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Livestreaming Or Camming On Onlyfans?

Livestreaming Or Camming On Onlyfans

Livestreaming and camming have become increasingly popular ways for creators to engage with fans and generate revenue on OnlyFans. Here is a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about going live on OnlyFans as a creator.

Live streaming allows OnlyFans creators to broadcast live video in real-time to their subscribers and fans. This is an interactive way to engage directly with your audience and showcase a bit of your personality and life.

Some of the major benefits of live streaming on OnlyFans include:

  • Increased fan engagement and loyalty by interacting in real-time
  • Ability to get live feedback from fans on content ideas or preferences
  • Chance to promote exclusive or paid content during the stream
  • Additional revenue through tips and “entry fee” payments
  • Showcasing talents such as dancing, singing, chatting, etc

With the rise of sites like Twitch for game streaming or Chaturbate for adult cam streaming, live video is becoming increasingly popular. Adding streaming capabilities to your OnlyFans account can help you stand out and diversify the types of content you offer fans beyond just static images or pre-recorded videos.

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Can You Live Stream on OnlyFans?

Yes, live streaming is an excellent way for creators to create additional content types and, as such – additional revenue streams. There are many types of live stream content options, which we will explore later in this article.

Steps to Starting a Live Stream on OnlyFans

Here is a recap of the quick and simple steps to go live on OnlyFans:

  1. Click on the “Go Live” button under the post composer
  2. Allow access to your microphone and webcam
  3. Configure your live stream settings
  4. Add a title and description
  5. Select who can view – everyone or paid subs only
  6. Hit the “Start Live Stream” button
  7. Interact with your viewers and fans in real-time!

It only takes a minute or two to configure your first broadcast. Once you’ve gone live once, it will be even faster to start streaming again in the future.

Ways Creators Can Monetize Live Streams

One of the major appeals of live streaming on OnlyFans is the ability to generate revenue during your broadcasts. There are a few key ways you can monetize your live content:

Tips – Fans are able to tip you during a live stream to show support and appreciation. Thanking fans for big tips can help encourage more giving. You can directly ask loyal fans to tip if they want you to perform a certain activity.

Entry Fee – You can configure your live streams to only be viewable by users who pay an upfront fee, essentially placing the content behind a paywall. This allows you to promote the live stream as exclusive, one-time access.

Tiered Entry Fees – You may want to charge an entry fee only for users who are not already paid subscribers. This rewards your existing supporter base by giving them free access. The entry fee would only apply to non-subscribers, encouraging them to buy access or consider a full subscription.

Live streams are interactive and UNIQUE in the moment, lending themselves well to generating incremental revenue through tips, entry fees, or subscription drives. Be sure to promote ahead of time on your feed and set up enticing titles to draw interest! 

Another important thing is the use of 3rd party tools for additional oomph!
Supercreator provides powerful tools to maximize your revenue from OnlyFans live streaming. 

You can leverage Supercreator’s AI-assisted pricing to set optimal entry fees and tip menus tailored to each fan’s spending habits. This helps you fully monetize the exclusive live access. 

The platform also offers robust promotional features to drive hype and subscriptions for your streams through targeted messaging. After broadcasts, you can analyze detailed metrics on live stream tips, entry fee purchases, new subscribers driven, and more to keep improving. 

With Supercreator’s analytics-backed optimization, you can boost income from tips, entry fees, and new subscribers driven by promoting your interactive live streams.

What Can I Live Stream On OnlyFans?

While adult content and cam shows are popular on OnlyFans, there are many other types of content you can live stream as well. Some ideas include:

  • Q&As – Interact with your fans by opening up the floor for questions. It’s a great way to give them personalized attention.
  • Behind-the-Scenes – Show your fans a glimpse of your everyday life, cooking, working out, hanging with pets, etc.
  • Dancing/ASMR/Roleplay – Showcase your talents by singing, dancing, creating ASMR, or acting out fantasies.
  • Outfits/Cosplay – Display different clothing items, costumes, or fetish wear. Take requests from viewers.
  • Collaborations – Go live with a fellow creator for fun banter, games, challenges, and promoting each other.

Get creative with your live stream content! Use your existing talents or try types of shows your subscribers respond well to. The live format allows you to experiment and get real-time feedback.

Can You Make Money on OnlyFans as a Cam Girl?

Absolutely! Some of the highest-earning OnlyFans creators are cam girls who tap into the massive audience looking for live adult cam shows.

