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How Free OnlyFans Accounts Make Money?

Make money with free onlyfans account

OnlyFans has become an extremely popular platform for creators to monetize their content by building a subscriber base. While most OnlyFans accounts require fans to pay a monthly subscription fee to access posts, some accounts are completely free to follow. This raises the question – can you actually make money with a free OnlyFans account?

The answer is yes, absolutely. While free accounts do not generate revenue from monthly subscriptions, there are several creative ways for creators to earn substantial income with a free OnlyFans profile. With the right strategy and marketing tactics, free accounts can be highly lucrative.

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What does free OnlyFans mean?

OnlyFans gives creators the option when setting up their account to enable either a paid subscription model or remain completely free to follow. With a free account, fans can subscribe without needing to pay the monthly subscription fee to view your main posts.

The key difference compared to a paid account is that followers are not paying upfront. However, there are still opportunities to monetize free accounts through pay-per-view content, tips, messaging, and more.

Creators with free accounts have full access to OnlyFans’ features, including messaging, posts, and live streaming. You can build an engaged audience and develop relationships with fans without requiring an ongoing monthly fee.

Why Keep Free Accounts on OnlyFans?

Here are some of the main benefits of having a free OnlyFans account:

Promoting your paid page

A free account serves as an excellent promotional tool to entice fans to subscribe to your paid OnlyFans page. Since followers aren’t paying upfront, it’s much easier to build your initial subscriber count.

You can then use your free account to tease exclusive content on your paid page and share previews that direct fans to purchase access to your best material. Think of the free account as a “freemium” marketing funnel.

Easier to gain followers

Because subscribing is completely free, there is very little barrier for fans to start following you. Even if they are just casually interested in your content, it only takes a click to subscribe. This makes it much faster to build an audience.

Once you have their attention with your free account, you can convert followers into paying customers over time using pay-per-view content and messaging.

Lower expectations

Fans have different expectations when signing up for a free account compared to a paid subscription. They understand you are providing complimentary access in exchange for following, so do not expect a high volume of daily posts.

This gives you flexibility when deciding how much content to share on your free page. You can use it more strategically rather than feeling obligated to constantly post.

More sales opportunities

With a free account, all your marketing efforts go towards getting fans in the door rather than selling them upfront. This means once inside your OnlyFans world, you now have more opportunities to earn from them via pay-per-view, tipping, messaging, and more.

You couldn’t earn at all from these followers on other social platforms. But your free OnlyFans account gives you ways to monetize them.

How To Setup Your Free OnlyFans Page

To maximize your earning potential, you need to strategically set up your free OnlyFans account. Here are some best practices to follow:

Complete your profile

Fill out your bio, profile cover photos, and lifestyle categories to give fans a sense of your brand. This information is key since it’s all a new visitor sees before subscribing. Make sure it accurately conveys what you offer.

Add bank account details

Even though your account is free, you can still earn money! Add your payout details so you can withdraw earnings seamlessly as they come in.

Offer enough initial content

Ideally, have 5-10 posts ready when launching your account so new subscribers immediately see samples of your content. This engages them to stay and explore your page further.

Pin engaging intro video

Pin a short, sexy intro video to the top of your feed welcoming new followers. This gives fans an exciting first impression.

Promote your paid page

Include a link in your bio to your paid OnlyFans page. Offer limited-time sales or discounts to incentivize subscribers to upgrade.

Cross-promote on social media

Share your OnlyFans link prominently on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Collaborate with other creators to expand your reach.

How to Post on Your Free OnlyFans Page

Consistently delivering great content is critical to building a following and earning on a free OnlyFans account. Here are some tips:

Post daily

Post new photos, videos, or messages at least once daily to stay top of mind. But avoid flooding your feed, as quality matters more than quantity.

Vary content types

Mix up photos, videos, written messages, Q&As, live streams, and more to cater to different preferences. This provides more reasons for fans to engage.

