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Crucial Insights: Restricted Keywords on OnlyFans Explained

OnlyFans is a content-sharing and revenue-generation platform for adult creators, but it has strict guidelines for safe and appropriate content. OnlyFans guidelines keep content legal and maintain a positive atmosphere on the platform. One of the ways OnlyFans keeps content legal and compliant is by maintaining a list of restricted words. This article looks at how the list of restricted words helps OnlyFans maintain content standards.

OnlyFans is a content-sharing and revenue-generation platform for adult creators. Building a revenue stream on OnlyFans can be lucrative if creators stay aware of what is allowed and not allowed on the platform.

One way creators can remain compliant with guidelines is to keep track of the list of restricted words that are instantly flagged if used in published content. Supercreator is a content tracking and analytics tool that automates adherence to guidelines, making content creation safer and protecting creator profiles.

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TL/DR: Restricted Words OnlyFans

  • OnlyFans content guidelines help keep content on the platform legal and compliant.
  • Creator accounts can get suspended for violating guidelines.
  • OnlyFans uses an extensive list of restricted words as a baseline for content suitability.
  • Content that violates guidelines or contains restricted words is flagged and taken down.
  • The OnlyFans Terms of Service is the go-to reference for content compliance.
  • The Supercreator content tracking and analytics tool keeps published content compliant and protects creator accounts.

Why Does OnlyFans Have Restrictions?

OnlyFans wants creators and fans to have a positive experience on the platform and enforces strict guidelines for use outlined in its Terms of Service.

OnlyFans wants all content on the platform to be legal and strictly enforces all relevant guidelines to maintain a positive atmosphere for creators and fans. Content that violates these guidelines is quickly flagged, and creators responsible for it can have their accounts suspended and their content taken down.

What Can I Not Do on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans takes safety and responsible use very seriously and has strict policies against promoting or depicting illegal activities, non-consensual interactions, drugs and tobacco products, weapons and explosives, violence, forms of abuse, and other forms of negative behavior.

One vital component of OnlyFans is its Terms of Service (ToS), which regulates what creators can and cannot publish on the platform. Violating the ToS can have consequences, including irreversible account suspensions.

For starters, all creators on the platform must verify their identity and age before they are allowed to post content.

Even though OnlyFans allows adult content, any content featuring minors or non-consensual acts is strictly prohibited. OnlyFans has strict rules and content guidelines for nude and sexual content.

The legal right to use other people’s content is also part of OnlyFans guidelines, and content that violates copyright infringement rules will get flagged and taken down.

As a general rule, if you want to build a fanbase or revenue stream on OnlyFans, stay clear of publishing content involving activities that are considered illegal, non-consensual, abusive, or violent. These activities include anything promoting hate speech, discrimination, or any form of harassment. Content of a sexual nature involving minors is strictly prohibited and will be instantly flagged.

Which Words Does Only Fans Restrict?

OnlyFans maintains a list of restricted words on the platform. These words are related to sexual and other forms of violence, anything involving minors, and hate speech.


There are two objectives behind the OnlyFans list of restricted words. The first is to show respect for the diversity in the platform’s user base, and the second is to maintain a positive atmosphere in the interactions the platform enables. 


OnlyFans bans the following words from its platform:

Abduct, abducted, abducting, abduction, admireme, animal, asphyxia, asphyxiate, asphyxiation, asphyxicate, asphyxication, bait, ballbusting, bareback, beastiality, bestiality, blacked, blackmail, bleeding, blood, bloodplay, bukkake, caned, caning, cannibal, cbt, cervics, cerviks, cervix, child, chloroform, chloroformed, chloroforming, choke, choking, coma, comatose, consent, cp, cycle, diapers, dog, doze, drinking, drunk, drunken, enema, entrance, escort, escorting, fanfuck, farm, fecal, fetal, fisted, fisting, flogging, foetal, forced, forcedbi, forceful, forcing, fuckafan, fuckfan, gangbang, gangbangs, gaping, golden, hardsports, hooker, hypno, hypnotize, hypnotized, hypnotizing, inbreed, inbreeded, inbreeding, incapacitate, incapacitation, incest, intox, inzest, jail, jailbait, kidnap, kidnapped, kidnapping, knock, knocked, lactate, lactation, lolicon, lolita, medicalplay, menstrate, menstrual, menstruate, menstruating, menstruation, meet, molest, molested, molesting, mutilate, mutilation, necrophilia, nigger, paddling, paralyzed, passed, pedo, pedophile, pedophilia, pee, peeplay, pegging, piss, pissing, poo, poop, preteen, prostituted, prostituting, prostitution, pse, rape, raping, rapist, restrictedwordtestzulu, scat, showers, skat, snuff, strangled, strangling, strangulation, suffocate, suffocation, teen, toilet, toiletslave, toiletslavery, torture, tortured, trance, unconscious, unconsciousness, underage, unwilling, vomit, vomitted, vomitting, watersports, whipping, young, zoophilia.


