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What is the Girlfriend experience (GFE) on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans girlfriend experience

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TLDR:  Girlfriend experience (GFE) on OnlyFans?

  •  Personal Interaction: Engage with fans in a way that makes them feel known and valued.
  •  Building a Persona: Showcase your personality along with your physical appearance.
  • One-on-one messaging: Offer tailored content and conversations, creating a sense of uniqueness for the fan.
  • Memory and Attention to Detail: Remember personal details shared by fans to build deeper connections.
  • Mass Messaging: Use personalization techniques in mass communications to foster a sense of individual attention.

Internet Girlfriend vs Porn Star

There is no shame in being a porn star and plenty of porn stars are successful on OnlyFans too. However, one strategy (or persona, I’d say) that many creators have been using is making themselves more available and accessible to their fans.
Personal interaction with your fans allows you to be the internet girlfriend they’ve always wanted.

Fans pay to feel like they know you. They pay even more if they feel like you know them. There are thousands of free videos on the Internet, so what is causing people who wouldn’t normally pay for porn to subscribe to your page?

Suddenly fans can communicate with you directly and the person in the video isn’t just an untouchable flawless sex model. Read on to find out the best way to cultivate these “relationships” and set yourself apart from other adult content creators with this approach.

Building your OnlyFans Persona

Your goal should be to “show” your fans not just your face and body, but also your personality. 

A great place to start doing this is with your social media platforms. Give fans a glimpse into your world with daily posts on Instagram or Reddit, for example.

Are you about to shoot a lot of content? While you’re getting ready, have a Q&A so that fans can ask you questions about yourself. This is a super simple way to start to develop this “girl next door” persona before you’ve even messaged with fans privately.

Give them the Girlfriend Experience with One on One Messaging

Once you have established trust with the fan, then it’s time to hit them with paid content or a PPV. You can say it’s especially for them and make them feel unique. 

Some examples of messages to include with a PPV to make it more personal are “I took this pic today and immediately thought about you” or “what would we be doing together if you were next to me? ”. Sure, you’re asking for a tip but you’re writing style to fans doesn’t have to be super serious. Message them as casually as if you were messaging friends .

Slowly, but surely you’ll be more than just a content selling robot to them. Rather, their favorite cutie who wants to show them something special. Super creator helps you see clearly which fans purchased your content with data like the total spent and buy rate. It also shows you if the fan is a high tipper. This feature is called Fan Insights and you can check it out on our website.

Part of building up the image of being a fan’s girlfriend is dependent on remembering their details. You can use Supercreator’s Notes feature which is designed to help you record things fans have shared with you. With this, you can keep track of your fans’ preferences. 

Want to take it to the next level? Your fan shares that they’re fighting with their brother. Write it down as a note and bring it up to them next time you chat. By recalling the little things they say, you are maximizing the potential for them to become a super fan. Eventually, this increases fan retention and they will eagerly consume all your content they can get their hands on.

Bump Message your Fans on Mass Messaging

mass messages

Have you ever gotten an email from a company and it’s personally addressed to you? They even use your name. You know that it’s a template, but it just seems so personal. That’s the goal of personal mass messaging. Make every fan think you are personally reaching out to them. Even if a fan knows it’s not exclusively sent to them, they want to believe that it could be.

After a new fan subscribes, use the automatic welcome message feature that OnlyFans provides as an opportunity to introduce yourself. Add a cute picture or video saying hello and ask new fans to introduce themselves. To get things going, ask them where they’re from, what they like to do for fun, etc. The welcome message is the first personal mass messaging a new fan will see from you. It can set the tone of who you are and what they can expect from your content.

Another feature of OnlyFans is you can send a message in mass to all your fans. Ask them how their day is going, say goodnight, or ask fun questions like “where would you take me on our first date?”.  Icebreakers like this will help your quieter fans open up to you.  Another technique is sending out two mass messages in a row. Then, it seems more genuine and less like something that was sent out to every fan.

Do you want to send a mass message but only to part of your fans? On OnlyFans you can group your fans together based on shared characteristics. Create lists of fans based on how much they’re willing to spend, the region they live in, the language they speak, or fetish. That way, you can make targeted content but add a personal touch that makes a message stand out. Our app Supercreator can give you analytics about your mass messages so you can get conclusions on what text worked the best.

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