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How to protect your OnlyFans content leaks (DMCA takedowns)

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You may be “exposed”, but you don’t have to be vulnerable!

When’s the last time you searched yourself on Insta, Twitter, or google?

If you’ve never done it before, brace yourself. You are going to find catfish accounts and people posing as you. This isn’t the only way that lowlives will scam with your content – they may be impersonating you on Tinder, Snapchat, or finding other ways to sell your stolen content.

At the best, these people are just annoying, and at the worst, they’re damaging your brand and taking away potential subs (and earnings) from you.

For these reasons, it’s critical to know your legal rights and resources as an adult content creator. This short guide will run through all the ways you can keep your content safe.

DMCA Notices for Stolen Content Outside of OnlyFans

DMCA stands for “Digital Millennium Copyright Act” and serves legally protects your like videos, images from being used by someone else without your permission. 

Oftentimes, users that are stealing your content are posting it somewhere other than OnlyFans in order to monetize it and avoid OnlyFan’s copyright system.

Most leaks are posted on forums, leak sites, or Telegram. You can find them by googling your OF or social / Reddit account names and then tracking them on those sites. Sometimes you’ll need to log in to those sites in order to find your content – but once you are, you can keep track of new leaks and stay on top of looking out for your content.

There are also many private firms that offer DMCA takedown services to keep your digital content safe. Register, sign a form to allow them to act on your behalf, and they will directly contact the sites with your pirated content to take it down.

Here are some of our top creator’s favorites:

DMCA Notices for Stolen Content on OnlyFans

OnlyFans does have DMCA protections for creators; you can find the link at the bottom in the support section. When you use this, DMCA sends a notice to a person accused of infringement to claim the content and who is the one claiming it.  

To report the stolen content on OnlyFans, go to their profile and click on the image or video you want to report. At the top right corner, you can see ‘More’, select it, and find ‘Report’ in the dropdown menu.

Make it Easier to Identify Stolen Assets

Watermark your content so anything leaked can be easily tracked back to you. This helps others identify you and lower the chances of someone else successfully monetizing. It’s like putting a tattoo on your digital self!

Also, consider using a stage name that stands out. Having a unique name can help you in terms of google search. Usually, it’s just amateurs who will impersonate you with your same name, but all the same, it’s a good idea to be as easy to identify as possible. 

Use a Content Disclaimer

There’s a fine balance to strike between keeping your content safe and not disturbing the experience of fans on your page. The majority are there to support you and enjoy what you make, but unfortunately, it only takes one person with bad intentions to leak your content.

Disclaimers in your OnlyFans bio are a great option because they can be subtle and fit your brand without being off-putting to potential subs. Here are a few examples of what you can say:

Content on this page is private and copyrighted – much like your desires are safe with me 😜
I’m a good girl, but can get nasty with DMCA if you steal my content.
I reward loyal fans that help protect me from thieves! If you pirate my content, you will be punished…

These disclaimers are soft and deliver the message with flirty and sexy language to keep the tone light but firm!

There’s also a more traditional disclaimer like this you can use if you want to be more serious:

“By subscribing to my page you agree to follow these legally binding terms: All content on this page is copyright/owned by myself; this includes any content purchased separately. Content is not to be downloaded, copied, or shared under any circumstances. This includes all comments, conversations, and private messages. Failure to comply with these terms will result in legal action being taken against you and a permanent ban from the OnlyFans platform.”

Keep Explicit Content Behind a Paywall

Don’t give any of your juiciest photos or videos out for free – if fans have to purchase these by PPVs in your DMs it is way more difficult to export and leak than if you have it on your main feed. Read more here on how to price your content and why PPVs are always a good idea.

This is not a hard rule, as it can pay off for you to reward top spending fans with little freebies here and there. 

With Supercreator you can instantly find whether a fan is a super spender or not and know who to trust with these bonuses!

In the end, nothing is safe on the internet, but the points mentioned above will help you get your content removed if it’s stolen. Keep creating, doing you, and being a boss ass bitch! 


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