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The AI Revolution of Onlyfans

It’s time we peeled back the curtain and took a hard cold look at the intermingling of AI and the adult entertainment sector. Specifically, we’re dissecting its implications on OnlyFans. If you are a creator, agency or somehow related to the world of OnlyFans content creation, this article is for you, buckle up.

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TLDR: The AI Revolution of OnlyFans

  • AI is reshaping OnlyFans content, offering new tools for personalization and efficiency.
  • Creators are leveraging AI for enhanced content creation and audience engagement.
  • Currently, OnlyFans bans the use of deepfakes without the consent of the person depicted. 
  • Ethical considerations and potential misuse are key concerns in this integration.
  • The top AI-generated models on OnlyFans are Claudia, Amouranth, and TheRRRealist.

How is OnlyFans going to be affected by AI?

Sure, OnlyFans is all about the ‘personal connection’. But let’s face it, AI is primed to reshape that connection. Here’s how.

Promotions will turn into a cakewalk. Content reproduction (photos, videos, captions) will be as easy as stealing candy from a baby, making experimentation child’s play. Think automatic posts on platforms like Reddit, TikTok, forums, Discord, all without lifting a finger. 

As for content, AI will make it super tricky. Deep Fakes are no longer just for celebrities – they’re coming for OnlyFans creators too. With the help of AI you would be able to create multiple personas in a matter of minutes, use generative image engines to create a model with realistic life-like pictures, and generative text engines to chat and be the models ‘voice’. OnlyFans will have to up their verification game as fake profiles and identities will start popping up like crazy!

Images are going to go through inflation devaluing that medium. Videos will probably be a hallmark of a genuine account, and that’s also not a guarantee as we are starting to see generative video engines being able to create a video out of still images. Currently, this is not a likely scenario as the technology is still very raw but hey, remember 2019? An idea like ChatGPT or Midjourney seemed like science fiction, so the day we won’t be able to distinguish between a genuine and fake video is not that far.

The emotional experience is going to be the main show. Meaning – nudes will be easy to fake and therefore not the most attractive commodity. Having an internet girlfriend, whom you flirt with and tell about your day is going to be in demand. And even that may not be due to chatbots being assisted by ChatGPT. Who knows, the possibility of video chatting may present itself as being prime content.

Chatting and sales? AI’s got that covered too. Imagine auto-chatting with AI-generated conversation. Faster communication, more engagement, and ultimately, more sales. No chatters are required, and managing just got a whole lot simpler.

How will AI impact OnlyFans models?

For models willing to dip their toes into the AI pool, the rewards are staggering. You’ll have software that does most of the grunt work. The need to outsource laborious chatting to agencies? Pfft, That’ll be a thing of the past. Essentially models could cut out the middleman and run everything by themselves. 

Don’t write the eulogy for agencies just yet. Good and quality promotions with high budgets will still require a human touch (and mind). The top 0.01% will still require talent management, booking services and more. Agencies that offer a good service will be here the day after, the scam-ish to mediocre ones will either evolve or be eradicated and the remaining agencies will be top tier providing help with content creation, networking etc. etc.

How will AI impact OnlyFans management agencies?

As we stated it’s survival of the fittest. The not will be separated from the hot and only top notch agencies that offer premium services will survive. 

Now, when we say survive we are understating, since they will have the advantage of AI for easy scaling and onboarding, whether it’s the tools we talked about like ChatGPT or Midjourney or be it customized tools tailored specifically for their needs like Supercreator. 

With Supercreator, a tool designed for OnlyFans equipped with AI analytics, to help with pricing, analysis, PPV, mass messaging, and even auto chatting you save heaps of time and increase your earning potential 10000000X.

ai tools to promote onlyfans
We may even see agencies operating AI models, that is – a persona completely created by AI. That’s not even science fiction, check out this article about Amouranth where the top tier OnlyFans model actually created an AI version of herself so it could chat with all of her fans. Now that’s smart outsourcing!

Should I use AI on OnlyFans?


You are a business owner, you manage revenues, expenses, and profits, and handle tax obligations. If you haven’t yet adopted this perspective, it’s high time to start considering yourself as an entrepreneur in charge of a thriving enterprise. And remember, just like with any other business, innovation is absolutely essential.

If not you will simply be left behind. Use AI in your business whether it’s for devising your work plan or for specific goals (e.g chatting to fans). The name of the game here is efficiency, the more efficient you are and the more you innovate you will be able to scale up your earnings and retire to that house in Ibiza you’ve always wanted 🙂 

What AI new developments can benefit your OnlyFans page already in 2023?

  1. Auto-chatting via Supercreator can bring in more engagement and sales. Think of creating clones of yourself or hiring an army of chatters, but instead just doing it with AI. It’s all statistics, if you are able to co-chat to 10 people and you know that your conversion rate is 10% that’s 1 purchase, if it’s a 100? If you could AI chat to a 1000 people at the same time.

    You don’t necessarily have to use a specifically tailored tool like Supercreator but could also use semi-automatic ai tools like ChatGPT to assist your chat efforts (see our article about it [here]).