Caption strategically

Write compelling captions teasing your best content on paid accounts. Ask provocative questions to spark conversation.

Promote interactions

Prompt fans to like, comment, and message to get them actively participating on your page beyond just viewing posts.

Schedule in advance

Use OnlyFan’s scheduling tool so you can batch-create content. This saves time while ensuring you post consistently.

Offer exclusivity

Remind fans that content is exclusive only to your subscribers. This encourages them to follow and turn on post notifications so they never miss a new post.

4 Ways to Make Money with a Free OnlyFans Account

While your OnlyFans account is free for subscribers, you can still generate revenue. Here are the top strategies used by successful OnlyFans creators:


You can offer individual posts, videos, photos, etc. behind a paywall that fans purchase on an a la carte basis. Pricing is per post at your discretion.


Fans can tip any amount on posts they enjoy as a “voluntary payment.” Enable tips and promote them to monetize all your content.


Charge fans to view special pay-per-view media and messages sent directly through OnlyFans messaging.

Live streaming

Go live and earn tips or charge an upfront fee for fans to access your live stream content and chat.

Selling merchandise

Sell tangible goods directly through your OnlyFans account. Limited edition merchandise with your brand taps into your fandom.

Use tools like Supercreator

Platforms like Supercreator provide advanced features to boost your earning potential from free OnlyFans accounts. For example:

  • The integrated AI pricing tools recommend optimal prices for your pay-per-view content based on each fan’s purchasing history and patterns. This results in higher sales from your OnlyFans PPV posts.
  • Supercreator’s messaging capabilities allow you to send personalized mass messages at scale. You can segment fans and tailor content and pricing in each message to increase conversions.
  • Automated fan management features let you track details on each subscriber to have smarter conversations that drive more tips and purchases.
  • Data-driven Insights gives you customized suggestions for when to send PPVs and what kind of content converts best for each fan you’re chatting with.
  • The platform is optimized to convert and upsell fans from free followers into paying customers. Everything from the inbox features to the sales prompts helps you maximize revenue.

Essentially, Supercreator provides all the infrastructure and intelligence needed to systematically monetize fans on a free account. You can increase engagement, sales, and earnings from pay-per-view posts, messaging, tipping, and other income streams without relying solely on subscriptions.

How to Get Immediate Engagement on Your Free OnlyFans Page

Gaining followers is only step one – you need fans to actively engage with your free OnlyFans page. Here are proven ways to get them to participate:

Welcome message

Pin a post welcoming new subscribers. Thank them for following and explaining your page’s offerings.

Respond to comments

Reply to any new comments on your posts. This shows you will interact with fans who engage.

Post frequently

Fans are more likely to participate when they see you posting new content regularly.

Ask questions

Create Q&A posts asking fans questions about themselves. This gets them commenting.

Run contests

Offer giveaways or contests for your most active supporters and tippers.

Go live

Live shows let you directly chat with fans in real-time, fueling engagement.

Share previews

Post teasers of pay-per-view content to build excitement and entice purchases.

How to Promote Your Free OnlyFans Page

Letting fans know your OnlyFans exists is critical for building your subscriber base. Some top Onlyfans promotion tactics include:

Social media

Link to your OnlyFans prominently in Instagram and TikTok bios. Share tantalizing OnlyFans teasers natively on these platforms. For the best results, X (formerly Twitter) is a great place to post your teasers and announcements for any live streams, as the site is more lenient towards explicit content than Instagram and TikTok and allows you to post links in your posts that connect to your Onlyfans page!

Paid ads

Run ads on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit targeting OnlyFans’ typical demographics.


Partner with other creators to cross-promote each other’s OnlyFans pages to new audiences.


Use relevant OnlyFans hashtags like #OnlyFans and #OnlyFans101 so your content appears in searches, as well as relevant niche hashtags such as #girlnextdoor or #feetfetish


Have larger influencer accounts in your niche and share your OnlyFans handle with their followers.


