Two Hardcore Platforms to Promote your OnlyFans (experienced creators only)

Are you making money on OnlyFans? Congrats! But before you spend it all on avocado toast and vintage clothing, there’s something important you need to know: taxes. Yup, the government wants a cut of your OnlyFans income. But don’t panic, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a guide that will help you understand the taxation process for OnlyFans.

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Two Hardcore Platforms to Promote your OnlyFans (experienced creators only)

In our last article (link to Article #1), we showed you create ways to promote your OnlyFans profile – on Reddit, Tinder, and Discord.

However, not everyone is into those social media platforms. And even if they are – spreading your marketing funnel over three channels isn’t enough.

Allow us to introduce two hardcore platforms where you could gain more OnlyFans followers than you ever imagined – and maintain them:

Promote yourself on FetLife 

FetLife is a social media platform designed for people who are into alternative sexuality: Fetish, BDSM, and other Kinks. It’s home to both soft and hardcore fetishes. It has over 8 million active profiles – many of them are men. 

FetLife makes it easier to connect with like-minded individuals and find groups where you can explore fetishes and much more.

It’s perfect for content creators who rely heavily on spicy or hardcore fetishes.

How to promote yourself on FetLife?

  1. Create an account that makes it clear you are a content creator! Since this is a social app, many users are looking to build real connections with, and meet face-to-face. You have to filter them as quickly as possible – to find your accurate target audience.
  2. Sprinkle your personality: Ask engaging questions, describe what you enjoy, and be provocative. Your personality is your fundamental element in attracting new followers.
  3. Join groups and interact with others: There’re so many groups/threads on Fetlife. You can find everything from hardcore stuff to groups just geared toward gamers.

And have fun, because that’s what it’s about 😊

Promote yourself on Chaturbate

Chaturbate is a porn-oriented website providing live webcam performances by webcam models and couples. In Chaturbate, you can watch nudity and sexual activity ranging from striptease and erotic talk – to more explicit sexual acts such as masturbation with sex toys.

As of April 2022, Chaturbate was the 57th most popular website in the world – and the fifth most popular pornographic site.

The site is divided into six categories: female cams, male cams, couple cams, transgender cams, private shows, and spy shows.

How to promote yourself on Chaturbate?

  1. Create an account on Chaturbate.
  2. Show only teasers on Chaturbate – and save your spicy and juicy content to OnlyFans subscribers. Every time you go online on Chaturbate, give them little teasers of what you offer – then direct them to your OnlyFans page.  
  3. Mention your OnlyFans on every live show you perform, and add links to your profile if possible.

Remember: consistency is key in which platforms you choose to promote yourself. So get out there and show yourself. 

One last thing: promoting yourself isn’t enough. Once you nurture a loyal audience – it’s time to manage them effectively to maximize your profits.

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