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Fansly Earnings: How Much Do Models Make on Fansly?

Fansly Earnings

Fansly is a subscription-based social media platform launched in 2020 that has quickly become one of the leading sites for adult content creators. With its tiered subscription model, personalized explore page, and mobile app for interacting with fans, Fansly provides creators with an appealing environment to monetize their content.

Many adult models have flocked to Fansly as an alternative or addition to OnlyFans because of its generous 80% payout on earnings and more favorable policies towards risqué content. For models looking to capitalize on their fanbase, Fansly presents an enticing opportunity with diverse money-making avenues.

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Guide on Fansly Earnings

Fansly offers creators a variety of ways to earn money from their content and followers.


The primary source of income on Fansly comes from paid subscriptions. Models can offer up to 4 subscription tiers at different price points, granting access to certain types of content. Here is an illustration:

  • Free subscription – Gives access to some basic content for free to entice subscribers.
  • Entry-level tier – Prices around $5-10 per month, providing access to some exclusives like topless photos, for example.
  • Mid-tier – Prices around $10-25 per month, providing access to more explicit content (such as full nudes and short video clips).
  • Premium tier – Highest priced tier from $25-$50 per month with complete access to all content, including personalized exclusives.

This is an example and is something that you, as a model, decide on. Setting up strategically priced tiers allows models to cater to fans across price points while monetizing various content types.

Paid Posts

Models can also directly charge fans to view certain individual posts like photos or videos. These one-off paid posts are in addition to subscription charges, providing another revenue stream. Paid posts are best utilized for content around popular niches, collaborations, or restricted themes that followers are willing to pay extra for. Additionally, models can strategically offer these paid posts for free to higher-tier subscribers as a lure to entice others to opt for a more expensive subscription tier.

Paid Messages

Superfans who want an exclusive paid chat experience can tip models during 1-on-1 conversations and unlock private request-based content. These personalized message exchanges provide significant income potential for models who actively engage their subscribers.


Lastly, Fansly allows fans to tip any model, just like on OnlyFans. Models can attract generous tips from loyal followers who wish to express appreciation for their work and content.

By leveraging each of these money-making avenues intelligently, models can build a lucrative income stream on Fansly from their fanbase. Let’s look at real-world payouts next.

Fansly Subscription Tiers

One of the biggest benefits of Fansly over competitors is allowing models to offer multi-tiered subscriptions. On average, creators charge between $5 to $15 for a monthly subscription, which is roughly on par with OnlyFans. However, the tiered structure provides more flexibility.

A model can choose to set up her tiered subscription like so:

  • Free Tier – Gets fans into your funnel with some free SFW content and interactions.
  • Entry Tier – Priced ~$5-10, granting access to some exclusives like lingerie photos.
  • Mid Tier – Priced ~$10-25, unlocking most of your content, for example, nude photos and short video clips.
  • Premium Tier – Highest priced from $25-$50 with the ability to ask for on-demand custom content explicitly.

Additionally, some models might offer a fifth ultra-premium tier with extreme fetish content, personalized content packs, or access to in-person experiences starting at $50 per month or more.

This tiered subscription approach helps models maximize their income potential from different types of fans and content. Followers can enter at a beginner level and be upsold over time to higher tiers for all access. Let’s look at sample earnings next.

How Much Do Fansly Adult Models Earn?

Income for adult models on Fansly covers a wide spectrum based on popularity and reach. Some key earnings benchmarks:

  • New models can expect to earn $200 to $500 per month when starting out. Many models report figures in this range.
  • Established professional models earn an average of $500 to $2,000 per month with a stable subscriber base. This mid-tier income from Fansly alone provides nice financial stability.
  • The top 1% of elite adult model earners make over $10,000 per month consistently from their Fansly presence. Some make upwards of $30,000 to $50,000 per month.
  • Occasional outliers like Amouranth bring in over $100,000 per month from their Fansly profile through enormous reach.

To get an idea of the true earning potential on Fansly, it is insightful to see what some of the highest-paid models make. These figures provide an aspirational goal for new creators.


