How the Heights Agency Increased revenue by $187,902 in Months

OnlyFans management Agency

The Hieghts Agency

The Heights Agency is a top-tier medium size agency from Miami, earning millions of dollars in generated revenue over the last few years.

A big part of their sales strategy and success revolves around PPV mass messaging.

  • Region: Miami, USA
  • Number of clients: 10+
  • Number of chatters: 15+
Jordan Tugrul
Founder, The Heights Agency

Jordan Tugrul, founder of The Heights Agency: “Supercreator has been a game changer for us. They have tons of features, my favorite one is the PPV feature, which allows you to break down fans into different categories according to how much they spend – and send them PPV at the appropriate price point. Definitely check them out.”

The Challenge

The Heights Agency’s mainly manages influencers with large fanbases and high traffic. As a result, their revenue heavily relies on mass messaging. 

This strategy caused a severe problem: 

  1. They couldn’t separate the fans that were worth the 1:1 chatting with the fans they mainly wanted to target on mass messaging.
  2. They could only send one price to all fans, regardless of their differences and willingness to pay, which caused a loss in potential revenue for the low spenders, and non-consistent pricing for the top spenders.

Looking for a way to counter this, the Heights Agency started working with Supercreator.


Join 1000s of OnlyFans agencies and creators


Using Supercreator, Heights Agency implemented several useful features and enjoyed several benefits:

  1. The Super Messaging feature allowed mass messaging of personalized messages with personalized prices to each fan. In addition, it enabled them to target specific segments in their fanbases such as low spenders, high spender, former buyes, fans who like certain content, etc.
    This resulted in an immediate increase in PPV revenue within the first 2 months of using Supercreator (over $5K per account).
  2. The Auto-Follower feature allowed creators to expose their content to many more expired fans. As a result, over 21,791 expired fans followed – and received personalized PPV messaging.

The new pricing metrics & insights allowed Heights Agency to maximize revenue from spenders on 1:1 chatting, and keep their pricing strategy consistent.

Using the fan’s recommendations, the Heights Agency was able to optimize chatting with every fan, spot quality fans and capture hot chatting sessions.


Within the first 3 months, Heights Agency has increased PPV revenue by $5,694 on average per OnlyFans account per month. That sums up to a total increase of increase of over $187,902!

Using Supercreator for 1 year, Heights Agency increased revenue significantly – thanks to super mass messaging (Over 8,000 super messages sent).

Thanks to Supercreator, Heights Agency has better and more effective chatters, and they’re able to send accurate pricing in mass messaging, and convert the right clients from the fanbase.