How Heiss Talent brought all 4 models from top 8% to the top 0.5% in 2 months

Heiss Talent

Heiss Talent is an Indie OnlyFans agency. Instead of playing the numbers game, Heiss Talent chose to focus on quality over quantity – thus optimizing revenue and productivity as much as possible, for a few high-quality and carefully selected creators.

  • Region: New York city, USA
  • Number of clients: 4+
  • Number of chatters: 2+

The Challenge

Heiss Talent’s main focus was quality over quantity: focusing on small but rather high-quality models.

This meant they had to optimize revenue and productivity as much as possible, on a small budget, and with a small team – focusing on a few selected creators.

To do this, they had to ensure their strategy was built and designed like a well-oiled machine.
However, their initial working methodology was mainly manual, therefore not effective:

  1. Chatters used freestyle chatting all of the times and didn’t worked with scripts at all.
  2. They track information on fans using Spreadsheets.
  3. They waste time chatting with freeloaders instead on focusing on valuable fans. They also created spending groups manually, which was inaccurate and time consuming.
  4. They scrolled down the gallery over and over to chat and determine which content fans wanted to see – without proper insights.

Heiss Talent’s also wanted to offer a more personalized, tailor-made experience for each fan. The manual work required lots of manual and time-consuming work and end up not usable or accurate.

Their workflow was not optimized for sales – creating a tough bottleneck for fast upselling.


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Heiss Talent started implementing Supercreator and its unique features to automate, personalize, and fast-scale their business. They replaced the old-fashioned system with a powerful and effective one.

They streamlined their processes and built their methodology around Supercreators features –

Supercreator’s Auto-Scripts were used in over 10,000 correspondences with fans in just 2 weeks. This feature allowed them to maintain the quality of conversations and decrease chatting time. Once they figured out which scripts worked best, their chatting responses and PPV conversions went up significantly.

The Super Vault feature has eliminated the tedious act of searching the model’s gallery over and over to see what content has already been sent, and which wasn’t yet. This feature proved to be a huge lifesaver for Heiss Talent. and reduced the number of complaints from fans.

Smart lists have enabled Heiss Talent to target their whales and potential spenders, in a much more accurate way.
It made them focus, letting their chatters make more sales in total. They used the CRM and PPV history to determine what to give to each fan much more effectively.


Using Supercreator, Heiss Talent creators grew with no big change in fanbase size to the top 0.5%, 0.78%, and 0.2% from being on the top 8%, 10% and 6%, respectively in little as 2 months. Representing an increase in revenue of more than $20K per account!

They conducted excellent monetization for their fanbase, implemented mass prioritized messaging, optimized messaging and chatting, and increased revenue.

Moreover, Heiss Talent were able to save over 200 hours of working time a month, due to productivity increases. This translated to saving over $2,500 for the agency.

Maya, the founder, says: “Supercreator has been huge for us. It really helped us focus on our quality fans, which was a game-changer when we were trying to scale. We implemented it early on when we were redesigning our strategy to focus on quality models, and it was felt straight away.

We definitely recommend it for any agency trying to scale right now, their service is the best in the game.”