One of the biggest OnlyFans stars, Amouranth earns over $1.5 million per month collectively from her adult content on OnlyFans, Fansly, Patreon, and others. While OnlyFans forms a big chunk, she rakes in around $100,000 per month from Fansly itself. Her earnings continue to grow every month.

Lana Michaels

An innovator in financial domination content, Lana Michaels earns an impressive £100,000 annually from her 5000+ subscribers on Fansly. Her premium subscription costs £80 per month, providing access to specialized content. She is one of the highest earners from the UK on Fansly.

Jessica Sunok

A fitness model and dancer, Jessica Sunok transitioned to adult content creation during the pandemic. She now has a sizable following on both Instagram and Fansly. Jessica makes around $35,000 per month from her Fansly income and continues to experience massive growth.

Kitty Li

Dabbling between mainstream modeling and adult content, Kitty Li leverages her social media fame to earn big on Fansly. She rakes in approximately $15,000 per month from her profile. Kitty is now focusing on further growing her Fansly presence.

These examples illustrate the tremendous earning potential that exists for mainstream adult models on Fansly. Consistent efforts focused on delighting subscribers are key to long-term high revenues on this platform.

How Can Fansly Models Make Money Consistently?

Here are some proven strategies popular Fansly models recommend to earn consistent revenues:

  • Post Engaging Content Daily Populate your Fansly profile with posts, photos, and videos. Offer a mix of free glimpses and paid exclusive content catered to your niches. Produce high-quality media that followers would be willing to pay for. Get creative in your content production and offer exclusives.
  • Interact via Messages – Do not be a passive content publisher. Actively respond to comments, messages, and queries from your subscribers. Get suggestions on what they wish to see. Deliver a personalized experience and build real relationships with followers. By diligently following these steps, any model can begin building a sustainable income stream on Fansly. Consistency and persistence are key to long-term earnings.
  • Promote Across Social MediaAggressively promote your Fansly profile across all your other social media channels through posts, links, and highlights. Run exciting contests and giveaways to attract new subscribers from your existing followers.
  • Offer Exclusive Content – Produce specialized content around themes, fetishes, or collaborations that followers crave.
  • Maintain Some Scarcity – Let fans know exclusive content is only available for a limited period to create urgency.
  • Schedule Optimal Timing – Leverage Fansly’s calendar feature to schedule posts and messages at peak fan activity times.
  • Analyze Performance Data – Review earnings and fan metrics to create optimal content and promotions strategy.
  • Provide Membership Perks – Give subscribers exclusives like free PPVs, reduced PPVs, priority messaging, etc.

By combining these tactics, any model can build a sustainable and highly lucrative income from Fansly over time.

Final Words

In summary, Fansly provides a highly rewarding platform for adult content creators to monetize their fanbase. The combination of tiered subscriptions, paid posts, messaging income, and generous payouts hold tremendous earnings potential.

However, in terms of raw scale and audience size, OnlyFans still retains a commanding edge currently. For models already actively using OnlyFans, it likely makes more sense to continue leveraging that platform’s reach.

OnlyFans’ ubiquitous brand recognition across the adult content space drives unparalleled organic traffic. Models simply get much more exposure on OnlyFans presently compared to Fansly.  Models can certainly maintain a presence on both platforms to diversify their options. 

So in conclusion, while Fansly opens up new monetization avenues, models who have already built their audience and presence on OnlyFans gain more by maximizing income from the larger platform. OnlyFans offers the bigger slice of the pie presently. But prudent models will keep a foot in both worlds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Fansly is an excellent platform for creators because of its multiple monetization features like tiered subscriptions, PPVs, tips, etc. It provides a very generous 80% payout on earnings. The average Fansly model makes between $250-$7000 per month currently.

Currently, the undisputed top earner on Fansly is internet sensation Amouranth who makes over $1 million per month on the platform. Her enormous reach across platforms allows her to monetize a vast paying audience.

The top 1% of Fansly models make over $10,000 per month consistently. Some of the highest earners make between $20,000 to $50,000+ per month from their Fansly presence. Top earners leverage exclusive content, aggressive promotions, and data to maximize income.

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