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OnlyFans Exposed: The When, Who, and What Behind Its Creation

OnlyFans Exposed

In 2023, OnlyFans stands tall as a colossus of the content creation world. With an awe-inspiring stat of over 5,000 new accounts being created every single day and a formidable legion of over 2 million creators, the platform’s reach is undeniable. Yet, many are still in the dark about its origins. How did a platform primarily known for its adult content skyrocket in popularity to become a mainstay in the modern digital landscape? Let’s journey back in time and discover the history of OnlyFans.

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Who Created OnlyFans?

Tim Stokely, a pioneering spirit from the UK, stands as the brain behind OnlyFans. Yet, this wasn’t his maiden voyage into the vast sea of the adult entertainment industry. A decade before the emergence of OnlyFans, Stokely dipped his toes into this world with the launch of GlamWorship.com in 2011. Catering to the niche audience of fetish enthusiasts, GlamWorship offered a unique platform at the time. Not one to rest on his laurels, Stokely followed this up in 2013 with Customs4U. This innovative platform allowed users to bridge the gap between fantasy and reality by requesting custom content directly from adult film industry professionals.

Though Stokely had created multiple platforms, it was OnlyFans that crowned him as a titan in the industry. The company’s meteoric rise can be gauged by its staggering revenue of $2 billion in 2020 alone. Despite previous ventures, OnlyFans remains Stokely’s pièce de résistance, merging his keen understanding of the adult entertainment industry with the evolving demands of digital consumers. Alongside partners like Leonid Radvinsky, Stokely transformed OnlyFans from just another platform into a cultural phenomenon.

When was OnlyFans Created?

OnlyFans was officially launched in 2016. However, its inception can be traced back to a series of investments and insightful discussions with venture capitalists. Stokely, aware of the changing digital landscape and the unique challenges faced by adult entertainers, especially with stricter regulations on platforms like Instagram, envisioned a solution – a digital space where adult content creators could thrive without fear of undue censorship or prejudice.

What Was OnlyFans Originally Made For?

Contrary to the varied content we see on the platform today, OnlyFans was unapologetically and explicitly designed for adult content. The foundation of its idea sprouted when Stokely noticed adult entertainers covertly selling services, using mainstream platforms like Instagram for promotion. As these platforms began imposing stricter rules on nudity, the need for a secure and convenient platform became evident. OnlyFans was the answer, providing adult entertainers the freedom to monetize their content seamlessly.

When Did People Start Using OnlyFans?

While 2016 marked the birth of OnlyFans, it would take a few more years for the platform to truly come into its own. The real exponential growth can be pinpointed to 2020. As the world grappled with the COVID-19 pandemic and its subsequent economic downturn, many sought alternative means of income. OnlyFans emerged as a beacon, offering a unique opportunity for content creators to monetize their skills. With its promise of control, privacy, and profitability, the platform’s user base surged, leading to the impressive figure of over 2 million creators we see in 2023.

Final Words

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In November 2016, OnlyFans was launched as a platform for performers to monetize their content and interactions directly.

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