How Hush House offers quality management for big influencers

OnlyFans Agency

Hush House

Hush House is a boutique influencer and OnlyFans models agency, founded by two female models. The agency mainly works with big accounts and high earnings with large fanbases (20-100K fans).

  • Region: Los-Angeles, USA
  • Number of clients: 20+
  • Number of chatters: 40+, US based

Hush House is all about quality chatting, excellent fan support. To do that, they had to become efficient, and adopt a systematic approach. 

They were able to monetize their fanbase better while maintaining the persona of the models, by targeting spenders, adding efficiency to their chatting workflow, and assuring quality chatting with the help of Supercreator. 

They have since grown to a team of over 50 dedicated, skilled professionals, including account managers, chatters, and social media marketing experts.

The Challenge

Hush House wanted to provide clients with the best support and minimize human errors.

Also, they had to use mass messaging more accurately, since some of the models are restricted in several aspects: What they are allowed to write, to whom they can send nsfw content, and under which prices.

Most of Hush House models come from the mainstream scene, so they needed to make sure the operation works flawlessly.


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Hush House implemented Supercreator and its features. As a result, Hush House gain:

  1. Better Chatters: Their chatters gain access to the most accurate, relevant fanbase details and information. This allowed them to prioritize and focus on hot leads and spenders – and avoid time wasters.
    Chatters made fewer human errors, such as double-spending or using terms the models don’t feel comfortable with. They’re able to provide models with better information and support.
  2. Supercreator allowed the management to do less micro-managing on chatters and focus more on the bigger picture.
  3. Easier management of models requests: As previously said, to manage models from both mainstream porn and mainstream social media, agencies have to consider special characteristics and restrictions. For instance, models can only sell nsfw to spenders or can’t use several terms.
    Supercreator solves this completely with the easy targeting of fan’s segments, and control over messaging and custom scripts.

Supercreator has provided Hush House with the right information, in an organized manner – to help the chatter know exactly what to send, to whom, and with what price offer.

Hush House effectively used Supercreator’s features:

  1. The Super Vault feature allowed Hush House to reuse content, which led to fewer requests for new content, thus reducing the effort of content creation for their models.
    Super Vault also proved extremely beneficial in avoiding double-sending mistakes.
  2. Spenders Lists feature has allowed Hush House to Focus on their revenue generators – and avoid time wasters.


After 8 months of working with Supercreator, Hush House has gained the following results:

  • Time Saved from Productivity Features: 15,014.8 hours (that’s $56,782 in savings)
  • Vault Double-Sending & Gallery Scrolling Avoided: 51,847 times.
  • New big clients (mainstream influencers) acquired: 12

Supercreator helped Hush House to save time and money, increase productivity, improve chatting quality, enhance mass messaging and its accuracy, and prevent countless human errors.

In addition, Hush House used its competitive technological advantage to win new big clients from the mainstream scene.  

Ash, the co-founder of Hush House says: “This software has revolutionized the way we do business. The individual fan’s analytics have been great in assessing what PPV has already been sent, and we can’t go back after using the feature of the spenders’ smart lists!”