive traffic away to other creator sites may give you “the ban”.

DO NOT by any means, promote any paid sexual services, OnlyFans are very strict regarding sex workers.

It’s not black and white, some creators work with premium services and try to connect with users outside the platform – a private message with your email to a user may flag your account.

DO NOT mention or talk to your subscribers about any money wire apps such as cashapp, venmo and such. An amazon wishlist is common practice and is allowed.

Don’t Spam! It’s Rude! (And Can Get You Banned)

According to the OnlyFans TOS (again, it’s terms of service, are you paying attention?) spam is: “content which has the intention or effect of artificially increasing any Creator’s views or interactions, or which is otherwise inauthentic, repetitive, misleading or low quality.” 

Now c’mon peeps, use your common sense, you know if something can be considered spammy or not. 

Think before you mass send, commenting or posting anything. Try not to use the same sentences and phrases or sending users outside of OnlyFans because any one of these types of behaviour can get your account flagged and god forbid, banned…

In order to mass send quality messages, you could use Supercreator – it’s Super Mass feature allows for a more authentic and personalised message which can reduce the risk of being reported or flagged.

Is It Cool to Advertise Other Creators Or Products?

Short answer – Yes, but with some limitations.

The longer answer – You can advertise other creators or products as long as you keep things legitimate and don’t violate any terms of service. However, OnlyFans’ rules state that you cannot promote “third-party commercial activities or sales, such as contests, sweepstakes and other sales promotions, product placements, advertising, or job posting or employment ads” without their prior express consent.

So if you want to advertise another creator or product, make sure it doesn’t fall under those prohibited categories. You should also clearly mark any ads or promoted content with #ad for transparency and to avoid issues. As long as your advertising follows OnlyFans guidelines and Terms of Service, and you properly disclose it, you should be fine. But when in doubt, it’s best to get approval from OnlyFans first before running any external advertising or promotions just to be safe.

How OnlyFans May Change Its Terms of Service

Let’s get straight to the point. OnlyFans can change their Terms of Service in certain situations. For instance, if there’s a legal change or some urgent security issue like fraud or data breaches, they may need to alter the terms quickly. They’ll try to notify you through email or via their platform, but sometimes the changes might be so pressing that there’s not much time for a heads-up. If you’re not on board with the changes, you have the option to terminate your agreement with them before the new terms take effect. However, if you continue to use OnlyFans after the changes are implemented, you’re automatically agreeing to the updated terms.

That’s why you always have to be on the lookout and keep updated, don’t trust some random article you bumped into online (erm, except us…). Read for yourself, subscribe to newsletters and be on the lookout for any email announcing changes in policy.

Just To Conclude…

We made a little table for you that outlines what you should and shouldn’t do:

🌟 The Shining Do’s 🌟

😈 The Dark Side: Don’ts 😈

Give credit where it’s due! Tag other creators! Release forms if needed!

Spam your fans. 

Seriously, Don’t be that person.

Foster genuine relationships with your fans. Because nothing says “I care” like a heartfelt emoji. So go ahead, pretend you’re BFFs.

Send links or messages about alternative payments. What are you, an amateur?

Put on your fancy pants and make content so good it could have its own fragrance line.

Posting or messaging about illegal, grotesque, extreme stuff, or mentioning minors

As OnlyFans evolves, having the right tools is key for staying compliant. Supercreator provides powerful automation and insights to optimize your account within guidelines. Features like Scripts and Smart Mass Messages help you scale messaging properly. And Supercreator’s analytics identify opportunities to boost revenue without spamming. With Supercreator, you can focus on quality content while proactively playing by the rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, OnlyFans has a set of rules known as Terms of Service that users must adhere to. 

OnlyFans allows explicit sexual content creation and sharing, but there are restrictions on the type of content that can be posted to ensure it complies with legal regulations and community guidelines.

OnlyFans prohibits content that is illegal, involves extreme fetishes, depicts violent or non-consensual acts, involves minors, or breaches someone’s privacy. 

OnlyFans policy changes from time to time, and it’s best to check their website for the most recent version of their Terms of Service. It references the rights they have of the content uploaded, which content is allowed and which is restricted. 

The OnlyFans Terms of Service contains rules regarding content guidelines, copyright, account use, and various other aspects. It’s extensive, so you should read it on their website for detailed information.

You can sell content such as videos, photos, and other digital products on OnlyFans, but make sure they are in compliance with OnlyFans’ content guidelines and policies.

OnlyFans may update their Terms of Service to reflect changes in laws, respond to security issues, or make other necessary adjustments to their platform. These changes are meant to ensure the service operates effectively and within legal bounds.

Yes, this update to OnlyFans’ Terms of Service was in November 2021 – which most notably included a change in the contract terms between creators and Onlyfans. Only individuals (not business entities) are allowed as creators on the platform. 

The license which you grant OnlyFans is “perpetual, non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, sublicensable, assignable and transferable”.

Even after you’re off the platform, your content can live on, be used to promote it or end up elsewhere than you originally intended. They won’t sell your content to other platforms – this mostly just means your images could be used for their advertising purposes as well as watermark it.

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