While OnlyFans wasn’t necessarily built exclusively for camming, it has quickly become a leading platform for online webcam models. Some reasons OnlyFans works so well include:

  • Familiar audience – Models can bring existing fanbases from other cam sites to their OnlyFans account.
  • Flexible features – OnlyFans allows combining prerecorded content, messaging, PPV, and live streaming. More ways to monetize overall.
  • Higher earnings – Many successful cam models report earning even more on OnlyFans compared to traditional cam sites due to higher tipping and more paywalled content.
  • Controlled environment – OnlyFans provides more control over who can interact vs public cam sites that anyone can jump into.

As with any creator, cam models can leverage all the OnlyFans monetization features like subscriptions, PPV, tips, merchandising, and now live streaming. If you already have experience in webcam modeling, bringing your skills to OnlyFans can maximize your earnings potential.

What are the Different Types of Live Streaming on OnlyFans?

When going live on OnlyFans, there are two main broadcast formats to choose from:

Solo Streaming

Solo live streaming involves broadcasting by yourself. It’s you alone interacting with and entertaining your fans. Some examples include:

  • Cam shows / sexual performances
  • Chatting 1-on-1 with viewers
  • Sharing personal stories or details about your life
  • Performing dances, songs, roleplay, etc.
  • Tutorials or how-tos

The solo experience lets you directly connect with your fans and take uncensored requests. For ultimate intimacy and control, solo streaming is ideal.


Co-streaming refers to live streaming collaboratively with one or more fellow OnlyFans creators. You invite them to join your broadcast and engage with you and your audience together.

Some benefits of co-streaming include:

  • Introducing your fans to other creators they may be interested in
  • Collaborating on shows and challenges
  • Increased exposure by combining fan bases
  • Splitting tips and revenue generated during the show

Co-streaming works best to cross-promote two creators, provide engaging “show” content, or offer multi-person experiences like threesomes. While less intimate, it boosts visibility.

What is Co-Streaming on OnlyFans?

Co-streaming on OnlyFans involves multiple broadcasters going live together at the same time and interacting on camera. This allows creators to collaborate on content and reach each other’s audience.

Here are a few components that make up co-streaming:

  • One creator initiates a live stream and then invites other creators to join as co-hosts. Multiple co-hosts can join.
  • Viewers can see and interact with all creators in the stream together seamlessly.
  • Co-hosts can switch on their webcam and mic to actively participate side-by-side.
  • Tips and revenue are shared across all co-streamers.
  • Creators cross-promote by exposing their collaborator’s profiles.

Co-streaming opens up creative possibilities for podcast-style shows, games, contests, interviews, and entertaining performances. It allows playing off each other’s personalities and draws in fans from multiple accounts.

Why Creators Need Co-Streams

Here are some of the key benefits that co-streaming provides for OnlyFans creators:

  • Wider exposure – Each creator promotes the upcoming live stream, expanding the potential audience. You tap into both fan bases.
  • Social proof – Appearing with popular or high-earner creators gives you credibility and notoriety by association.
  • Engaging content – Play off each other for double the entertainment value with banter, collabs, and games.
  • New subscribers – Discover new fans from each other’s follower base who may convert to paid subscribers.
  • Revenue share – Earn a split of all tips and pay-to-view fees generated during the co-stream.
  • Low risk to start – Ideal for new creators wanting to try live streaming for the first time before going solo.

Co-streaming helps rapidly expand your reach and offers revenue-generating possibilities a solo show can’t provide. Partner with creators with engaged audiences to maximize opportunities.

When is Co-Streaming Recommended?

The best times for creators to use co-streaming include:

  • When first starting out live streaming and wanting to learn the ropes
  • To increase exposure by leveraging another creator’s audience
  • To provide “show” content that benefits from multiple personalities
  • To split the revenue generated from a streamed event or activity
  • To feature unique collaborations fans can’t get anywhere else
  • To kickstart growth by associating with an established high-earner

Rather than solo streaming to a smaller audience, partnering up allows you to put on a “production” that fans will pay to view. You can play to each creator’s strengths and keep engagement high.

Ultimately, co-streaming works best when creators have complementary followers who would genuinely be interested in one another. Don’t just partner for the sake of it. Make sure your collaborator appeals to your fans.

How to Start a Co-Broadcast on OnlyFans

Starting a collaborative co-stream on OnlyFans only takes a couple of quick steps:

  1. Initiate a live stream like normal from your OnlyFans account. Configure your settings.
  2. During setup, you will see a section called “Add a Co-Host.” Input the OnlyFans username of the creator you want to invite.
  3. They will receive a request to join your live stream. If they accept, they will automatically pop into your broadcast!
  4. Interact with your co-host and fans together. The audience sees you side-by-side.
  5. To add even more co-hosts, simply repeat steps 2-3 to keep inviting creators.
  6. When finished, end the broadcast as normal.

