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Onlyfans vs Fansly – What are the Differences and which is Better?

OnlyFans vs Fansly

What is Fansly?

Fansly is a free and subscription-based social media site that hosts adult content and is seen as the number 1 Onlyfans alternative.

Let’s talk features, profitability, and popularity

Perhaps you’ve been shopping around for a new fan site to host your content or considering making a switch – before you do, you’ll want to read our quick guide.

Several factors go into deciding which platform may be best for you (or if you should do both), and in this blog we’ll break down the pros and cons of both so you can make the best decisions for how you run your business.

Key Differences Between Fansly and Onlyfans

Fansly is very similar to OnlyFans, with a few key differences:

1. Selling Content & Subs

Both sites make you a profit through subscription prices and tips. 

On OnlyFans, your account is either free or a set price (or you can make 2 accounts to have both). Pricing is per month, or in bundles, and you have to subscribe to see any content. You can sell at different price points in DMs.

On Fansly, fans can pay monthly or yearly for access to your content. Fansly also gives the option of pay per view for broadcasts or channels if a user wants just a taste of someone’s material instead of subscribing. There is a tiered membership system with 5 different price points and benefits that the creator sets. 

2. What’s Allowed

Fansly allows for some niche content that OnlyFans does not like BDSM, lactation, squirting and urination.

OnlyFans tends to be more strict and will delete and ban content fairly easily. You can see what’s allowed or not in our guide to the terms of service.  

Both platforms don’t allow anything referencing minors, violence, or illegal activity. 

3. Brand Recognition

Fansly didn’t gain mainstream attention until last year – when the big OnlyFans scare of 2021 took place. Creators worried that OnlyFans would be banning all adult content, and began searching for any alternatives they could. OnlyFans eventually took back that announcement, and just became stricter on what’s allowed. 

OnlyFans has been around for a lot longer, giving it the advantage of having a more recognizable name. 

If you ask your social media followers to “subscribe to your OnlyFans”, they instantly know what it is, and that they can see so much more of you on that platform.  

Comparingly, if you ask someone to “subscribe to your Fansly” you may run into some barriers. They may have to research, create a new account, or you may have to spend more time explaining in – making it a harder sell .

Both OnlyFans and Fansly lack good searchability – fans are driven from your other social media, not the site itself.

So really, OnlyFans has an advantage due to its bigger name.

4. Features

OnlyFans doesn’t have many features that are exclusive to the platform when compared to Fansly. It relies more on its brand name for its success.

Fansly allows for different tiers of subscription, letting charge more for longer videos or other exclusive content.

On one profile, you can have both paid and free followers and post content that’s free for them to view as teasers to get them to pay for a higher tier. 

On Fansly, you can add emojis to photos that cover up explicit parts for free followers, then as soon as they subscribe, they get to see the full thing. Fansly also seems to be more proactive on adding more features creators ask for in order to compete with OnlyFans. 

5. Payouts

OnlyFans releases a payout to creators 21 days after users pay. There is a minimum withdrawal threshold of $20, and once reached creators can cash out at any time. 

Fansly does have the advantage of being even faster. Money is available after just 7 days with the same payout limit of $20.

6. Support

OnlyFans is proud of their support network, and advertise themselves as readily available to help their community.

Fansly’s website isn’t very easy to find help on. You have to contact the team via email if you don’t have your account. Once you manage to get in touch. Fansly is said to be very helpful to creators. 

The issue with OnlyFans is also its strength. The site is so big that it struggles to keep up with support requests. You can be waiting days, or even over a week, which is a long time when the platform is your business and livelihood. 

We did a full article on Fansly’s suppot which you can find here.

Which is more popular, Onlyfans or Fansly?

In a recent poll from InfluencerMade 375 content creators voted on which platform they use.
The result was:

– 33.8% Fansly
– 22.9% Onlyfans
– 43.2% Use both

A highest number of creators actually use both.


Can I Use Both Onylfans and Fansly?

Yes, you can have both an Onlyfans and a Fansly account. 

OnlyFans does have a larger fan base, allows for more selling through DMs, and tends to have the most profit for creators. 

Fansly allows more risque content and has different features you can utilize.

It all comes down to the strategy… 

Deciding YOUR Strategy

On OnlyFans, you really are a salesperson, investing a lot of energy into your relationships with fans and having them unlock content they feel is *just for them* in the messages. You can sell a lot more to people who like you and know you. 

Fansly is a bit more “automatic” in that you post content to your feed that all paid subs can see, while free subs can pay a bit more to unlock more explicit content. It’s a less personal sell, and may be harder to get users to convert. At the same time, you can spend less time running it. 

OnlyFans is in this way more of a social site. Your subs are there because you meet this physical and emotional needs. There are millions of free explicit images and videos online they could look at to just “get off”.  

You’d be better off being more personal with fans, knowing the right price each is willing to pay for content, and focusing on your #1 fans.

There are tools you can use to start doing this right now!

Putting the same content on Fansly could be a good way to have a backup in case you ever get banned from Onlyfans and a way to add a second, low-effort revenue stream in place. But in the end, the choice is yours. 

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