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OnlyFans vs Fanfix: Which Platfrom is Better For Creators?

OnlyFans vs Fanfix
Thinking of monetizing your social media following and creative talents as an influencer or content creator? In today’s booming “creator economy,” services like OnlyFans and Fanfix make it possible to earn income through exclusive subscriptions. But which platform is best for you? This in-depth guide will compare and contrast OnlyFans and Fanfix across all key factors to help you determine the best fit for your goals as a creator.

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A Closer Look at OnlyFans

Founded in 2016 and based in London, OnlyFans is a subscription-based social platform that has become a leading site for creator monetization. It is especially known for adult content but also hosts creators from categories like fitness, cooking, music, and more.

OnlyFans enables creators to charge subscribers a monthly fee for access to content, including videos, photos, live streams, DMs/chat, and more. There is also the ability to charge one-off fees for individual posts and messages. This flexible monetization model has made OnlyFans hugely popular with internet influencers and adult entertainers.

Some key stats on OnlyFans:

  • Over 150 million registered users
  • More than 2 million content creators
  • Reported annual revenue of over $2 billion
  • Up to 20% commission fees for creators (OnlyFans takes the rest)
  • Maximum $50 per month subscription fee

OnlyFans has an advantage in being an early market leader. It enjoys massive brand name recognition in creator monetization and subscriptions. For creators looking specifically to monetize adult NSFW content, it offers a proven model and a large existing user base.

What is Fanfix All About?

Founded in 2021 and based in Los Angeles, Fanfix is a newer subscription-based platform with similar creator monetization features. However, unlike OnlyFans, it expressly prohibits sexually explicit content in its guidelines.

Fanfix markets itself as a platform for Gen Z creators and influencers to provide exclusive content and interact with fans without relying on adult material.  Despite its far shorter time in the market, Fanfix has already gained strong traction with over 10 million registered users. And with it’s target audience defined as ages 13 – 24, it’s a market of quick to adopt and high to engage customers that will surely explode in popularity. 

Some key details on Fanfix:

  • Launched in 2021 and based in Los Angeles
  • Over 10 million registered users
  • More than 3,000 active content creators
  • The average reported creator earnings is $70,000 per year
  • No maximum subscription price cap
  • 20% commission fees (in line with OnlyFans)

So while much newer than OnlyFans, Fanfix has already built a sizable audience, particularly among younger creators looking to monetize their personal brand and content, without having to rely on explicit material.

Popularity and User Base Comparison

Being the first mover in subscription creator monetization, OnlyFans understandably enjoys a much larger current user base. With over 150 million registered users and 2 million creators, it dominates the market for adult creator subscriptions.

Fanfix is still gaining traction but has managed to amass an impressive 10 million+ users fairly rapidly since its 2021 launch. This demonstrates the demand among creators for a platform focused solely on SFW content and younger audiences.

OnlyFans requires creators to already have a substantial following, whereas Fanfix is targeted at creators with as little as 10,000+ followers. So the latter opens up monetization to creators just starting to build their audience and personal brand.

Brand Recognition and Awareness

In terms of brand awareness and public recognition, OnlyFans once again comes out far ahead. When people think of paid subscriptions for creator content, OnlyFans is typically the first to come to mind, having become widely referenced in pop culture.

Fanfix does not have nearly the same instant name recognition yet, as it remains a newer platform. However, it is quickly becoming acknowledged as a leading option for non-adult SFW creator subscriptions.

For creators who already have an established following and want to tap into an existing large user base of paying subscribers, OnlyFans provides that readymade brand awareness. Fanfix requires more effort to build awareness and educate potential subscribers.

Content Allowed and Monetization Options

Arguably the most significant point of difference between these platforms is the type of content allowed:

  • OnlyFans permits and specializes in adult content, including full nudity, pornography, and other NSFW material.
  • Fanfix strictly prohibits any sexually explicit content, nudity, or adult material in its guidelines. It focuses on general interest SFW content.

Both platforms offer similar monetization features, including subscriptions, pay-per-view posts, tips, exclusive content, and messaging fees. However, the ability to produce adult content on OnlyFans provides a higher earning potential, especially for erotic creators who already have a large following.

Fanfix caters much more to younger Gen Z creators sharing general interest content within mainstream social media guidelines. So if you want to earn from NSFW material, OnlyFans offers far more options. But for strictly SFW monetization, Fanfix provides a solid model without the need for adult content.

Top Creator Niches on Each Platform

Due to the above content differences, OnlyFans and Fanfix tend to attract creators from distinct niches:


  • Adult content creators (porn performers, models, etc.)
  • Lifestyle & fitness influencers
  • Cosplay & costume creators
  • Musicians & artists
  • Gaming streamers


  • Gaming creators & streamers
  • Cooking channels/chefs
  • Fitness coaches
  • Artists and craftspeople
  • Motivational speakers

There are some areas of overlap, particularly around gaming, fitness and general influencer content. However, OnlyFans skews toward adult entertainment brands, whereas Fanfix offers a home for creators of all ages to produce family-friendly content.

