How Untouched grew from 30 models to over 100 in 3 months​

OnlyFans Agency - Untouched

Untouched Agency

Untouched is a Miami-based OnlyFans agency. It’s one of the world’s largest OnlyFans agencies, running over 100 accounts, including famous IG influencers.

  • Region: USA
  • Number of clients: 100+
  • Number of chatters: 70+, US based

The Challenge

After reaching a certain level of growth, Untouched found itself struggling in several areas, including the onboarding process of new clients and team members.

Untouched found itself struggling with the hiring and training procedures, building an accurate management document for models, building the right strategy for them – and tracking progress.

Untouched also had to change its workflow and pricing strategy to accommodate new clients and writers.


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Implementing Supercreator allowed Untouched to:

Scale its operation and become more agile and flexible with labor.

  1. They become more efficient with the chatting workflow, which allowed operating with two chatters per account Instead of four.
  2. They was less dependence on human chatters, which improving hiring effectiveness, and allowed less micro-management of chatters.
  3. Supercreator has allowed chatters to follow smart guidance, and increase the earnings came from 1:1 upsells.

Onboard new models quicker and more effectively.

  1. Thanks to the improvement in efficiency and agility with labor, expending the operation for more models became easy with no loss in chatting quality.
  2. Operating with an organized tracking system and segmenting their fanbase, using cutting-edge and innovative technology to gain a competitive advantage over other agencies.

Untouched Agency uses Supercreator to reduce its management and operating costs, hire fewer chatters per model, and automate manual processes.

Before implementing Supercreator, Untouched agency had many manual organizational, and operational work they had to perform. Now, it’s mostly automated – with Supercreators features: 

  1. CRM (Fan Insights) has made managing clients’ information much more accessible, including spending habits and content preferences.
  2. Auto-Follower has become fully automatic, allowing creators to follow unsubbed fans, send them private messages, and encourage them to refollow.
  3. Super Vault allowed them to resell content with no extra effort and avoid human error.
  4. Smart Pricing Insights showed chatters exactly how to price their content accurately: saving training time and increasing revenue.

Supercreator has allowed Untouched to focus on acquiring relevant models, and stop micro-managing their chatters – which is a time-consuming process.


After 3 months of using Supercreator, Untouched doubled its model number from 30 to over 120 – adding 20-30 models every month.
Untouched had grown from a medium size agency – to one of the biggest in Miami.

Stephan Trill: “We saw a significant increase in our chatters’ performance, which allowed us to move from daily operational management to focusing on account strategy and adding new models.”