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Supercreator is the first and most robust and trustworthy CRM system and automation tool for OnlyFans. We help OnlyFans agencies and creators grow.

With 1000s of top OnlyFans models and over 150 OnlyFans agencies using it – Supercreator has become the new industry standard.

Our mission is to boost your OnlyFans using cutting-edge technology and innovation – whether you’re a senior agency or an aspiring model.

We promote female empowerment, encourage more women to take part in expressing their sexuality, and reach financial independence. For that reason we help protecting creators from scammers or chargebacks, and donate 5% of money to organizations for sexual assault victims.


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Take advantage of our experience

We started Supercreator over a year ago, after experiencing firsthand the challenges and difficulties of growing OnlyFans accounts.

After years of trial and error, experimenting, researching, and consulting with the most prominent figures in the industry – we came out with Supercreator – to give your business SUPERPOWERS.

As pioneers in this business, we work with the biggest, most successful names in the industry, such as Hush House, Untouched Agency, Hustle with Ann, The Heights, Karlee Grey, Heiss Talent and more.

Supercreator has the largest clients database available, which allows us to customize and offer robust AI-based solutions for you.

We constantly work with agencies, models, and chatters, develop close relations with them, and understand their pain points. We’re deeply familiar with your business needs and day-to-day operation such as chatting, promotion, employee and client management.

Our Values

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OnlyFans tools

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OnlyFans tools

Holistic Solution

Women come first

OnlyFans tools

How Supercreator can help me?

Supercreator is a cutting-edge CRM system that allows you to nurture and monetize a loyal OnlyFans audience.
Reaching to the top 0.01% become easier using our AI OnlyFans tools. 

Supercreator understand your fans purchasing behavior history, send them personalized offers, optimize your chatting and upsells, and automate your work.
Maximize your profits with less effort! 

It’s a sophisticated, powerful, and insightful all-in-one AI system that allows you to boost productivity and reduce operational efforts.


Reach the top 0.01% with Supercreator

OnlyFans management agency
Jordan T
Founder, The Heights Agency

“Supercreator has been so helpful for my personal account! It’s easier for me to upsell more content and saves me so much time chatting with my fans.”

Hustle with Ann
OFTV Host & Top 0.1% model

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Competition in OnlyFans is harder than ever

OnlyFans is a highly competitive niche nowadays. The competition for clients’ attention is fierce, and only a handful make it to the top – and stay there.
The one thing that separates successful from non-successful agencies and models is the strategy they are taking and the technology that supports it.

Supercreator was the first to introduce to OnlyFans businesses an holistic and safe technology for growing fast.

Chat for more upsales

Supercreator provides your chatters with the right intel to make more upsells, and offers actionable insights.
It applies a powerful and efficient chatting system with no effort.

Engage with your fans effortlessly

Automate your workflows and supercharge your mass messages with smart capabilities and Auto-Follower expired fans.

A tailor-made solution for large agencies

Each OnlyFans agency has a different client base, needs, and solutions.
We offer custom solutions for large agencies needs. After installing the system, we’ll guide you step by step in implementing, adjusting, optimizing, and using it. 

To learn more, fill in your agency’s details here and we’ll get back to you soon!