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A Guide to OnlyFans pricing

A Guide to OnlyFans pricing

Pricing my page and PPVs

The amount of money you earn on OnlyFans changes based on your fanbase size, subscription price, and PPV upsells. While it is initially easy to start an OnlyFans account, many creators struggle with how to set their subscription price and how to charge their content on OnlyFans.

That’s not a surprise, pricing on OnlyFans can be incredibly tricky and very sensitive.
In this blog, we’ll give you the tips and tools for you to figure out your optimal price strategy to maximize your earnings as an adult content creator. 

You’re smart, you’re a bad bitch, and you can figure this out! 

First of All, You’re Probably Undercharging 

The content you make and sell is worth top dollar, and you need to treat it like that! Every girl has their own price, and while we’re not recommending you sell astronomically high, you should put value on what you create.

We know users that have lowered their price when their page isn’t doing well – and we advise against doing this unless your price is insanely high (like $30+). The typical price range for pages is $5 to $25.

That’s because if you do end up raising your price again after lowering it, it will turn off auto-renew and be a shock when it automatically alerts your fans. Having a low base price will also impact the way fans value your content, and higher prices bring more quality fans in.

For example, One user dropped their price from $10 to $5, then ended up raising it to $13 (after polling her fans about it and upping the amount of content she was sharing) and her fan count started increasing even faster. So a higher price actually helped her following base grow.

When you make a price change, keep fans in the loop and make them feel a part of the decision so you don’t drop your retention.

The more you charge upfront for your page, the more you can also reward long-term or loyal fans with discounts and run special sales. It’s better to constantly discount your subscription than choose a really low price.

Remember that your page is exclusive- fans have full access to you and everything you’ve ever posted.

Beyond that, they’re not just paying for your content, they are paying for a relationship with you. You’re updating daily, replying to their messages, and blessing them with the gift of your time!!

Should Your Page be Free or Paid?

The best bet is to always have a paid page, or have both a free and paid page. You can continue to draw attention to your paid page with your free one, while monetizing some fans that don’t want to pay a monthly subscription with PPVs and tips, which you’ll see more on in the next sections 

If you’ve been running a free page and want to switch to a page with a fee to subscribe, be careful. 

Beware! When you switch your account from free to paid, it unlocks all of your content and the subscription fee doesn’t start until next month (aka everyone sees everything you post for free for a month).

This is because subscription pages don’t allow for locked content on your main feed, so it automatically unlocks everything. You would be better off making a new paid page and incentivizing people to go there.

Test Your Fan’s Spending

You deserve to be fairly compensated for the time you put into making content!

To make the most that you can, you have to be testing fan willingness to pay. It’s this way that you figure out the maximum amounts you are able to charge. 

Pricing strategy will be something you constantly adjust as you grow. The more content you have available and the experience you have as a creator, the more you can charge. 

Let’s break down how to do this with both mass & private PPVs – 

Pricing Mass PPVs

Mass PPVs capture a much larger audience and are a great way to sell a ton of content with a little less effort. However, it can still be tricky to get this right as every fan has a different willingness to pay.  

Right now, let’s say you send a PPV for $30 – you would lose out on money from the people who bought it but may have been willing to spend $50, or even $100. You also might lose out on the people who would have bought it for just a little bit lower. 

To solve this profit loss, Supercreator has built an incredible breakthrough feature that allows you to charge different prices personalized to the fan’s buying and spending habits, in the same one mass PPV.

This has never been possible before, and cannot be done with OnlyFans on its own! 🤯

Pricing Private PPVs (1:1 upsells)

Each fan has their own willingness (or ability) to pay. Private PPVs take a lot more effort, and therefore, are only worth it if you’re getting a lot of value from a fan. 

In order to test the maximum you can get and see who top spenders are, you will want to gradually raise your prices throughout your conversations as the content becomes more explicit. 

As you chat and they unlock your messages, you can keep testing a fan with prices and seeing how they react to it. 

For example, you can see if they would spend $10 for a topless picture, then up it to $25 for more explicit close-up photos, and higher for short videos.

Or, if a fan is asking for a discount, instead of giving it, simply send similar content with a lower price, 

You can say something along the lines of  “No babe I can’t do that but I can send you something similar I bet you’d love”.

Doing this ensures fans don’t keep expecting discounts. Still, upsell the reduced but different content with a price that’s just a little bit above what he asked for. The fan will probably still buy it, this is just a good bartering practice! 

Look at similar OnlyFans creators

One of the first things you should do when deciding what you should charge on OnlyFans is to look at similar content creators in your niche. You should consider what type of content they post, the size of their other socials, and if they have an additional free page when getting inspired from how much they charge.

Choose the optimal pricing based on data

Pricing can be a lot of information to keep track of, so using the Supercreator extension to see all the sales history, maximum spend on PPVs, and average spend is a must so you’re pricing your content in the most effective way. 

With this feature, you’re going to be able to sell WAY more efficiently and earn a ton more.

Maximize Your Tips

Tipping is a great feature from OnlyFans that helps you increase earnings when catering to your fan relationships.

If they tip heavily *just because* (meaning they gave you money without anything in return), or tip you right at the beginning of the conversation, they’re more likely to be valuable fans.

Give special attention to the generous people and show your gratitude by occasionally mentioning the more active and appreciative ones in your content.

You can also maximize the tipping features by creating a tip menu mentioning all of your services in an order. 

For example, you could set a price of $50 for sexting, $100 for video calls, $200 for exclusive videos, and so on. 

Get creative with this – you can offer special menus for subscribers during their birthdays, for the girlfriend experience, or for you to take photos of their name on your body in certain places. 

There is also a maximum amount you can spend for PPVs (usually $200) and if you want to go beyond this, you can do so only by asking for tips. 

So you’d have them send the amount several times, for example, $100, then another $100, and another $100. 

This isn’t Pornhub, this is OnlyFans – If someone isn’t willing to pay for your content, they’re not a fan. They’re an opportunist (more on how to avoid these time wasters here).

Overall, the way to maximize your profits is by testing your fans’ willingness to pay and correctly charging for the volume and quality of content you are creating. 

You’ll get it right by working off of your own real data, learning from trial and error, and using Supercreator tools and insights to sell like the bad bitch you are! 

**One last important tip – after you chose your prices, you have to stick with them in order to teach your fans to expect this.  If you consistently charge $50$ for a video, your fans will know that in order to see your video they should pay this amount. 

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