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PornHub’s New Power Move: UViU Rises as OnlyFans’ Competitor

PornHub's New Power Move: UViU Rises as OnlyFans' Competitor

In a bid to further solidify their grasp on the content creation market, PornHub, the premier adult entertainment online platform, recently unveiled UViU (released formally on August 8th, 2023), its latest brainchild designed to empower creators to monetize their content in a brand new way. Pronounced “you view,” UViU is anticipated to be a game-changer in the premium fan platform arena, showcasing itself as a direct competitor to the likes of OnlyFans

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Introduction to UViU: PornHub's Latest Offering

UViU, which softly rolled out last month in July 2023, promises creators a comprehensive toolset for their entrepreneurial needs – from selling videos, creating paid channel subscriptions, receiving tips, to even monetizing direct messages. Its design comes courtesy of MindGeek, following thorough consultations with the creator community. The goal? A platform that assists creators in diversifying their income streams, amplifying their earnings, and attracting substantial traffic to their premium content.

UViU and Modelhub: A Power-Packed Combo

Notably, UViU shares a strong symbiotic relationship with Modelhub, another gem in PornHub’s crown launched back in 2018. Modelhub, essentially a marketplace for adult models to vend and share original content, boasts of utilizing PornHub’s staggering daily traffic, tallying up to 90M+ visitors. The synergy is evident: by logging into their PornHub account, creators can seamlessly sync it with UViU, consolidating video management for both platforms under a singular dashboard. Furthermore, UViU mandates IDs and consent forms for every co-performer, ensuring that the content meets safety and consent standards before it’s approved and published.

Jenny Blighe, the 2018 AVN Favorite Indie Clip Star, expressed her enthusiasm for the platform. She mentioned the enormous daily traffic Pornhub garners and how it liberates her from marketing across numerous platforms. With such endorsements, UViU seems poised to attract a significant user base.

The Grand Vision: Empowering Creators

A representative from PornHub elucidated the company’s rationale for creating UViU, underlining the intent to help creators “diversify their income, increase their earnings, and direct massive traffic to their more exclusive content.” Fans aren’t left out of this equation either. They’re provided with an efficient search bar to scout for creators and a curated Discovery page for content suggestions.

PornHub, which has been a dominant force in the adult entertainment industry since its inception in 2007, appears intent on further expanding its horizons. With UViU and Modelhub both aiming to harness the power of PornHub’s colossal traffic and infrastructure, the future of content creation and monetization in the adult industry looks more intriguing than ever.

FAQs: PornHub, UViU, ModelHub, and OnlyFans

UViU is PornHub’s newly launched premium fan platform designed for creators to monetize their content, offering tools to sell videos, gain channel subscriptions, receive tips, and charge for direct messages.

 Modelhub is another marketplace by PornHub for adult models to sell original content. Creators can manage both Modelhub and UViU content through a synced PornHub account, providing a unified dashboard.

  UViU was soft-launched last month (July 2023)  and was officially introduced shortly after that.

   While both platforms enable creators to monetize their content, UViU is integrated with PornHub, leveraging its vast traffic, and provides tools for selling videos, subscriptions, and more, all under one consolidated dashboard with Modelhub.

 Launched in 2018, Modelhub allows adult models to sell and share original videos, leveraging PornHub’s massive daily traffic of over 90 million visitors.

Yes, MindGeek designed UViU after thorough consultations with the creator community, ensuring it meets their specific needs and preferences.

With initiatives like Modelhub and UViU, PornHub empowers creators to monetize their content, offering features like geoblocking, earning reports, and exposure to its vast daily audience.

Absolutely. UViU mandates the submission of IDs and consent forms for all co-performers, ensuring that content is both safe and consensual before it’s published.

Key figures in the adult entertainment industry, like Jenny Blighe, have expressed excitement, with UViU alleviating the need for marketing across numerous platforms.

With UViU, PornHub is stepping into the creator monetization space that OnlyFans dominates. Both platforms aim to empower creators, but UViU’s integration with PornHub’s traffic and infrastructure presents a formidable challenge to OnlyFans.

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