Incentivize fans to subscribe by offering prizes and free content.


Cross-leverage platforms, such as promoting your OnlyFans and offerings in your Chaturbate room.

How can you promote your paid OnlyFans page using your free OnlyFans page?

A major advantage of having a free OnlyFans account is you can use it to market your paid subscription page. Here are effective strategies to promote your paid OnlyFans using your free account:

  • Share preview images with “See the full set on my paid page!” captions.
  • Pin a PPV post with 30-60-second video clips, directing fans who want to see the full-length video to purchase it on your paid profile.
  • In your messaging chat with fans, send censored video samples and photos, then mention your paid page has the uncensored versions.
  • During live streams, verbally promote your paid page, offering extra content fans won’t find on the free account.
  • Add a linktree in your free account bio with a link taking fans directly to your paid page subscription offer.
  • Run sales and special offers like 50% off for the next 24 hours to incentivize free fans to upgrade to paid VIP access.

Essentially, provide a taste of your best content, then advertise your paid OnlyFans profile as the place where fans can access your full library of exclusive material. This drives conversion from free followers to paying subscribers.

The Best Free OnlyFans Accounts

Here are some of the most popular and highest-earning free OnlyFans accounts to follow for inspiration:

1. Amouranth – 3.6M followers

Famous for her ASMR and cosplay content, Amouranth has one of the largest free OnlyFans pages. While also running a paid account, her free profile focusing on modeling and implied nudity has skyrocketed her popularity on OnlyFans.

2. BlondieGirl – 2.3M followers

BlondieGirl (Celine) posts implied nude modeling images on her free account while also running a paid page. She engages her audience through games like “Never have I ever” and “Tell me your fantasies.”

3. YesJulz – 1.9M followers

YesJulz gained fame on Snapchat and Instagram before joining OnlyFans. Her free account features risque bikini and lingerie images along with videos and chatting that gives fans a taste of her personality.

4. Ana Lorde – 1.2M followers

Ana Lorde’s free OnlyFans features chat sessions, public wish lists, and exclusive content. She uses the promotional tools offered by OnlyFans to drive conversion to her paid page.

5. Miss Noir – 900k followers

As a popular model/actress and star of VH1’s reality show Scared Famous, Miss Noir leveraged her existing following to build her OnlyFans platform. She engages fans daily on her free page with new pictures.

6. Claire Abbott – 850k followers

Former Playboy model Claire Abbot provides exclusive nudes on her paid OnlyFans but also runs a free account featuring teasers. She promotes her paid content while interacting heavily with fans on her free page.


While paid OnlyFans accounts generate subscription revenue, creators should not underestimate the earning potential of free accounts. The low barrier makes gaining followers simple. You then have options like pay-per-view, messaging, tipping, and selling merchandise to profit from fans without monthly fees.

Services like Supercreator provide advanced features to further maximize your income from free accounts. With the right setup and promotion across social platforms, free OnlyFans accounts can become extremely lucrative. A high-quality free page keeps you top of mind with fans in between paid content releases, ultimately driving more sales of exclusive material on your paid subscription account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Free OnlyFans accounts do not charge followers a monthly subscription fee to access posts. Fans can subscribe at no cost but may pay for individual pay-per-view content.

No, you won’t be automatically charged just for following a free account. But you may need to pay for exclusive pay-per-view posts the creator offers.

Promote across social media, collaborate with other creators, run contests/giveaways, use OnlyFans hashtags, advertise, and share teasers of your content.

It depends on your niche and marketing. Paid accounts reliably earn subscription fees but require consistently fresh content. Free accounts take more work to monetize fans but have lower expectations. Top earners leverage both account types.

Pay-per-view posts, live streaming, tipping, messaging fans, selling merchandise, promoting your paid page, and offering fan experiences like ratings or custom content.

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