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Following back your Expired Fans on OnlyFans: How is it helpful?

Follow Expired Fans Subs OnlyFans

Keeping your OnlyFans subscribers engaged is a great way to get stability, but eventually, your fans move on to a different page. 

No matter why they left, it doesn’t mean that they are not willing to come back or that your relationship has ended. Once a fan, always a fan!

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Why should I follow my Expired Fans?

Oh, here’s the trick! 

By following your Expired Fans, OnlyFans enables the option to message them and upsell content (PPVs), letting you re-engage with your lost subs.

You can message them in private conversations (1:1 chatting) or on mass messaging. Send bump messages, offer deals on subscriptions or content, or just try to sell more PPVs to them before they’re really leaving.

This leads to a better fan’s LTV (lifetime value) – which essentially means they will spend more money on your content.

It also increases your fan retention, because you still get to remind your expired subs about your awesome content! You put so much effort into promoting your OnlyFans page, you shouldn’t forget about nurturing your existing or expired fans.

How can I Follow Back my Expired Subs on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans allows you to follow back up to 100-300 fans each day using its interface. Once you follow any fan, it will be added to your “following” list and you’ll be able to message him immediately.

You have 2 options for following back your expired fans:

Manually Follow Back your Expired Fans

You can follow your OnlyFans expired fans manually, one by one. 

To do so, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to your OnlyFans expired fans tab.
  2. Click on the “Follow” button under each fan’s info box.
  3. Scroll down and keep going with the same process until you’ll reach your daily limit (you’ll get a message from OnlyFans). 

This takes a lot of time and is very tedious. At the end of the day, creators and chatters end up stopping doing this task or missing many days. Because you can only follow a limited amount of fans, this highly affects your earnings from those fans.
In addition, you end up wasting your following count on low-spending fans or creators, which you don’t want to follow.

To make sure you get the most from this “hack” on OnlyFans, we recommend you use software bots to do this task for you: 

Use an OnlyFans Follow Back Bot (Auto-Follower)

Automatically follow your Expired Subs – an Auto-Follower bot does all the above for you, automatically, every day, with zero effort on your side. 

Using an Auto-Follower bot you are making sure you won’t forget any potential fans or waste time on manual work.

There are several OnlyFans Follow Back bots (Auto-Follower) on the market.
Some are better than others – our recommendation is the Supercreator Auto-Follower bot

It’s 100% safe and reliable (beware of shady bots – they can damage your account or get you banned). Moreover, it has a smart priority system that follows your lost high spenders first, and ignores other creators or fans that require a paid subscription.

What benefits am I getting from following back my Expired Subs?

Boost retention

Bring your expired fans back simply by starting a conversation, or offering a gift.
We noticed that on average about 20% of expired subs come back.

Increase the reach for mass messaging & multiply your sales

Instead of sending out messages to your active fans alone, you can send ones to both active and expired subs.
Here’s where it gets really cool – this also applies to mass PPVs!

After following your expired fans, they could unlock your PPVs even if they’re no longer subscribed! This will multiply your mass-PPVs sales instantly.

What can I do with my expired fans?

Adding my Expired Fans to my Mass Messages PPVs 

We highly recommend you start including your Expired fans in your mass messages, especially mass PPVs. This can multiply your sales instantly.

To send a mass message to both your Active & Expired fans, include both your Fans and Following lists when you send out a mass message:

OnlyFans Expired fans

In this example, by including both lists, my message will be sent to about 3400 fans (459+2950) instead of 459 alone.

Engage ONLY with my Expired Fans and bring them back

You can start messaging your expired fans with separate messages, to bring them back. 

For example, you can offer them gifs in exchange for re-subscribing, or just initiate a conversation to get their interest in you again. You can also keep them updated with your new content.

To send your message only to the expired fans, include the Following list, and exclude the Fans list:


OnlyFans message expired fans

When you send a message including the following list alone, you might send the message to some active fans as well.

This happens because once you follow an expired fan, he might resubscribe and become active. Also, you might have followed active fans in the past by mistake.
All those fans will remain on the following list.

You can also initiate conversations with expired spenders via 1:1 chatting. We only recommend doing so with spenders that are worth the extra attention.

To find your spenders, the Supercreator software creates spenders lists for you. You can include your expired fans in those lists.


The Auto-Follower allows you to re-engage with your expired fans.

It allows you to message them in any way, including private and mass messaging.

This can easily lead to greater retention and increase your fans’ LTV (lifetime value).

In other words, you can bring back old spenders and still earn from PPVs even after your fans’ subscription is over.

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