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5 Hacks to Earn the Most from Your PPVs

OnlyFans revenue

5 Hacks to Earn the Most from Your PPVs

OnlyFans revenue

Explode Your Earnings!

This is the NUMBER ONE mistake you’re making with your OnlyFans page.

Using PPVs to their full potential is monumental in your earnings as an adult content creator. 

If you’re reading this blog, you’re likely in one of two categories

1. You’re sending PPVs and not selling as much as you could be

2. You don’t send PPVs (or mass PPVs) and are curious if it’s worth it 

There is absolutely no reason to NOT send PPVs! Even if it’s only once a week, you are missing out on hundreds, possibly THOUSANDS of dollars because of this. 

There are a handful of creators who don’t send any PPVs and use that as their marketing strategy. And that’s just not very effective. 

We know creators who did this and their subs were actually more likely to drop when it came time to renew. What they would pay each month to get new content was not worth what they gained with the initial sub-price and unlocking of everything.

You definitely want to be sending PPVs as they make a huge difference to your OnlyFans page earnings. If you are strategic about them, you will absolutely boost your sales and be on your way to becoming a top creator. 

Read our 5 hacks to be sure you’re making the most of your PPVs 👇

Hack 1: Use Mass PPVs

The Mass PPV feature is an incredible way to build another automatic revenue channel within your OnlyFans. 

A lot of fans are not worth your time or attention. This isn’t to be mean, but time is money, and if they’re not giving you money, they don’t get your time! 

Still, these fans may stay on your page and there’s always a chance they’ll decide to buy. With your mass PPVs, you have a chance of selling to them without having to use up your valuable time. 

Mass PPVs also alert the fans that aren’t actively chatting with you that that yes, you’re hot and you’re still here.

Hack #2 - Upsell Your Content

PPVs are a great way to upsell your content, and your creativity and selling strategy can be truly endless here.

Experiment with bundles of photos and videos, and offer special sales around occasions (or even just because). 

Here’s an example of an upselling strategy from a top creator: 

Charging 25$ for PPV videos under 2 minutes long, anything longer and they set a high tip goal and say they will release the full 5+ minute video if they reach it. If she doesn’t reach the goal in a set amount of time, she’ll send it out to the people who tipped on the post only. 

Another example:

Send a safe selfie and ask for a tip to reveal more. If they tip, reveal more and more.

There are tons of pricing strategies you can follow – read more here. 

Hack #3 - Don’t Send Explicit Previews

Girl this isn’t charity! Don’t give anything away for free 😩

This includes not giving any previews… MOST of the time. You want to steer clear of any explicit previews, where you let them “try you out” or watch any juicy parts of your videos for free. 

You can send blurred-out previews or a video clip right before you get nude or do anything explicit. Just be sure that you don’t include anything good so you keep them curious. Tease and make sure they know there’s way more to see if they unlock (and they’ll really be missing out if they don’t open it. 

Hack #4 - Charge Every Fan the Most You Can

Every fan has a different amount they will spend on you. You’re able to know what that is and charge them in your private PPVs, but what about in your mass PPVs?

Supercreator has the only tool out there that will totally multiply your mass-PPVs earnings with automated personalized pricing. This does all of the math and guesswork for you, so each individual fan is targeted with a price that fits their spending habits 🎯

For individual PPVs, you can also track spending history and see the total value of the fan so you know who to chat with and what you’ll be able to charge based on what they spend on average. 

Hack #5 - Autofollow and Send to Expired Subs

This is the secret hack that will instantly supersize your mass PPV reach 📈

With Supercreator you can auto-follow your expired subs, add them to your mass messages and continue selling to them. 

Auto following subs helps in soooo many ways. You’ll see fan retention boosted from them coming back to your page, more PPVs sold overall, and more activity across your page. 


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