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Is there a mobile app for OnlyFans?

OnlyFans doesn’t have an official mobile app for her main platform, because of its adult nature.
OnlyFans used to have their app on the App Store but Apple deleted their app due to some policy violation.

Beware of apps that try to simulate OnlyFans. Those are fake, can steal your credential, and are not recommended to use! 

You can still use the platform on mobile using your browser, which I assume most user do.

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 TLDR: Is There a Mobile App for OnlyFans?

  • Currently, OnlyFans has no official mobile app due to its adult content nature.
  • OnlyFans used to have an app on the App Store, but Apple deleted their app due to some policy violations.
  • The desktop version of OnlyFans is recommended for creators for efficient chatting and content upload.
  • Users can add OnlyFans to their phone’s home screen for easier access.
  • OnlyFans launched OFTV, a non-adult content app, to diversify its brand image

OnlyFans Mobile App for Creators

For creators, it’s highly recommended to use the Desktop version of the website. That makes chatting and uploading content a much easier and more efficient task.

This will also allow you to use tools and plugins for OnlyFans such as Super creator, which can help you with running your account.

Adding OnlyFans to your Home Screen on your Phone

You can easily add the website to the home page screen of your phone:

1. Go to OnlyFans official website from your mobile browser (e.g. Chrome or Safari)

2. Open the Share/Export menu

3. Select “Add to home screen”

That’s it! Now the website can be opened just like a normal app.

The OFTV App

OnlyFans launched its OFTV platform in 2021, including its app for iOS and Android devices.
In the press release, OnlyFans CEO Tim Stokely said that launching the app is about moving the OnlyFans image away from just the adult content and showcasing everything else that the service has to offer.

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