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Understanding OnlyFans’ T.O.S. (in 2023)

OnlyFans TOS

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Now that you’re on OnlyFans, there is A LOT to navigate 🤔

Before planning your content, promoting your account, and growing your fanbase, you need to be clear on OnlyFans’ Terms of Service so an avoidable violation doesn’t get in the way of you becoming a top-earning OnlyFans creator.

The most recent update to the terms of service was in November 2021 – which most notably included a change in the contract terms between creators and Onlyfans. Only individuals (not a business entities) are allowed as creators on the platform. 

With this quick guide, you can understand the creator terms so you don’t get banned, have your content removed, or miss out on big earnings 💸💸💸

One of the first things you need to know when you create an OnlyFans is that the platform now has all rights to use your content. 

This means they can redistribute, take content down, or even kick you off for good if you do not play by their rules.


What Can Onlyfans do with my content?

The license which you grant OnlyFans is  “perpetual, non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, sublicensable, assignable and transferable”.

Even after you’re off the platform, your content can live on, be used to promote it, or end up elsewhere than you originally intended. They won’t sell your content to other platforms – this mostly just means your images could be used for their advertising purposes. 

This being a problem is unlikely, but you should keep it in mind when deciding what to share. 🤷‍♀️

OnlyFans also has the total right to take down your content or your account within the site. 

onlyfans content

What Content Could Get Me In Trouble?

Some of these may seem obvious, others more nuanced, but they are all important to pay attention to.

If it’s illegal outside of the porn world, it’s illegal on onlyfans. This might be confusing, as on mainstream porn sites you can find videos depicting every fetish imaginable. Onlyfans plays by different rules. Avoid posting, mentioning, (or even hinting at):

1. Illegal or Extreme Fetishes

  • Incest
  • Beastiality
  • Force or Lack of Consent
  • Hardcore Bondage or BDSM
  • Urine / Scat Play 
  • Lactation
  • Public Nudity and Exhibitionism

2. Violent or Illegal Activity

  • Weapons
  • Drugs
  • Escort Services 
  • Torture or Abuse 
  • Blood (Even just a little or fake blood)

3. Minors

  • Any individual under 18 years old 
  • Referring to individuals under 18 years old generally

4. Other personal information

  • Meetups
  • Your location
OnlyFans T.O.S

Violations can happen in ways that don’t seem obvious. We knew a creator who was banned for squirting as it was fllaged as urine play, and another who had content removed and a warning given for a cat being in the background. 

⚠️ When in doubt, err on the side of caution, and refer to the banned content list when creating.

You don’t need extremely shocking content to stand out and earn a ton. Capitalize on the close relationships with your fans and leveraging tools that optimize your workflow.

What About Content with Other Creators?

If you take pictures or film with other creators, you can also be unknowingly sabotaging your account if you fail to credit them. 
Even if it’s just a hand or body part, be sure that anyone else showing up in your content is accounted for 📷

That means when you work with other Onlyfans creators you’d properly tag them, or if they don’t have an account, complete a Model Release Form:


Can I use my OnlyFans to promote other things?

You can promote other social media (by sharing your handles) on OnlyFans. In general, you want to keep a consistent name so fans can easily find you across platforms. 

IMPORTANT: Do not advertise selling content outside of onlyfans, or send or post links to that content. Many Creators work with this by offering other services for tips, such as premium snapchat access. Be cautious in anything that may seem suspicious – like sending a DM with your email or way to chat with you outside of the platform. 

NEVER refer fans to your cashapp, venmo, or other payment service‼️

A wish list is however acceptable. 

Be cautious to not promote too heavily or have every other message be about your socials, other creators, or gifting you. Doing that may lead you to getting flagged for spam. 

What is Considered Spam?

Onlyfans defines spam as “content which has the intention or effect of artificially increasing any Creator’s views or interactions, or which is otherwise inauthentic, repetitive, misleading or low quality.”

Spam really can be any unwanted digital content that is sent out in bulk – so keep this definition in mind when sending multiple mass messages within a short time frame, commenting on other user’s posts, and posting on your own account. 

Avoid repetitive language or trying to get someone to go to another website ❌

What gets flagged as spam content can include posts, messages, comments, and user profiles themselves.

Can I Advertise Other Creators or Products?

Keep being creative on how to get your bag 💅  but just make sure anything you advertise is also within the overall content guidelines and is marked as an #ad .

Make sure your ads are not misleading, harmful, linking to external pay sites, or unreasonable, and you should be ok 👍


In the end, OnlyFans is a quickly growing company that is constantly updating their rules. This is meant to be a quick guide to avoiding most issues so you can keep selling content without delay. 

So remember Do:
  • Credit all other creators you work with
  • Create genuine relationships with your fans
  • Produce high quality content that sells


  • Spam your fans
  • Send links or messages about alternative payment
  • Post or message about things that are illegal, grotesque, extreme, or mentions minors

If you end up violating OnlyFans’ rules and having content taken down or access restricted, you can contact their support and let them know this was an error. 

Just be aware that consistent violations of their content policies will most certainly get you & all of your linked accounts removed from the site. 

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Understanding OnlyFans’ T.O.S. (in 2023)

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