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How to make money on OnlyFans when starting out? (5 steps)

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Getting started on OnlyFans

Good News! The email from OnlyFans has just arrived and your account has been approved. 

The potential for your account is boundless but where do you begin? There are lots of things to consider if you want to build up to being a top 0.1% creator.
Use these tips so you can get on track to becoming a lean, mean, content-creating machine!

Set Your Price

On OnlyFans, the minimum amount you can charge is $4.99 and the maximum is $49.99 for your subscription price.

The price you set also depends on the type of content and your posting schedule. 
There are calculators you can use to predict how much you could possibly earn. However, these only can calculate based on the subscription price and not on tips, gifts, or paid messages. 

This means that you can charge a lower price for your subscription price but then charge more for paid posts, messages, and live streaming.
When considering your price, remember that fans need to feel like they are getting good value for their money. Lots of creators offer special discounts to attract more fans at the start. 

The bottom line is usually: the more fans subscribed = the more money earned.

Plan out your content

Whether you want your OnlyFans to be a side hustle or a full-time job, it’s recommended to plan out your content ahead of time. 

In order to maintain your fans, you need to keep them interested with fresh content. A great way to stay organized could be creating a posting schedule. If you do have other commitments, another option is to make lots of content ahead of time and then release a little over time. 

The amount of content you release is up to you but make sure to keep your account active so fans will keep coming back for more.

Promote and Advertise Your OnlyFans​

OnlyFans promotion

The ways to promote your OnlyFans are endless.

If you don’t have the means to use Aeriel advertising, why not use social media?
Utilize these platforms to put yourself out there and build your fan base.

If you already have a following on Instagram for example, your followers there will likely be interested in the more exclusive content that you are posting to OnlyFans. 

Another great way to promote your profile is to collaborate with other creators. Especially ones who make similar content.

There are many ways to do this but a few suggestions are releasing joint content, shouting each other out on one another’s profiles, or reposting each others content.
You can look for SFS groups on Telegram, Reddit, or just reach out to other creators yourself.

Get To Know Your Fans

create onlyfans content

In addition to viewing what you post, fans ultimately want to interact with you.
The more you connect with your fans, the more likely they are to maintain their subscription.

Be sure to schedule time to chat with fans and reply to comments regularly to keep them engaged. Make your fans feel like they know you and they’ll be more likely to pay for more exclusive content like paid posts.

Use data to get insights into your account

Once you get to know your fans more personally, you should make growing the amount each fan spends a priority as well. Utilizing fan data is a great way to gain insight into what content is the most successful with your fan base.

You have a limited time as a creator and the Supercreator tools for OnlyFans can help you set the right way to chat with your fans.

For example, unsure of how to set your prices? It can show you what each fan purchases and how often. 
Now you can track that ‘Jake from Boston’ has paid for the past three POV videos you uploaded at $60 each, and set the optimal price for your next PPV with the software recommendations.

Don’t know where to put your best efforts? You can prioritize your inbox and focus on a potential big spender instead of freeloaders.

Above all, Supercreator is there to help support you at the start of your OnlyFans journey. Our app helps creators stop wasting time and start optimizing their workflow and revenue.

More Creating, Less Managing

Ditch the admin work. Our AI handles all the chatting, freeing you to focus on creating the awesome content that moves the needle.

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