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Four Things you must know before starting your own OnlyFans agency

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Say you’ve decided to quit your day job and start an OnlyFans agency (we skipped the complicated process in between). 

However, deciding is one thing; doing it properly and effectively is another. 

Before starting your own OnlyFans agency, there are four crucial things you should know – and keep in mind. 

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Use lawyers’ made contracts 

The unregulated OnlyFans business can be shady and dubious – which means it’s open to scammers who pretend to be models. 

Many of the new models in the industry are new, fresh, and very young – sometimes straight after high school. 

They don’t always understand the meaning of being obliged by rules, work ethics, or the discipline required to make it to the top. 

You must use a professional, tailor-made, and professional contract by an experienced lawyer. 

This contract should be clear and concise for both sides. It should clarify who does what, how often, and in what manners. 

This contract should explain how payment is made, the job scope, what’s expected from the models, and what happens if one side breaks the contract. 

This way, you can filter out all the amateur models – those who wanna explore and experiment (usually for the short term). 

Hands-on Marketing and Chatting 

Don’t start with outsourcing everything at the beginning. Whether you like it or now, you’re still a newbie, and you still have to learn the profession from bottom to top. 

In the beginning, don’t hire chatters – be the chatter. Understand how it works and how to do it right. This will help you understand how to text with clients to convert them into subs. 

Same for every aspect of marketing for OnlyFans. 

Get your hands dirty – and learn everything from scratch. 

Find the Hard-Working Models

As mentioned before, some models believe that once they hire you – they’re done with working. They go into autopilot mode, thinking you’ll do everything – from managing clients to producing new content.

But that’s not how it works. 

Promoting an OnlyFans profile demands that both sides would work. If both sides do their job – everything is possible. 

But if only one side does its job, and the other operates on an automatic pilot – the plan will most likely fail. 

Find models who are eager to create content, come up with new ideas, work hard, and be creative and original. 

Interview them, ask them the right questions, and communicate your expectations clearly.   

Use cutting-edge tools 

Being hard-working isn’t enough nowadays; you must work smartly and efficiently. 

Intelligent OnlyFans agencies usually use the newest tools, strategies, data analysis tools, and automation features – to make their lives easier.

This way, they save time, boost productivity, and enable you and your models to focus on what really matters – producing high-quality content and converting more potential clients. 

Example of an excellent tool for OnlyFans creators: Htools (link) 

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