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Stop Timewasting Fans From Damaging your Onlyfans

How to Spot and Deal With Timewasters

Cheapskates, Freeloaders, Beggars, etc.

Some people will always try to get something for nothing (or for very little) – and these are the people we call time wasters.

In this blog, we’ll talk about two types of time wasters – ones you run into on social media and ones who are subs. 

Avoiding them will free up more of your time for promoting your account and actually making money – so keep reading to see the best way to do so.

Timewasters on Social Media

You’ll see them in your social media DMs all the time. They’ll chat with you, ask you about yourself or what you offer, or ask to see more content for free.

You might think if you give them a free sample or attention they’ll become paying subs.

This is NOT the case!

If they wanted to subscribe they would. Don’t waste your time.

When someone is being super chatty in your messages,  tell them they can sub to your OF if they want to continue – keep your flirty and friendly tone, but also let them know you mean business.

 They’ll either subscribe or they won’t but the conversation should be done after that. It’s not your job to change someone’s mind.

I would recommend stating in your bio that you only answer DMs on OF (or for Insta call it paid site, premium site, exclusive site, etc). 

As you grow in popularity, the amount of DMs you get will go up. Delete your messages, or use a bot to thank them for reaching out and say you only reply on OF.

Time Wasters on OnlyFans

Even after somebody subs, they might not be willing to spend more to see more.

OnlyFans preview

They may have excuses – waiting for a paycheck, falling on hard times, wanting a sample before paying more, already tipping you, etc, etc.

Don’t give explicit previews, don’t sent content before they pay, and don’t spend your time trying to convince subs! 😤

A valuable fan won’t make excuses or be cheap. Fans act this way aren’t worth paying attention to – and the sooner you stop humoring them, the better.

What Can You Say to These Subs?

You should explain politely but with confidence that you don’t talk for free, and ask for a tip.

Or ask them why they don’t buy your content, while flirting and saying that you know he’s gonna love it, you’ll take ideas for future content from him if he buys, etc. 

If he’s still not buying – just stop giving them attention.

Given an ultimatum, the will either buy, or you will get to not waste time on them and focus on valuable fans!

Some fans just talk and don’t buy or tip – it’s just the way it is. 

You can’t control them. What you can control however is not wasting your time with low paying subs. You need to automatically track who’s spending a lot on you and focus on those fans! 💸

Yes – it’s possible to do that 🤣 

With Supercreator fan insights, you can see how long a fan is subscribed and how much he spent on your PPVs or tipped you as well as their buy rate (how they bought compared to every PPV you’ve sent them).

If they have been there for over a month and their buy rate is less than 10%, or if they haven’t spent a dime yet – they are a time-waster!

Put more of your time and energy into higher value subs that you have a connection with, and strengthen that connection by noting things about them and what they are into. 

Now that you know this, start taking back your time. Every minute spent stacks up – and you’ll be able to do so much more for yourself and your business if you know how to prioritize your time. 


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