Co-hosting makes collaborating on live content seamless. With just a username, you can join forces and merge your audiences for a wider reach.

Can You Replay OnlyFans Live Streams?

Unlike traditional live streaming platforms, OnlyFans does allow replay access to streams once concluded. However, creators have full control over enabling stream replays.

Here are some key points about replaying past broadcasts on OnlyFans:

  • Creators can choose to enable or disable replays on a per stream basis.
  • Replays are only viewable to users who were subscribed at the time of the initial live stream.
  • Replays are available for a limited time, typically 24-48 hours. They then get deleted automatically.
  • Fans who missed the live show can playback at their convenience before deletion.
  • Viewing a replay does NOT cost anything additional. All access fees were during the original stream.

Allowing limited VOD replay access is a nice perk for your subscribers who couldn’t tune in live. However, since access is restricted, it maintains the uniqueness of the live experience.

The Benefits of Live Streaming on OnlyFans

There are many advantages live streaming provides for OnlyFans creators. Some of the top benefits include:

  • Real-time Interaction – Get instant feedback and engage directly with your biggest fans.
  • Fan Loyalty – Streaming allows fans to see the “real you,” building a deeper relationship.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Access – Give fans a glimpse into your daily life and creative process.
  • Showcase Talents – Demonstrate skills like singing, dancing, roleplaying, cosplay, etc.
  • Generate Hype – Promote upcoming content and events to drive excitement.
  • Upsell Content – Entice viewers to purchase PPV or subscribe during the broadcast.
  • Additional Revenue – Earn tips & pay-per-view fees in real time while engaging your audience.

With all these benefits, it’s easy to see why live streaming is becoming more and more popular on OnlyFans. The interactive and exclusive nature allows you to provide value and monetize in new ways.

OnlyFans Alternatives for Starting a Cam Business

While OnlyFans is one of the top platforms for online adult webcam performers, it isn’t the only option. Here are two OnlyFans alternative sites to also consider for camming:

1. FriendsOnly

FriendsOnly is an adult-friendly social media platform similar to OnlyFans that is specifically designed around vertical video content. This makes it ideal for webcam streaming using a smartphone.

Some FriendsOnly benefits:

  • Made for mobile streaming – Simply go live from your phone
  • Allows pay-per-view on streams
  • Additional content monetization, like subscriptions and tips
  • The Discovery page promotes new creators

With its focus on video, FriendsOnly is worth looking into as an OnlyFans alternative if you want to maximize vertical cam streaming.

2. Fancentro

Fancentro is an all-in-one membership site builder tailored to adult creators. Fully customizable profiles and built-in live streaming capabilities make it a top platform for cam models.

Some reasons to choose Fancentro:

  • Custom site branding and design
  • HD multi-cam streaming support
  • Mobile streaming capabilities
  • Interactive fan features like polls and challenges
  • Powerful promotional tools and analytics

For creators wanting more control and personalization over their cam site, Fancentro is a full-featured alternative.


Live streaming opens up new revenue opportunities for OnlyFans creators through increased fan engagement and exclusivity paywalls. However, maximizing your earnings from streaming requires some additional tools and strategies.

This is where Supercreator comes in handy. Supercreator is a third-party platform specifically designed to help OnlyFans creators manage and monetize their audience more effectively.

For live streaming, Supercreator provides powerful features like:

  • Audience analysis – Get insights on your subscribers’ preferences and spending habits to create more targeted, higher converting streams.
  • Smart pricing – Use AI guidance to optimize your stream paywall fees based on individual fan willingness to pay. Avoid leaving money on the table.
  • Promotions – Schedule promotional content and messaging to notify fans about upcoming streams. Target your highest spenders.
  • Performance tracking – Review detailed analytics on your live stream views, engagement, and revenue to improve each time.

By leveraging Supercreator’s suite of fan management and monetization tools, you can maximize earnings from each live stream. The platform’s AI capabilities give you an advantage in converting viewers to paying participants.

Consider integrating Supercreator into your OnlyFans toolkit if you plan on live streaming regularly. The analytics and automation will save you time while generating higher revenues per broadcast.

Focus on creating captivating stream content and let advanced platforms like Supercreator handle optimizing your monetization. With the right tools, live streaming can take your OnlyFans income to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

After initiating a live stream, you have the option to co-stream when another creator requests to join in. Upon receiving their request, you can choose to either accept or decline it.

No, just like other platforms, you cannot use copyrighted music in your OnlyFans broadcasts. Stick to royalty-free music or original performances to avoid any issues.

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