Support Systems for Creators

An important consideration for any creator when choosing a monetization platform is the level of support and protections provided:

  • OnlyFans offers 24/7 customer support via online help tickets. However, response times are often slow, and creators frequently complain about receiving subpar support.
  • Fanfix strongly emphasizes human content moderation, stating that while it results in slower payouts, it provides better security and a safe environment for creators. The platform offers 24/7 monitoring of private messages to prevent harassment, especially for underage creators.

So while OnlyFans provides basic support, Fanfix seems more focused on protecting creator safety and fostering a positive community free from exploitation. For creators producing sensitive content or who want to avoid stalking/harassment issues, Fanfix may offer more peace of mind.





Earning Potential

High for adult content creators

Moderate to high for SFW creators

Maximum Subscription Price

$50 per month

Currently, prices are set to $5, $10, $15, and $20. The ability to choose is coming soon!

Content Allowed

Adult, NSFW

SFW only

Target Audience

18+, existing fanbase

13+ with 10k+ followers

Nudity Policy




Subscriptions, PPV, messaging, tips, merchandise

Subscriptions, exclusive content, messaging, requests, analytics

Monetization Models

Subscriptions, PPV, tips, messaging, merchandise

Subscriptions, tips, exclusive content, messaging, requests

Payment Methods

Credit card, PayPal, Crypto


Payout Frequency


Up to 14 days

Fee Structure

20% commission

20% commission

Creator Support

Support tickets

24/7 human moderation

Privacy & Security


Strong focus on safety

Potential Downsides and Considerations


  • Content leaks – 3rd party sites illegally sharing OnlyFans creator content
  • High competition – harder to stand out as a creator amongst millions of accounts
  • Limited analytics and promotion tools compared to other platforms


  • Much smaller user base currently than OnlyFans, which has 150m+ subscribers
  • Lower earning ceiling due to prohibiting NSFW content
  • Slower payout timing due to increased human content reviews
  • No ability to geoblock certain countries from accessing your profile

Which Platform is Best For You as a Creator?

When weighing up OnlyFans vs. Fanfix for your needs as a creator, which makes more sense? 

Here are some key questions to consider:

Are you looking to produce adult content?

If so, OnlyFans is likely the better option since explicit content is not permitted on Fanfix.

Do you want to monetize existing SFW social media content?

If you already have a Gen Z audience and a family-friendly brand, Fanfix caters very well to this.

Is supporting creator safety and community a priority?

Fanfix places a strong priority on creator protection through human moderation.

Are you willing to wait up to 14 days for payouts in exchange for security?

OnlyFans offers instant payouts. So if you rely on earnings being processed immediately, it may be preferable.

Is reaching as large an audience as possible important?

OnlyFans’ 150 million+ subscriber base gives it an advantage here over the newer Fanfix.


In summary, while OnlyFans and Fanfix offer similar creator subscription models, they cater to quite different audiences and content types currently.

For established adult and NSFW creators who want to monetize existing followers, OnlyFans provides an unrivaled reach built on brand awareness. However, for non-adult Gen Z creators looking for safer monetization and community, Fanfix presents an excellent alternative to Onlyfans.

Carefully factor in your content style, target audience, ideal features, and revenue goals when deciding between these two leading creator platforms. With the rise of sites like Fanfix, content creators have more choices than ever to find the best monetization fit tailored to their specific needs and goals.

If you choose to use OnlyFans as your creator platform, be sure to check out Supercreator – the leading all-in-one management tool designed just for OnlyFans accounts. Supercreator provides powerful AI analytics and automation tools to boost your earnings and engagement. 

Frequently Asked Questions

OnlyFans, Fanfix only allows accounts with 10,000+ followers. Although, OnlyFans requires a larger existing audience to see success.

OnlyFans is more suitable, as this content is expressly permitted and encouraged. Fanfix prohibits any form of nudity or sexually explicit material.

Both OnlyFans and Fanfix currently charge a 20% commission on creator earnings, so they offer equally competitive rates.

Fanfix seems to provide unique features like SuperLinks and more advanced analytics tools to optimize content and earnings.

Fanfix provides more advanced analytics tools for creators. The Fanfix platform has an in-depth analytics dashboard that allows creators to track key metrics like subscribers, earnings, top content, and more. This gives Fanfix creators valuable performance insights OnlyFans currently lacks. Overall, Fanfix gives creators far more analytical visibility than OnlyFans.

Fanfix places a strong emphasis on creator safety through 24/7 human moderation of content and messages. This suggests it offers a more secure environment.

The core difference is OnlyFans allows adult content, while Fanfix focuses on completely SFW, non-explicit content suited to a Gen Z audience.

For adult content, OnlyFans provides more monetization potential. For non-adult content, Fanfix offers a solid model without requiring explicit material.

Again this depends on content type – OnlyFans for NSFW, Fanfix for SFW. Both provide good monetization features.

Typically OnlyFans is for pornographic content, and Fanfix is for clean influencer/entertainment content.

Maximum earning potential is higher on OnlyFans for established adult creators with large existing audiences of paying subscribers.

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