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Which OnlyFans Management Agency Should You Choose?

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So you decided to work with a professional OnlyFans agency. Congratulations!

This is the beginning of an exciting new journey. 😊

We’re confident you’ve made the right choice; OnlyFans management agencies usually work with professional and well-experienced OnlyFans chatters, marketing experts, and proven tools.

Now it’s time to ask yourself: what are THE most important criteria you should look at when choosing an OnlyFans agency? 

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Is the agency legit? In other words: are they credible, reliable, and trustworthy?

The unregulated market of OnlyFans has brought some shady and dubious people into this business. Unfortunately, there are many stories about agencies that conned, tricked, and even sexually harassed new and fresh models.

To avoid scammers and exploitation, make sure you conduct research into the agency before you start working with them. Talk to them. Meet them face to face if possible. Talk to models who have previously worked for them.

And don’t hesitate to ask tough questions, like: Is there an exit point in the contract?

Think about this as a job interview – when you’re the employer.

Organized Working Methodology

Next thing you should check whether the OnlyFans agency is well-organized.

Do they work with Excel spreadsheets or Trello – separated for each and every model?

Do they have a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) who calculates your income, outcome, and final profit? 

Do they work with pro software, such as Supercreator (link to product page)

An OnlyFans management agency that respects itself (and you) is an agency that is organized – to the very last detail.

Very frequently, that’d be the main difference between an amateur and a professional agency.

You are an OnlyFans model – you work with the pros 😊

Marketing Capabilities

Next, what’s the agency’s attitude towards marketing? How do they promote their models?

What social media platforms do they choose – and why?

Are these SM platforms you can relate to?

How many followers do they have?

Is their content professional, easy to understand, and concise?

And most importantly – are they working with professional and experienced chatters?

As you probably know, OnlyFans agencies save you time by outsourcing texting, client support, and page management.

Chatters are the people behind the screen who handle all the texting and flirting with your clients. You make a show – they convert the leads – and you make money.

Professional chatters are also good sex copywriters: they understand how men’s brains work and press the right spots with the right words.

They also handle page and client support in any case. 

And don’t forget – talk to models who worked with agencies before. Ask them for recommendations and which agencies to avoid at all costs. Nothing is better than proven experience.

One last thing: Choosing an agency isn’t enough. Once you nurture a loyal audience – it’s time to manage them effectively to maximize your profits.

Supercreator PPV tools help OnlyFans agencies maximize earnings, boost productivity, and reduce operational efforts.

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