  2. Data-driven decisions will give you insights into pricing, scheduling, content conversion, and fan spending potential. There are several tools for that, including Supercreator that are able to take all the available data and point you in the right direction. Why should you spend time chatting with a subscriber who has never spent a dime?


  3. Content reproduction with AI and creating click-worthy PPV captions is a breeze, just go to ChatGPT and prompt your way to various enticing and hooking one-liners that are a sure way of getting your subscribers down the conversion funnel. Think of longer things like personal posts, stories – just ask ChatGPT to write down things. Dealing with ChatGPT can be a process of trial and error, we encourage you to do so and want to remind you that [this article] addresses exactly that!

How can I use AI on Onlyfans:

  • AI-generated scripts and captions for OnlyFans – using LLM’s (Large Language Models) like ChatGPT can make your work easy, whether it’s having the AI write content for you in the form of posts and captions or the ability to ask it to devise a fully custom chat script where you can later use with Supercreators Scripts feature. The ability to save time and turn your work to a well lubricated, erm, machine…is what it’s all about.
  • AI-generated OnlyFans model (Virtual girlfriend, AI content: photos and videos) – For OnlyFans it may be more difficult to create a virtual persona since they have a strict verification process but creating AI-generated photos of yourself may be possible and will definitely save you time and money.
  • AI insights for OnlyFans  – Supercreator is already optimizing OnlyFans management with AI analytics to identify high-value fans, personalize pricing, and suggest converting captions. Its data insights allow creators to make smarter decisions on content and engagement. But more AI innovation is coming. Soon creators may leverage AI for automated onlyfans chatting at scale, saving hours of manual work. Experimental AI could also generate unique creator personas and synthesized media. While risks like deepfakes exist, AI’s potential to enhance personal connection remains immense. Overall, forward-thinking creators embracing AI Onlyfans tools like Supercreator today, plus soon-to-emerge technologies, will gain an advantage. The future is AI-assisted OnlyFans management, and first movers will reap the benefits.

How to adjust to the OnlyFans AI world? Final Words

So by now your head is probably spinning, don’t panic! Grab your towel (😉) and don’t be afraid to experiment. The world is evolving and we need to evolve too. These things may sound a bit intimidating and technical but with a little common sense, some digging around google for tutorials and how to videos you can get on the AI train and use it to your advantage.

Innovation and the desire to learn new things and evolve are the main attributes that will separate those who will get ahead to those who will fall behind. 

What do OnlyFans creators think about AI?

The advent of AI-generated porn has sparked mixed reactions from OnlyFans creators. Aella, a highly successful OnlyFans creator turned sex researcher, sees it as an opportunity to get creative and produce content faster. As she said, “I might just generate AI nudes of myself. I might just say they’re AI nudes, and have it be fun.”


HarperTheFox, an OnlyFans creator leveraging AI, is already using AI trained on her body to generate personalized fantasies for subscribers. Avalon, an Australian OnlyFans creator, believes “real people using AI in their own likeness to create content could be an amazing game changer.”

However, deepfakes and lack of consent are major concerns. Bombshell Barista, an OnlyFans creator, described her content being reposted without permission as “terrifying” and making her feel she’d “lost control.” She worries deepfakes will only make this worse.

Rogan, a creator for both OnlyFans and mainstream porn sites, believes AI is inevitable in porn but says workers need to organize and lobby for legal protections.

Opinions differ on AI’s capacity for emotional connection. While Avalon believes “intimacy and interaction” are key and doubts AI’s ability to replace that, Aella argues those needs are a minority on OnlyFans.

Overall, creators agree AI will cause disruption but the extent remains uncertain. Some see creative potential while others stress consent and protections. But most concur that human elements like personality and relationship-building are harder to automate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, they are, and if they’re not, they should be. AI is reshaping content creation on OnlyFans, making things like promotion, content reproduction, and even chatting a breeze. It’s all about efficiency and innovation.

Absolutely, and it’s not just a suggestion, it’s a must. As an OnlyFans creator, you’re running a business, and utilizing AI can help you innovate, streamline operations, and boost engagement and sales. It’s like having an extra pair of hands, minus the hassle.

Start by exploring AI tools like Supercreator or ChatGPT. Play around, experiment, and see what works best for you. Remember, it’s all about staying ahead of the curve and adapting to the changing landscape. So don’t be afraid to dip your toes in the AI pool. The water’s lovely!

While OnlyFans as a platform doesn’t explicitly utilize AI, it’s creators who are leveraging the power of AI tools to maximize their revenue. They’re using AI for auto-chatting, content reproduction, making data-driven decisions, and generating enthralling captions.

Of course they are, at least the smart ones. AI software can do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to chatting and content creation, allowing models to focus on what really matters – connecting with their fans. 

Not directly. The fans are more on the receiving end of the benefits of AI used by creators. Thanks to AI, creators can engage more efficiently and effectively with their fans, leading to a better user experience.

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