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How to Recruit Models to My OnlyFans Agency

How to recruit OnlyFans models

Finding and onboarding the right OnlyFans models is essential for any agency’s success. This comprehensive guide will provide actionable tips and strategies for recruiting top OnlyFans talent and is intended for all agencies looking to improve their recruitment process.

Table of Contents

TLDR: recruit models for an OnlyFans agency

  • Focus on models who align with your brand, showcasing reliability and a strong work ethic.
  • Use targeted DM outreach, paid ads, and networking at events to find potential models.
  • Implement a recruitment funnel with steps like casting a wide net, qualifying leads, providing value before pitching, and carefully onboarding.
  • Negotiate contracts thoughtfully, balancing flat rates with commission.
  • Offer strong onboarding support and promote models to maximize their potential and your agency’s growth.

Why Should I Master Recruiting OnlyFans Models?

  • It’s Easier to Recruit Clients Than Grow Their Revenue: Trying to extract more revenue from existing models has limits. But recruiting new clients is a scalable growth strategy. For example, if you currently manage 5 models earning $5000 each per month, adding just 1 new model already grows your income by 20%. Recruiting should be an ongoing focus.
  • Models Are Flaky: Many models lose motivation or disappear unexpectedly. Having backups through ongoing recruiting ensures you have continuity of income if models quit. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Maintain a steady pipeline of potential recruits.
  • Recruiting Builds Experience: Nothing will teach you the OnlyFans management business faster than taking models through the full process from initial outreach to launch and beyond. Each model you recruit makes you better at onboarding the next. Valuable experience compounds over time.

Picking the Right OnlyFans Model for Your Agency

When evaluating OnlyFans model candidates, an important step is to request testimonials and references from others who have worked with them previously.

You want to verify that potential recruits have proven track records of reliability, professionalism, and success when partnering with other agencies or managers.

Some specific questions to ask previous colleagues:

  • How consistently did the model produce and deliver content on schedule?
  • How receptive were they to feedback and direction?
  • Were there any issues with meeting deadlines or fulfilling agreements?
  • What level of earnings was the model able to achieve? What was their growth trajectory?
  • Would you recommend the model as an ideal candidate for our agency?

Testimonials and references serve as social proof that a model has what it takes to thrive under an agency partnership model.

Lack of professional references or unwillingness to provide contact info for previous associates should be seen as a red flag when selecting OnlyFans talent.

Vetting a model’s reputation, temperament, and past achievements minimizes bad hires that could damage your agency’s credibility and trustworthiness.

The ideal OnlyFans model candidate should have a proven history of reliability, coachability and rapid growth when collaborating with a management team. References help verify this.

Including this vetting step in your recruitment process allows you to pick the right OnlyFans models suited for your agency and avoid wasted time on partners not destined for success.

What Type of Models Should I Recruit?

  • Models That Align With Your Brand: Seek out models whose look, content style and personality fit your agency’s niche and target audience. For example, if you cater to a more alternative crowd, find models with tattoos, colored hair, piercings etc. Consistency strengthens your brand identity.
  • Look for Superstars, Not Just Hotties: The most successful models are not necessarily those with the hottest looks. Key attributes to qualify leads on are business-mindedness, reliability in content production, willingness to follow instructions, and overall work ethic. These supersede superficial traits.
  • Existing Creators vs New Accounts: Both routes have pros and cons. Existing creators have social proof but may be stuck in suboptimal ways. New models are blank slates you can shape optimally from scratch. Assess models case-by-case rather than outright dismissing either option.

Where to Find Adult Models for OnlyFans

  • DM Outreach: Search relevant hashtags like #NSFW, #onlyfanspromo, #onlyfansmodel etc. on Instagram and Twitter to find models to DM. Personalize each DM highlighting what made you notice them. Avoid copy/paste mass messages. Response rates will be low, so persistence and volume are key.
  • Paid Ads: Facebook and Instagram ban adult promos but are still viable for subtle/indirect marketing. Explicit adult platforms like sexyjobs and XBIZ offer paid advertising (Check out a list of relevant sites here).  Craft careful ad copy that balances transparency and subtlety. Use appealing imagery that does not cross boundaries.
  • Networking: Connect with models and other industry insiders at adult expos like Exxxotica. Exchange contact info and stay in touch after. Also, build relationships with other agencies and cam site reps to share talent. Avoid directly poaching models.

The Recruitment Funnel: Developing an Effective Strategy

  1. Cast a Wide Net: Implement mass outreach campaigns via personalized DMs, well-crafted ads and networking at industry events to engage and capture details of as many potential recruits as possible. Volume is key; expect low response rates.
  1. Qualify Leads: Assess incoming responses and thoroughly vet candidates based on red flags while conversing. Disqualify obvious time wasters and non-starters while prioritizing and focusing efforts on motivated, high-potential prospects. Getting on a call is ideal.
  1. Provide Value: Send qualified leads useful industry knowledge, tips and advice without directly selling your services yet. Aim to build your authority and expertise, foster trust, and trigger reciprocity by providing free value. For example, share cheat sheets detailing proven OnlyFans growth strategies.
  1. Make Your Pitch: Explain directly how you can help take their OnlyFans income to the next level by outlining your promotional strategies and capabilities. Share case studies and examples of models you’ve grown previously. Clearly lay out your offer and proposed partnership terms.
  1. Schedule a Call: Get qualified prospects who expressed interest on a 1-on-1 video call to establish personal rapport. Be prepared to address concerns and objections to further build comfort with the idea of working together. Do not pressure, let your value speak for itself.
  1. Close the Deal: Provide incentives to sign quickly, such as special limited-time offers, bonuses, or gifts for being an early adopter. Make it a time-limited deal to encourage urgency and decisiveness. Follow up to get contracts signed but avoid desperation.

