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How to Grow Your OnlyFans with Discord

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Discord is one of the best-kept secrets for promoting your page!

Discord is a messaging app divided into servers where users can meet and hang out via chatting, voice messages, and video calls.

It’s kind of like Reddit, where there are specialized communities called servers with very active, tuned-in members who act very differently than regular social media users. 

There are popular communities for gaming, crypto, and of course, adult content. 

It may seem intimidating at first, but trust us, it’s actually a breeze to use once you get familiar!

Why should you be on Discord?

Discord was initially designed for gamers, and many many men are gamers. These types of men oftentimes become good fans, as they spend a lot of time online and consume a LOT of porn. 

So Discord is kind of like the secret doorway into the holy grail of potential fans!

It’s also a quickly growing place where you can promote your content on these different servers, or even have your own channels where you chat with potential fans. 

A lot of women haven’t joined yet due to being intimidated or not realizing the huge opportunity that’s there. 

How can I create a profile and join servers on Discord?

It’s super easy to create a profile on Discord. Go to the website and either download the computer app or create your profile in the web browser by filling out your information – make sure your username is as close as possible to your adult content creator name. 

Next, just verify your profile by clicking on the link sent in your email. And boom! Your account is ready.

Be sure to add a photo of yourself and all of your social media profiles to your discord account so you can also grow your following in those places. Also, mute your notification so as you grow, you aren’t being blown up all the time. 

To join a server, (like adult communities) go into the search bar to type ‘adult’, hit enter, and you’ll find tons of servers. Many different search terms will help you find the right places to go, but some of the best servers for adult creators are: 


sexc ; e girls , nsfw , icns emote (https://disboard.org/server/join/945285196939423754)

Love this 18+

Surrender Me (https://discord.com/invite/u8s95BpZY4)
An adult-friendly server with everyone above 18 with female channels, where you can easily target an audience for your onlyfans.

Fuzzy Corner (https://discord.com/invite/VpcQ3uWqFS)
Fee server where you can do whatever you want to do; unless any moderator points you out.
This is really a good server to unlock your initial audience when you are an adult creator.

NudeWorld (https://discord.com/invite/rNN9t7Jc4j)
Nudeworld is especially for OnlyFans creators.
There’s no restriction to post specific content.

Noose 18+ (https://discord.gg/eSFqxKE)
Noose 18+ has a high number of members available to chat. Here, you need to share a pic when you join and can do mass messaging in groups.

What should you do when you join a server?

Every server will be a bit different, but there are likely rules you will need to understand and agree to. You may also have to provide some form of verification – usually just a selfie of yourself with your discord name written on it. 

If you have to include your ID, just blur out any sensitive information on it to just have your name or birthdate.

Next, set your “role” in a section for roles. It’s a little odd at first, but to set your role you have to react to the emoticon corresponding to the role you want to set – this may include things like gender, age, and relationship status. 

Once you’re set, put your best foot forward by making a cute introduction of yourself and then starting to post and share! Look out for server threads where you can promote yourself with photos and captions.

They’ll have titles like “NSFW promo” or “female NSFW”

You’re going to start getting tons of messages. Respond in a flirty way, but only with inviting them to join your Onlyfans. 

Many guys will say they will join later, or to send them some pics first, or other excuses – don’t give anything up for free.

Ready to get a ton of new fans on discord!? After you get your fans, you’ll want to focus on building strong relationships with the top spending ones so you can get the most money return for your time. 

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