Remember that OnlyFans updates its rules and terms of service regularly, which means this list could change at any moment. If you’re unsure of a specific term you want to use, it’s wiser to avoid or replace it than to risk getting suspended.

How To Do a Shoutout on OnlyFansHow Can I Ensure Not I'm Using Restricted Words?

When creating content for OnlyFans, creators can accidentally violate the platform’s rules. Using restricted words can also happen if you’re not keeping up with OnlyFans FAQs and terms of service. One way to avoid violating OnlyFans rules is to use a tracking and analytics tool like Supercreator.

Supercreator is a tool over 25,000 top OnlyFans creators and agencies use to remain compliant with OnlyFans rules and protect the integrity of their accounts and content.

Supercreator provides powerful tools and advanced analytics to optimize key areas of your account like chatting & engagement, pricing, automation, and data-driven insights. Supercreator will scan your content and identify problem areas to help you remain compliant and grow your OnlyFans revenue stream.

Try Supercreator now.

What Will Happen If You Use Restricted Words on OnlyFans?

If you use restricted words in your OnlyFans content, it can lead to any or all of the following:

  • Your content can be flagged and possibly taken down.
  • -Your account can be flagged for violating OnlyFans rules and terms of service.
  • – Your account could be suspended.

All this can happen as quickly as within 24 hours. The response from OnlyFans will depend on the context around your use of restricted words and will be very strict.


If OnlyFans suspends your profile, you will instantly lose all your work and ability to generate revenue through your content. Using restricted worlds is the surest way to get your content flagged by OnlyFans, so steer away from them.

How To Get My Flagged Account Back?

If your account has been flagged and suspended, OnlyFans will notify you by email. Once this has happened, your options are limited, and the chances of having your account restored are low.

If OnlyFans has suspended your account, first check the OnlyFans FAQ page. Explore the FAQs to determine which OnlyFans usage rules or terms of service you have broken. The FAQs will help you understand why OnlyFans suspended your profile in the first place.


OnlyFans frequently updates its rules and terms of service, and it’s wise to stay updated to avoid accidentally violating them. Even an accidental violation of the rules will not help once your account gets flagged and suspended.


If you believe OnlyFans suspended your account by mistake, your only option is to appeal the decision through the OnlyFans Customer Support portal and request the recovery of your account. 


Remember that restoring your account is unlikely once this has happened. Your only protection is staying up to date and keeping your content compliant.


Having your profile flagged and suspended can abruptly end months or years of work. You lose your fans, your content, and your revenue stream.

The best way to keep your account free of content that violates guidelines is to automate compliance and use a tool designed for it. Supercreator and its embedded scripts will ensure your bio, comments, messages, and general content remain free from restricted words and protect your account from being flagged and suspended. 

Automating content compliance with Supercreator enables creators to focus on growing their fanbase.  

An OnlyFans account can be a lucrative source of fans and revenue if used safely and responsibly. Supercreator takes the hassle out of staying compliant with OnlyFans guidelines and terms of service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, your account will be blocked if you use restricted words. Restricted words are sure to get your profile noticed and flagged. If you break OnlyFans posting rules repeatedly, your profile will be permanently banned.

OnlyFans has a clear list of what it considers inappropriate. Illegal activities, overly sexual content, especially involving minors, non-consensual acts, drugs, and tobacco products, weapons and explosives, violence, forms of abuse, and anything involving hate speech, discrimination, or any form of harassment are all strictly censored and are likely to be instantly flagged.

OnlyFans also instantly flags the use of restricted words and maintains a frequently updated list of such words.

Yes, OnlyFans can flag your content and suspend your account for several reasons, including copyright infringement, taking screenshots, using restricted words, and posting illegal and inappropriate content that violates the platform’s guidelines and terms of service.

OnlyFans has a strict policy on what types of content are allowed and not allowed. The majority of content types fall under two categories: extreme sexual and violent content. 

Extreme sexual content includes fetishes and taboos, incest, bestiality, hardcore bondage or BDSM, urine or scat play, lactation, public nudity and exhibitionism, and escort services. Any mention of minors, including displaying or even mentioning anyone under 18, is banned.

Extreme violent content includes any forced act involving lack of consent, any form of violence or illegal activity, weapons, torture and abuse, and blood (including fake blood).

Any content involving drugs, sharing personal information or location, organizing meetups, and promoting platforms other than OnlyFans are also banned.

Finally, the promotion of platforms other than OnlyFans is also strictly prohibited.

When OnlyFans blocks an account, it sends a notification to the account owner. If OnlyFans has suspended your account and you believe it did so by mistake, ask OnlyFans Customer Support to explain why it was banned and help you restore it.

It’s worth pointing out that once OnlyFans has banned an account, there is little chance it will agree to restore it. It’s advisable to respect OnlyFan’s terms of service and usage rules and avoid losing an account you have taken time to build.

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