7. Onboard: Get signed models to complete initial onboarding tasks like content submissions, identity verification, social media account creation, and setup to hit the ground running. Gradually ramp up responsibilities and provide ample training and support.

Negotiating Contracts and Compensation

  • Flat Rate vs Commission: Flat monthly fees give you a predictable income base but commission percentages allow your earnings to scale up indefinitely alongside the model’s growth. A hybrid deal with a flat minimum + commission on top is a fair compromise.
  • Contract Length: Short 1-3 month terms preserve flexibility but can lead to models jumping ship quickly. Long 6-12 month deals ensure commitment and continuity but allow less exit options if issues arise. 3-6 months balances both considerations.
  • Terms of Service: Clearly spell out content rules, exclusivity clauses, termination policies, your exact promotional services and everything else relevant in a written contract. Leave no room for interpretation. Get sign-off.

For more information, check out Sealing the Deal: Navigating OnlyFans Management Contracts


To start new model partnerships off smoothly:

  • Ensure models thoroughly read and sign contracts and terms of service to align expectations. Leave no ambiguity.
  • Be hands-on helping models initially verify their identity on OnlyFans to properly activate their accounts and avoid problems.
  • Instruct models to submit an initial batch of 10-20 videos and pictures catering to diverse niches so you can properly assess content style, quality and commercial potential.
  • If lacking, guide models to set up supporting social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok etc. for promotional purposes and reach wider audiences.

Promoting and Showcasing Models

  • Networking: Proactively introduce your models to key industry players, photographers, producers and agencies at adult industry events and expos. Getting them visibility raises their credibility and earning potential.
  • Social Media & Marketing: Run active promotional campaigns across social media platforms. Dedicated landing pages, paid ads, content seeding to affiliates and other tactics should be employed to maximize reach.
  • Chatting & PPV: Personally engage fans in DMs and adult cam site chat rooms to convert them into paid subscribers. Strategically upsell loyal fans with tiered pay-per-view content offers for additional income.

How Proper Onboarding, Support and Promotion Pays Off in Recruiting

Positive testimonials and referrals from models you have worked with successfully are the most effective tools for attracting new recruits.

Satisfied models will gladly provide glowing references and strong recommendations of your services if you over-deliver on growing their OnlyFans income and improving their overall experience.

By ensuring your current models have an amazing agency partnership through proper onboarding, training, support and promotion, you will be able to leverage their positive word-of-mouth when expanding your roster.

New models will be highly motivated to sign on after hearing rave reviews from models whose careers you have elevated. There is no stronger sales pitch than extremely satisfied models willing to publicly vouch for your capabilities and integrity.

Make it a priority to go above and beyond in building great relationships with your models by providing massive value from the start. The goodwill generated will pay huge dividends when it comes time to recruit additional talent down the road.

Final Words

The key principles for recruiting successful OnlyFans models include:

  • Targeting models who closely fit your agency’s niche, brand image, style and target audience.
  • Diligently qualifying leads based on red flags to filter out time wasters and non-starters.
  • Establishing authority and trust by providing value before pitching services.
  • Onboarding gradually and sustaining motivation.

With persistence and judiciously following this recruiting playbook, you can build up a world-class roster of OnlyFans talent to grow your agency.

Do’s and Don’ts for Recruiting Models:



Find models who align with your niche

Recruit mismatched models

Thoroughly vet leads

Waste time with every respondent

Provide free value to build authority

Pitch services prematurely

Gradually onboard new models

Overwhelm models early on

Showcase successful case studies

Make unrealistic promises

Check references to verify reliability

Skip verifying past performance

Be patiently persistent

Give up quickly if rejected

Frequently Asked Questions

It can be initially but it gets easier over time as you build relationships and credibility. Research models in your niche, craft engaging outreach, demonstrate expertise and quality prospects will take notice.

Search relevant hashtags on social media, run carefully worded ads on adult platforms, network at industry events, chat sites, and leverage your contacts and existing models for referrals. Cast a wide net.

Top criteria are reliably producing quality, style-appropriate content, having an established organic following, fluency in your target language, and a business-minded, cooperative attitude.

The model’s aesthetics, content style and personality must tightly align with your agency’s brand image and target audience. Look for a standout work ethic, responsiveness to direction, and a positive attitude.

Craft personalized DMs focused on them rather than sales pitches. Adopt a helpful, consultative tone. For extra credibility, contact them from an established industry profile known for integrity.

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