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Make more sales in less time with actionable insights on fans and PPVs. 

Apply a powerful and consistent chatting methodology with no effort.

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Supercharge your PPV mass messages with Smart Pricing and expired fans Auto-Follower.

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Supercreator has been so helpful for my account! It really helps me connect with my fans easier.

I can prioritize my messages, see what content I’ve already sent, and choose the best pricing for my PPVs.

Hustle With Ann
Top 0% Creator & OFTV Host
Jordan Tugrul
Founder, The Heights Agency

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Stop losing potential revenue! Ensure you always send optimal PPVs on both chatting and mass messaging.

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Make more sales in less time.
Build an efficient and smart system that focuses on what matters.

Personal Insights

Get insights and best practices on each fan and PPV, to build a powerful methodology for your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Supercreator PPV tools help OnlyFans creators maximize earnings, boost their productivity, and reduce the operational efforts. It was build with the help of top 0.01% creators and agencies.

The platform works with a Chrome Extension that integrates with OnlyFans interface.
It take two minutes to set up and have 14-days free trial.

We take this subject very seriously. The tool only collects technical data relevant to its functionality.
We don’t need your password, or have access to your actual content or financial information.
Read more on our Privacy Policy.

Moreover, the extension simulates normal user activity (like a click on a fan profile) to get the data it needs.
Supercreator is running on 100s of OnlyFans accounts, with no issues or warnings from OnlyFans.

We understand paying for a new product can be scary, that’s why we offer a 14-day trial which includes all features.
It’s completely FREE with no commitments.

We’re also offering a demo and a training session so you can learn how the big players are using our tools.
To book one schedule your best time here.

"This software has revolutionized the way I run my account. It helps me increase my sales while working less on chatting and more on promotion."